Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006


So Dick is still having his affair... and guess what? He talked dirty to the slut using the co. email.. he said he wants her to kiss and suck his private part (yes he talked dirty but he never said cock.. he said private part! hahaha where got ppl talk dirty and use the word "private part" one??) but he hopes she will not bite it. Then he said he wants to squeeze and suck her B (which we all assume is breasts.. unless he meant butt..hmm)

Dick is gross! I still can't understand what that slut sees in him! I guess she just wants to play around..

I hope he gets genital warts soon and I hope he gets exposed and his wife will leave him for someone better and the husband of the slut will beat him up till he is unrecognisable!! muahahhaa

Dick sucks! hahahaa
I hope i get to bump into him and his slut girlfriend when I am back in Singapore! and that will be in 3 weeks time! ...20 days to be exact! And i will bring my digicam everywhere i go!!!! hehehehehehehe

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dick head

My ex-COWorker have been updating me about Dick... and as always he is a Dick head!!

He has been using the company email to flirt with someone he met and then he gave the password to most of his staff so that they can do his work for him!! And of course, some of them use it to check his emails (secretly)... (yes that is not an ethical thing to do.. but let's talk about this some other day, shall we? hehehe)

So now they have discovered that Dick is having an affair... and when they told me, I told them I don't believe them because:

a) Dick is a cheapskate and he wouldn't spend money on some woman (unless that woman is paying for everything OR he is using his company credit card to pay for everything!!)

b) Dick is ugly.. why would anyone want to flirt/sleep/or have anything to do with him??

c) Dick has a beautiful wife.... and 2 boys.. why would he do that? (anyway, i heard it is an arranged marriage so maybe he really doesn't love her... i don't think she loves him either cos he is so ugly! haha .. )

But it is really true... my ex-COWorkers followed him when he said he is going to have lunch and they peeped from behind the pillar! hahahaha And then conversation like these (though not in these exact words) were exchanged (in the emails)

Dick: I want to hug, kiss and carress you all over! I hope you do the same too.

Dick's Lover: Oh I can't sleep last night because I have been thinking of you, you bad boy.
Dick: Haven't you heard? Good things always come to those who wait.

Dick: The room number is 02-16 which is the same as my birthday!

YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS. I really don't want to know this.. ok maybe i do hahaha

This Dick and his lover are so disgusting, i think! Both have family and kids! Grrrr!! I hope they get STD!!

My ex-COWorkers are now wondering which hotel he went to since he is such a cheapskate hahahaha. They said it must be Hotel 88.. I said no.. I think it is one of those motels in Geylang!!!!

And i was hoping that when I'm back in Singapore, I will go follow him and take pics haha like a PI.. but unfortunately he will be leaving Singapore (for good!) before I'm back! Damn!

And i told my ex-Coworkers that this is the time for revenge!!! But they dare not do anything because they are afraid that they might get sued for reading his email! If it's me, i'd fwd those emails to IT or the MD.. or maybe just use it to blackmail him.. or email it to his wife.. or paste it on the notice board or leave it in the pantry!!! I think leaving it in the pantry or on the notice board is the best.. or print the email and put it in the MD's pigeon hole. Don't think there is enough CCTV in the office!!! Oh how i wish I'm back there now and plotting my revenge!! I've been asking my ex-COWorkers to expose him... but of course, my ex-COWorkers all need the job and $$$ so they can't do it... such a waste and so very annoying! NOW is the time to get back at that bloody Dick! But nevermind.. he will get his retribution some day and hopefully STD and genital warts!

Die Dick Die! You total waste of space!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I met a funny cab driver the other day... but not as funny as the one Mark met...

Me: High holborn off Drury Lane please.

Cab Driver: Are we going to the theatre?

Me: Nope. It's the Travelodge Hotel.

Cab Driver: I ain't going to a hotel with you! We've just met!! I thought a nice young lady like you would bring me to the theatre

Me: hehehe. I ain't going to the theatre..

Cab Driver: But we've just met! What happened to going to the theatre, have a meal and get to know each other first?

Me: hehehe *nervous laughter and not sure what else to say* erm yeah.. it's always better to get to know each other first.

Cab Driver: How about you pay for the dinner, the tickets and the hotel and i pay for the cab fare?

Me: HAHAHAHAHA I think i'll just pay for the cab fare... thank you!


Anyway Travelodge sucks! well not really... the room is actually not bad.. but having to pay £1.95 (that's about SGD6) for a miserable toothbrush and toothpaste is outrageous!!! Holiday Inn Express is also a budget hotel and they still gave me a free toothbrush and toothpaste! So why can't they do that too?? Grrrr! Ah well... at least I didn't have to pay for the room! No lah.. it's my co. who paid for the room lah.. not the cab driver! haha

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've been watching Japanorama on BBC2 every week. It's by Jonathan Ross ( and he has a blog too at myspace!) and it's really funny! He's funny too!

Anyway, watching Japanorama makes me want to go back to Japan! Everytime Jonathon Ross introduced some of the places or stuff in Japan, I'd go.. "Oh I've been there!!!!".. or "Oh! I know this!!!"

The boyfriend and I were talking in bed the other day about what we are going to do and when to do it.. because.... age is catching up on us and if we were to have kids (hehe i want a girl and I want to call her kate..but he thinks Kate is ok but not good enough but that's another story!!), we must do it soon! So anyway, he is thinking of taking a TEFL course (teaching english as a foreign language) and then teach English in Japan and i could become a GIS analyst/consultant there.. Hmmm.. I guess I would have to start to dig out my japanese books (once i'm back in Singapore) and send them back here so I could study them again. My japanese is so bad now... it's beyond belief. (I once could impress the Japanese bosses with my Japanese and also my lame Japanese jokes hehehe.) But never mind, I still can say "map" in Japanese.. so maybe that's ok! Hahaha

So maybe in 2 years time.. I'll be in Japan.. or maybe not. We just say say only lah.. I still want to work in London for now.. because I want to get some experience first! I am also thinking.. after I get married to the boyfriend and become a PR.. maybe i can study for a part time urban planning or transport planning course because I think they are so interesting! But then I'm not looking forward to doing assignments and taking exams and stuff...

Sigh.. I wish I were young again... so I can do all these things without worrying that age is catching up on me.. but then I guess if I were young (again).. i'd probably not have a clue what I really want to do! Know what i mean??

Anyway, check this video out.. Jonathan Ross talked about this comedy show from Japan. It's called
"Oh! Mikey"and it's about this american family (The Fuccons) staying in Japan.. and instead of using actors (as in human beings).. they used mannequins. It's really interesting! I like the part when they all go "HAHAHAHA" together..

Friday, September 15, 2006


I was lying in bed the other day and was thinking how blessed i am...

I have a family that loves me, friends who care about me, a boyfriend who loves me to bits... and his family loves me too (i think!)...
and I have found a job here in London. And I like the bosses (so far!) as they are willing to give me a chance to work and sponsor my work permit.

I have always wanted to study overseas and see how it's like. I've also wanted to have a career in GIS and now I've done it and I have it!

I now have everything I want...... except for money. I have no money!! aaargh!!

So next week, I'll start work officially... so i can earn some £... and start to pay back the loan to my mum.. and also to rebuild my savings...

I'm starting all over again but I'm happy... very happy that I'll finally get to do something that I really enjoy...

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's over!

I'm no longer a student! I've finished my dissertation and have submitted it. Hope it all goes well!
By the time i've finished writign it.. i just couldn't be bothered to check it much or read it again.. it was just too tiring...

I've been spending the past couple of days playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This game is so violent man..but i enjoyed it.

So i'm CJ.. this black guy representing the hood! Yeah man! So I was walking along happily along the beach when this chick walked passed me and said "Watch it! Ugly!"...
Grrr! So i followed her and beat her up! wahahahahaha! And then another girl walked passed me and insulted me again.. so i shot her with my gun! Muahahaha!

Don't mess with me man!!!

Ok back to the game...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Star light, star bright, first star i wish tonight...

My soon to be 7 year old niece, aka Mini Me has been writing down her birthday wish... well my sister made her do it...

So numero uno on her list is to have a barbie doll trolley school bag! I don't know why she wants to have one.. i think cos she wants to be her Singapore girl.. hehe.

Anyway she has also written this in her list...

A invisble pen (those that she can write secret msg but others can't see.. so i dunno why she wants it since nobody can see what she's writing? hehehehe)
A new pencil box (I might get her one..)
A Powerpuff girl birthday cake (she's crazy about them but i'm thinking of getting her cupcakes instead..hmm)
And here's what she wrote for her last wish.. "I wish Singapore will be a beautiful place to live in"

Awww.. how sweet of her! hehe

I have no time to go shopping for her present yet.. because i'm still bloody doing my dissertation!! Argh!! I'm kinda stressed now... but soon.. soon it will be over!! I better get crackin' now..

See ya later alligator...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So i've booked and confirmed my tickets back home to Singapore at the end of this year! Yahoo!
So has the boyfriend!
Oh and I'll be back for 3 months!! or so.

And i've found a job for the next 3 months which will allow me to save some $ for my trip back!
And also the boss has agreed to let me continue working for him when i'm back from Singapore! Yahoo!

So now what's left for me to do is.. to finish my dissertation!!!! Argh! I just can't get myself to work on it and it's due on the 1st of Sept! Actually, i've done most of it, i think! I just need to write it!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My First time...

So I was at King Cross tube station the other day, the day when the UK govt announced that they had foiled the terrorists' plans to blow up planes leaving the UK. I was on my way to work and was stopped by this man. He showed me his badge.. and i realised he was from the British Transport Police!

He asked me for my ticket and young persons railcard (yah i am still "young" hee hee) and then said.. "OK, you may leave now."

I kept wondering why he wanted to check me.... and then i realised.. it's because I was carrying a backpack... It must be the reason... they must have suspected that i'm carrying bombs or something.. But.. why check me?? I'm just a small sized Singaporean girl on her way to work.. hmm. and.. I have such an innocent face! hehe.

Yeah it was quite exciting for me actually because I've never been stopped by a police before! hehe.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wah Lau eh!!

So last week I had to go to Westminster for an ASSingment and i had to spend a few hours there...

And on the 2nd hour, i had to use the loo badly and the nearest one is in the tube station.... So i rushed to the loo ... only to find that i have to pay 50p to use it!! It's disgusting!
50p! That's SGD1.50 you know! $1.50 to have a pee! I think that's too much! And you know what.. the bottle of water i got was 44p! And i have to pay 50p to pee it out! GRRRRR! Those are not loos.. those are traps! Traps for tourists and people like me! Gaah!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I went to London today.... and was in the bus when I saw an eye clinic in Kings Cross... it was called..

The Kings Cross Eye Clinic!

I thought it was funny! I kept telling the boyfriend... "The Kings CROSS EYE Clinic! HAHAHA! The Kings CROSS EYE Clinic! HAHAHA! The Kings CROSS EYE Clinic! HAHAHA! The Kings CROSS EYE Clinic! HAHAHA!"

Get it?

The Kings Cross Eye Clinic! LOL!

I wanted to snap a pic but i couldn't cos the bus was moving off! Maybe tomorrow, on the way to work.. i should snap a pic of the Kings CROSS EYE clinic. HAHAHA. The Kings CROSS EYE clinic!

I am easily amused! LOL!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


KOP from has passed away.

I'm very shocked...

I've been reading KOP's blog and we commented on each other's blogs sometimes.. though not often.

To me, he's a brave man. He left everything and went to Perth to pursue his dreams... and he was really looking forward to his partner's (D) arrival...

I'm sad.
It's so unfair that life has to end so early for someone like him... Someone with dreams... someone who is brave enough to realise his dreams.


Friday, June 30, 2006

My worst nightmare...

I'm back from my camping trip!!
It was great! except in the mornings where the crows would wake me up with their incessant crowing!! It's quite irritating especially at 6am in the morning!!

Anyway, I came home and found this email sitting in my INBOX..

dear fat fingers...
i can't believe this can i not know tt u've a blog?! i was surfing this, then i saw this, then i think "wei! ihavefatfingers is my friend's email leh! y this person copy my fren?!" so i decided to go in n kpo....only to know that this person is my fren! LOL

My girl friend found out about my blog.. after almost two years haha
heng ah...i never write any bad stuff about her... i think! :D

Thursday, June 22, 2006


We are going camping tomorrow @ North Yorkshire! The most beautiful county in the UK!

I've only been camping ONCE when I was in Pri. 5! And it rained and then the wind was so strong our tent collapsed! hahaha And i remembered they served us sotong for lunch during one of the days and being the greedy girl that I was.. i ate my friend's sotong too.... and then i realised my friends were all laughing at me because the blank ink from the sotong filled my mouth and i had black teeth! hahaha

And i was quite annoyed with one of my classmates cos she made us built a tent on top of the sticks and twigs! So it wasn't too nice for me to sleep on!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's camping trip. We are going to spend 6 days camping! We bought a gas cooker along too so we can cook! And also lots of bedding stuff and duvet to keep us warm. It's still quite cold up north.. about 17-19 degrees celcius. I just hope there will be lots of sun. We are going to visit some of the castles too and hopefully Whitby Abbey. That's where Bram Stoker got the insipiration to write "Dracula" ... ooooh!!

We've packed most of the stuff into the car.. Now i have to pack my bag. Mr. Fat Fingers' mum said I should not bring too much stuff along because camping is not really high life. LOL. I always overpack when i go one trips hahaha..

Tomorrow's journey will be ... 3.5hrs! I'm glad they got a new and bigger car just before this trip so there will be more room for everyone! I will chope the sit at the back later.. cos i want to sit with the dogs and play with them. hehe. Plus.. i don't want to be the navigator. hehe I just want to sit back, relax, enjoy the view and my nap hehehe.

Monday, June 19, 2006

So Drama!!!

I am really pissed off with my flatmate cos she has left the flat for good but has left her mess and her boyfriend behind! I have repeated requested them to clean up the cooker especially the parts where they cause the mess..the boyfriend agreed to do it but gave lots of excuses like he was busy etc....

So last friday i sent an email to the accomodation office to complain about her and her boyfriend.. and this morning, i went to the site office to tell the site manager that my flatmate has left the flat for good but has left the boyfriend behind. He laughed and said she should have brought him along and i agreed hahaha. Anyway he told me to complain it to the warden who can help me with this...

So while i was drafting my letter.. the site managers (2 of them) came. They asked me which room is it and I pointed it out. And then the drama started.

Site manager: *pounding on the door* We are from the accomodation office!
Flatmates BF: *opens door slowly*
FBF: Yah yah yah...
SM: WE WANT YOU TO PACK UP AND GET OUT BY 2PM TODAY!! *still in a really loud voice*
FBF: ok.....
FBF: ok...

Then the site manager who I complained to gave me a wink... and I gave him the thumbs up sign. LOL!

It was so drama! Like a police drama you know! haha

I am happy that something has been done about this but I feel kinda bad too because i got him evicted... But i know he has a place to go to cos he has been moving his stuff in and out to his new flat/room.

And now i dare not get out of my room.. i am scared that he might start to scold me or something.. Luckily... Mr Fat Fingers is arriving in an hour to help me pack up and then i'll move out of Leeds. Yahooo!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tonight is my last night in Leeds.

I've packed most of my stuff and we have also cleaned the kitchen... It's quite clean now! Never seen it so clean since last September, when I moved in! hahahaha! I am glad I won't be seeing my flatmates again! I guess I will only be keeping in touch with one of them. Definitely not the girl from hong kong..who left early and left her mess and boyfriend behind! Yeah! The boyfriend is still staying here! grrrr Doesn't he has his own flat or room?!?!? grrrr It's ok if he is staying here and does not mess up the kitchen!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah.. so anyway, I can't believe i'm moving out tomorrow. It seemed not long ago that I moved in and Mr Fat Fingers was helping me unpack my stuff... and urging me to say "hello" to my flatmates cos i was so shy then! LOL!

Tonight.. i am also missing my family a lot. My sister sent me photos of my mum, grandma and nieces. I miss them so much. I can't wait to be back at the end of the year to see them again!

I can't wait to finish my dissertation too! ... if i ever get my "engine" to start. I just find it so hard to start work! Argh! Maybe it'll be better when i work on it from the office from 9 to 6. That will definitely make me do some work I guess.

Can't wait to be back in Herts tomorrow! Can't wait to see the dogs too! And bring them out for walks!

Goodriddancebye flatmates! & Goodbye Leeds! I'll see you in Sept! (when i come back to hand in my dissertation!)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


So today I was walking to the city center to meet my friends for dinner.

Along the way, I saw this black guy with 2 bags of groceries from Morissons. Suddenly he stopped me and said... "Excuse me..." And i thought he was asking for directions or the time so i said "Yeah?" And he went.. "You look beautful" and i went.. "What? huh?"

He: You are beautiful
Me: Oh... er.. thanks.
He: Where are you going?
Me: huh? er.. i'm in a rush.. *prepares to run off*
He: Wait wait.. where are you going?
Me: Er i have to meet my friends. I'm running late. Bye!
He: Ok. You have beautiful legs! (i was wearing a denim skirt.) Bye!
Me: thanks. *smiles*

and i hurried off. Actually I wanted to tell him i think that I have fat calves and thighs but i was scared haha and actually kinda embarrassed so i left quickly. I am not used to people stopping me in the streets and compliment me! :D

The other day, I was in the photocopy room and a PHD student from Nigeria talked to me. He took over one of the practical classes last semester and he said he remembered me because I'm so beautiful! LOL! I didn't know what to say because I'm so not used to that.. and i was nervous..cos it's just me and him in the photocopy room! Then he asked me loads of questions like "Are you from Korea?" "Are you married?" "Do you have a boyfriend". It was a bit weird... but luckily he didn't stay too long.

I don't know how to handle situations like this... It's just too weird for me because I've never seen myself as thaaat pretty! I mean.. no one will give me a second look in Singapore! I'm not used to people telling me I look beautiful..well except for Mr. Fat Fingers hehe.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Funny dream!

Last night I dreamt i was back at my ex-company.
I was talking to my COWorker and our conversation went like this...

COWorker: Everyday must change panties one. (i dunno why the talk about panties!)
Me: Yah. Everyday must change. If only we can change our boss (Dick)

Then Dick overheard our conversation and sacked me!!!

Ta ma de! How can kenna sack like that??

When i told my girl friend about this dream.. she said I still cannot get over him. HAHAHAHA!
I don't know why! I just can't stop hating this irritating piece of...BLOB!

Oh yeah... While walking around Manchester the other day... i saw a card with the word "SKIVING" written on it. I was tempted to buy it and send it to Dick. In it, the msg would be...

Dear Dick,

When I saw this card, memories of you flooded my mind.
So i have to send this to you.

Fat Fingers

But i didn't lah...cos like so boh liao like that..hahaha

Monday, June 05, 2006

2 weeks!

Yes 2 weeks from now, i'll be saying good riddance bye to my flatmates!!

I can't wait to get out of this flat.

The weather here is getting warmer.. about 19 to 23 degrees celcius now.. but i don't know why my flatmate still wants to turn up the heater to 20! LOL!
Thank goodness I've turned off the heater...but none of them knows it yet. hehehe

We are going to clean up that extremely dirty kitchen of ours soon. I think I shall be annoying and ask that girl from hkg if she would like to clean the stove because she and her bf are the one who dirtied it. It's so dirty!! It's gross! You can see some sago stuck on the stove! And all the food stains!! Grrrrr

A few days ago, they cooked red bean soup and spilled some of it on the table. They didn't even bother to clean it up! What is wrong with these people? If it's me, i'd just wipe it off immediately! But no, these people have to leave it over night. They only cleaned it up after I wrote a note to say that we have to clean up the kitchen soon before we move out so as not to incurr any extra cleaning charges (which i am not prepared to give!!)

And that stupid bf of hers... can't even pee properly! My other flatmate has been complaining to me about how she had to clean the toilet cos there were pee all over the toilet seat!! She wanted to tell her to do something about it but she felt it would not be too nice to tell a 20 something to pee properly! Anyway the toilet is ok now...quite clean for the past few days!! I think he as stopped thinking with his penis for once and have started to lift up the toilet seat when he pees!

Grrr.. Stupid flatmate and her boyfriend who can't pee properly!! I hope she gets some rashes for being so dirty!!!

So anyway... enough of that... I've finally finished my last assignment for the term... I have just my dissertation to do now and then I'll be back at the office in London in July... can't wait to start and can't wait to discuss more about job opportunities with the boss there!


Mr Fat Fingers came to visit me last week. We had serveral day outs. One was to Keighley (pronounced as keith-ley). We took the stream train and travelled around on the
Keighley and Worth Valley a STEAM train! How every interesting! And very old fashion too! I love it!

We also went to Manchester on Saturday... and there were too many football fans there. Cos the England team was playing against Jamaica that day. I was glad I was in Red and White that day... England's colour and also Singapore's colour!! There were lots of Policemen around too..making sure no one is out and about getting pissed and causing trouble. There were even a few policeman on duty in the train on the way back to Leeds! It's crazy! But everyone was well behaved except for a few Sheffield United fans who kept making fun of Leeds United!! hehehehe

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Does anyone remember this??

I was browsing some books on ebay (yes.. things i would do to stop myself from doing REAL work) and came across this! And i remembered I used to own some of these Story Teller mags and cassettes! I enjoyed reading them so much I read them over and over and over and over and over (you get the picture) again!

I am so tempted to get them but wow.. they are really going at a high price! I might just get the cd with the stories (that's £15 for two editions!!) and try to find the mags at a later time when I have more money. I am really skint now. I just spent £15 on 3 Adrian Mole dvds from ebay. I can't wait to watch them!

I also need to get a haircut.. so more £. I also need to spend money on train tickets to and fro London when I start my dissertation research with the co. (But the co. might reimburse me that.. and hopefully my lunch too and also pay me some £££!!)

Aiii.. i better go do my work now...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mount. Koya, Japan

I was looking at some of my old photographs and came across photos that We (Mr. Fat Fingers and I) took in Japan.
Koyasan is in the World Heritage List. It's about 80min from Osaka. It's high up in the mountain and the train ride is quite exciting!!

It's really a quiet town... and very small too..
There is a cemetry there and there are over 200,000 graves in there!

Anyway, i was looking at the photos and recalled this incident..

We were walking in the cemetry to get to one of the temples...and we saw this Japanese guy about 60yrs
old or so... He was standing in front of a tombstone and he was crying... We didn't know what to do.. and he looked at us and we could see the sadness in his eyes. So i asked him if he's alright and he told me that was his family's grave and those little figurines next to the tombstones are his parents and brothers and sisters...

He then shoved me his disposable camera asked me to take a photo of him with his family!
After taking the photo, he thanked me and asked me a few questions and we said goodbye and went off in different directions. A few minutes later, we turned around and saw him again! Just behind us! We swear we didn't see him or hear him coming!!! It was so spooky! Mr Fat Fingers and I almost jumped out of our skin. The man came and said thank you to us again! And then he left... and we didn't see him after that. It was quite spooky then cos we were in a cemetry! And it was really quiet!!!!

Hmm.. I wonder how this man is now.. I hope he's ok.

The cemetry in Mount Koya

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Very Bad Things

Last night i stayed up to watch "Very Bad Things".
It's a black comedy.

It's about this guy, Kyle, and his friends who went to Las Vegas for his stag weekend and his friend, Michael accidentally killed the stripper and they decided (after much discussion...) to just bury her in the desert. Unfortunately, the security came and discovered the body. Kyle's friend, Boyd, played by Christian Slater, decided to kill the security guard and they cut them up and buried them in the desert.

Not long after, a few of them cracked up and they started killing each other. It's hilarious.

There were many times, they were all shouting and fighting over it that I wanted to just shout "Shut up! & Move on!!" hehehehehe

Yeah, it's quite a good show to watch on a boring saturday night.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have just finished the second last ASSignment for the year! I have one more to go!! It's due at the end of this month! After that I can move on and start on my dissertation!!

I have been missing my family a lot the past few days... and I also have been coming across lots of pictures of Singapore food! First, it was on myalterego's blog! There were pics of curry fish head!! And a few days ago, i saw pictures of Or luak and curry fishhead on Todayonline! Then i came across this blog by Kitchen Crazy Daffy! There were pics of chui kway and kway chup (i like!) ! Then, on Mandrake's blog, there were pics of Lor Mee!

Wah!!!!! I cannot take it anymore!!!

And i also feel like eating chicken rice! NOW!!!! But I can only have it in June! When I'm back at Mr. Fat Fingers'! He better cook it for me! hahahahaha

Yeah besides the food.. i really do miss my family!
Today I spoke to Mini Me on skype. I miss her so much! She kept giving me riddles!! heehehe! It was so much fun!

She gave me this:
Why do lions like to eat raw meat?
Because they don't know how to cook!


She's only 7 and has taken lots of interest in jokes and riddles recently! And she kept asking me to give her some riddles! I have been googling for riddles but i am running out of riddles to give her!

So if anyone of you have any riddles (suitable for kids please!), please tell me! With the answers of course! hehehehe :D Thank you!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Flatmates...

... are not that bad.. actually... I think.

The toilet is much cleaner now...and the kitchen too! I don't know what's wrong with them.

Maybe aliens invaded the flat when I wasn't around and they somehow changed into nice and considerate people... just like the people in the show, Invasion...except those people became kind of bad...

Anyway, i think the toilet is cleaner because the one who has been using the washing liquid to wash her fruits and vegies has stopped doing it.. so maybe she has stopped lao sai-ing...

And I've been talking more to some of them... like "hey, how's your day?" , "when's your exam?", "what are you cooking?" And i talked to one of them about instant noodles too. We were discussing which brand is good and which is hot and spicy!

Everyone seems to be in a good mood... i guess it's because we're all going to get out of this flat and not see each other ever again in 1.5 months time!! hahahahahaha!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

I Love Fridays!

because Friday is Green Wing day!

Green Wing is my favourite series on tv now! I like it more than I like Little Britain!
These guys are way too funny!

Green Wing is about this bunch of people who work in the hospital ... and they are a bunch of lunatics! Sometimes the jokes are really crude! So crude i can't get it that I have to ask Mr. Fat Fingers. We'd all be laughing out loud in the lounge every friday night because it's just so funny!

My favourite character is Dr. Alan Roderick Statham (ARS is his initial! HAHAHAHA) He's the guy with the moustache in the clips below!

If you do get a chance, please get the DVD! You can get them at other sites. You can also view more of the clips at

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I went to look for my lecturer today to ask him if he could be my supervisor for my dissertation cos i changed my topic again... Actually he's the same one i asked the other time but i had to inform him that I'm doing something else...

Anyway, when i went into his room, the first thing he told me was...

Prof: You were very smart yesterday!
Me: Huh? Me?
Prof: Yes! Your presentation. It was very smart! Well done!
Me: Oh thanks! But i think I spoke too fast?
Prof: Yes you did! I didn't have time to look at your maps properly! But they were very good.
Me: Oh.. Thank you!

Hehehehehe! It nice to be complimented hehehe especially by my professor. I hope he will give me good marks for my report too hehehehe

Oh.. I have one and a half more project to do! Then I can finally work on my dissertation!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I received a terrible news today...

My favourite tree has been chopped off!!! Because it has died, apparently.. :(

Goodbye favourite tree! Walking around Pegsdon will never be the same again! & I wanted to see how you look like in Spring! Boo hoo hoo!

Anyway, Mr Fat Fingers has been going on lots of walk with his mum and the dogs and has been looking out for trees that I might like! Hahahaha!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Remember, Prison Got No BroadBand! I really like this slogan that mr. brown and mr. miyagi came up with. Mr Fat Fingers like it too haha

Anyway, UK is going to have their local elections too! On the 4th of May. The parties will broadcast their messages on tv.. and i really like this broadcast by.. Dave the Chameleon! The opening music to that broadcast was Boy George's Karma Chameleon! LOL! Please check out the broadcast on the website!

And Dave the Chameleon even got a blog leh! So i think maybe the prisons here got broadband?? HAHAHAHA! Dave has a webcam too! Oh he some more got wallpaper and ringtone! And screensaver!! So happening!

Yeah I like this broadcast cos it's sacarstic...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update about Dick!!!

Stupid Dick Head!

I got online today and my ex-COWorker updated me about that stupid ex-boss of mine! And listening to the stories got me really agitated and upset for some of my ex-COWorkers!

So this annoying ex-COWorker of mine, let's call her Dickette, went for an interview for an internal job opening. She got it..and this means a promotion for her too. And what did she do? She felt she is too inferior and turned down the job!

Waste people's time only!!

Then never mind.. what else did she do? She went to Dick Head's office and asked for her job back and asked to do SOMEONE ELSE'S job!!! ARGH!

And what did that fuck face Dick Head do? He opened up some documents, showed her which category has the potential to get the highest bonus and let her choose! So she is going to ask for my friend's job! Not hers but My FRIEND's! And of course... my friend doesn't know it yet!


Hello? You left your job for a promotion, you turned it down, and i don't see why u can come back and take my FRIEND's job away!!! How dare you!

But I am sure my FRIEND will go into LL's office and bang his table and tell him off because that's what she did to him before!

Argh! I feel so angry for my friends who have to go through this! It's so unfair for them!! Someone can just come and take away my job anytime just because Dick likes Dickette! Just because Dickette is a spy for Dick! GRRRRRRRRR!!

Dick Head and Dickette sucks big time!! I hope they get bad karma real soon!

Anyway, I am glad I am not that anymore! But i still get agitated when I hear updates about Dick!! hehehe

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm amazed!

I'm back at Leeds now!
Last night, while we were lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, I told Mr Fat Fingers that I will try to be calm when I get back to the matter how dirty it is...

And guess what??

The kitchen and toilet was so damn clean!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA And the stove is SPOTLESS! It's amazing! I wonder what happened to my flatmates? Someone must have cleaned it up yesterday!

Anyway... It's weird to be back..cos i feel so weird to be surrounded by students again! I've got so used to the "working life" in London! I miss taking the tube actually... yes the crowded tube!! I get really excited whenever i managed to squeeze myself into a crowded tube hahahahaha!

Anyway, my job attachment went very well! I helped to improve some work process for the co. and they were well pleased with it and they were pleased with my performance too! So i asked the boss, during our last meeting, if I could do my dissertation with them and he said he'd be happy to have me work for him this summer again! Yay!

He also asked me what my plans were.. and i said i would love to find a job here in the UK and i asked him I could work for him! hehehehe! Yes i was really direct! He said he'd be happy to employ me but i have to first do some research about the work permit application so as to make it easier for him to hire me! I can't wait to start doing my research on it after i finish my THREE ASSignments!!!!!!

And I am really happy now because i've finally found something that I enjoy doing and something that I WANT to do!!

For the past 20 over years, i've been wondering what I want to do with my life and what kind of career I want to have.. i have finally found the answer! I think? hahaha

Like i told the boss, the best thing about my attachment is that it acts as a confirmation for me.. that is I made the right choice and that GIS and planning is for me AND this is what I want to do!! And also the money that I have saved for my course and the loan that I got from my mum have not gone to waste!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy week...ahead

Another week over for my job attachment. Another 2 weeks to go and the best thing is ... it will be a 4 day week for me for the next 2 weeks cos of the Easter Holidays! Woohooo!!! I've been so busy! I hardly have time to do anything else!! I have 2 reports due after my jo attachment! ahhh! I better find some time to do it in the next few days!!!! And i think next week i might have to work overtime too..cos my project with the co. is due soon! yikes!

Anyway... I've finished my book - Empress Orchid. It's really interesting!! & today on the way to the market, we passed by a charity shop and the boyfriend got me a book from Sue Townsend - author of Adrian Mole. It's called "Number 10" and it costs only £2! Not sure if it is any good but i really like Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend.. and i am not really keen on reading Sea Biscuit...yet. Mr Fat Fingers said I have to read that.. hmm but i'm not too sure hehe.

I am beginning to enjoy reading again. I've not been reading for a long time.... I remember i used to go to the library every saturday...alone..after my eca when I was still in pri. 4. I'd borrow 4 books and finish them like within a week or 2. I enjoyed reading so much then and i can't remember why i stopped.... could be the heavy workload i got when i went to sec. school!!!

Anyway, i am having such a good time here with Mr Fat Fingers. We have been spending our weekends going to the countryside for a walk with the dogs. It's so fun. And it's so nice to be in the countryside!

Today we had a long walk.. 11,000+ steps! It wasn't too cold because the sun was out... Along the way, we saw some horses! Mr Fat Fingers and his mum fed them mints! I wasn't too keen on doing that.. but i patted a horse! Woweee! I patted a horse! haha I was really scared at first but the horse seems so friendly. It just came right in front of me (we were separated by a fence by the way..) and looked at me.. so i patted it.. after much encouragement from Mr Fat Fingers! hahaha it was so nice though to pat the horse and stroke them. One of them was a really handsome horse with a stylo mylo hairstyle LOL! I took a pic of them but i'm too lazy to upload them. We also stopped by at the local pub to have a cold shandy! It was so good!!

Yeah, i really like this pic that i took.. i like that tree too. I now have a favourite tree hehehe! :D

Saturday, April 01, 2006

oh yeah...

i've been wanting to write about my "data collection" trip in London but was too busy and then forgot about it!!

Yeah so i was wearing that obiang piece of vest on me from 12 to 6pm! Walked around snapping pictures and plotting stuff onto my maps...

Quite a few people were looking at me wondering what i was doing...

A black guy on a bike rode past me and said "Yo yo Little Lady! Whatcha doing?" LOL that made me laugh hahaha it was so funny... i wanted to reply with all my "yo-yos" but he just rode away..

And this old man, he asked me what if i was trying to change the street layout and i told him, "Yes! I'm trying to make this a better place!" and he just laughed and walked away hehe.

And then there were a few students who asked me what I was doing... and they wanted to pose for my pics but of course i can't include them in my report hehe.

The funniest thing was during lunch at the indian restaurant. I was on my own and enjoying my lamb madras with naan and watching the world go by..... Then the owner came and talked to me and asked me what i'm doing and where i was from.

Owner: Do you have relatives here?
Me: No. Only friends here.
Owner: You must make relatives here in the UK!
Me: hahaha ok!
Owner: It is important.
Me: haha! What about you? Is your wife from the UK or India?
Owner: I have no wife. But it doesn't matter where she is from. blah blah blah... You know it is important that the husband will say "My wife is my heart.." and the wife will say "My husband is my heart"
Me: Yes.. *kept nodding my head*
Owner: You understand what i am saying?
Me: Yes! I think that's important...

and he kept on telling me how there must be trust in a relationship and how money isn't everything etc.

I enjoyed talking to him .. it was quite funny although it was hard to understand what he was trying to tell me sometimes ... his english was a bit odd. hehe.

Anyway this is the end of our conversation:

Me: Ok i have to go now. Thanks for the meal. It was lovely!
Owner: You are welcome! Please come again!
Me: I will! Thank you and good luck! Good luck for your business and your wife!
Owner: Oh no! I don't have wife!! *laughs*
Me: Yes but soon!!!!
Owner: Yes yes! Soon I hope!

Hahaha! I had such a great time that day!!! I enjoy it when people come up to me and talk to me. hehe

Oh yes, i had to wear that obiang yellow vest because it is a must for anyone to wear it when they are working on the streets in the UK... and it is also for the people i am working with and the rest of the people to identify me!!!!!


I had a great birthday even though i had to work!

I received a book and a pair of shoes from the boyfriend. The book is about Empress Orchid aka Ci Xi Tai Hou...It's really interesting!! I enjoyed reading it during my train ride to and from work which is about 40min!!

I also received some money, a tub of body cream and choccies from his parents. I also got a picture book on urban spaces and a card from the co.! How nice of them!

The best present i received was an e card from my mum!! I called her earlier and she told me she made red eggs in my honour! When i read the e card, i wanted to cry cos it was so touching haha! & My mum has never given me any cards for my birthday! I miss her so much!!

Oh yeah, i didn't get a job offer for my birthday present! Gutted! hahaha

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Tomorrow, there will be a girl walking around a busy street in London...She will be walking around gathering data and taking pictures of roads, cars and people... She will also be wearing the bright yellow obiang safety vest... like this...

except that she will not look so cool... and it is going to be bright yellow!!

Yeah, that person is gonna be me!! I can't imagine msyelf wearing that though it is common here in the UK! I must get my supervisor to take a pic of me.. cos i want to show it to my family and friends hahaaha! If only i have a helmet to go along with it!

Really looking forward to tomorrow cos i will be out and about...taking pictures and stuff.

I am still enjoying myself at the co. and am really hoping that the boss would offer me a job before my job attachment ends! There is so much to do and learn!

I hope he will ask me what i want for my birthday this friday.. cos i will tell him i want a job there! hohoho!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Having a good time!!

I'm still alive! After 3 days of internship!

My feet almost died on the 2nd day because of the walking that i had to do.... i reckon i must have done more than 10,000 steps that day....


The people there are generally very nice.. and are all a young bunch of ppl.. and I think the co. is so cool!!!! Cos they have a special drive full of mp3s! I can listen to it while i work!! And they also have their own wiki page! Man! Is that cool or is that cool?

Anyway, i'm having a good time there!! :D

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

22 hours..

In 22 hours.. i have to finish:

6 oranges
4 muller fruit corner yogurts
1 chicken thigh
6 mushrooms
1 pint of milk
1/4 tub of ice cream...

That's because i received a call today from my soon-to-be boss... He wants me to start my job attachment earlier because there is going to be a site visit on thursday and he thinks it would be good opportunity for me to learn and get to know the process. Aww how nice of him! And he said he's looking forward to meeting me again.. woohoo! And i look forward to meeting him too! So much so that i dreamt of my work attachment last night! hahahaa

Yeah so i better start packing my stuff now and finish all my food hohoho!! I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Our Camel List...

I was watching the Opening of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games on BBC2... and there was a part where they zoomed in on Australia's Prime Minister John Howard....and he reminded me of Dick! They look somewhat alike!


Sometimes Dick still traumatize me in my dream! Not sure if i blogged about this.. but there was once.. i dreamt that he stole my jacket and tried to sell it! GRRRR!! So i gave him a piece of my mind! I told him what a cheapskate he was and my jacket wasn't even worth much and why was he even trying to sell it??? HAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, when i woke up, i felt damn shiok! I have always wanted to scold him right in the face but sometimes i just can't.. dunno why.. but i can always do it in my dream! And i think the reason why he appears in my dream is because my ex COWorkers have been updating me about his stories....

Dick is in our (Mr Fat Fingers and I) camel list. This is the list where we will put down the names of the people we hate and they will be raped by camels infected with AIDS! haha!! Mr Fat Fingers is in charge of this list. He has helped me put in the names of my flatmates in the list too.. and recently he has added the 500+ annoying people in Sainsbury's who got in his way!! LOL!

That's what we do when we're annoyed.. put people on the "camel list" .. laugh about it and then try to forget about it.. but Dick has been there for a long time already... hohoho Cannot help it leh. He is really annoying....even till now.. 7 months after i left the company hahaha! Maybe i should just tell my ex colleagues to stop updating me about him.. but if we don't, we will have not much to talk about anymore! hahahahaha

Ok i have to go back to my essay.. a thousand more words to go.. if only writing an essay is as easy as blogging..... :D

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok i have submitted my dissertation proposal to my lecturer... and he thinks it is an interesting idea because he has been waiting for people to do something like this! So i think that's great!

And i've put his name down as my potential supervisor before asking him LOL! And when i told him that, he laughed and said he will have to think about it because a lot of people has put his name down as well! I am not surprised because he is really nice and helpful plus he gives good marks if you can show that you have put in effort and hard work to a piece of work even though the program may not work!!

But i'm quite sure he will be my supervisor because he did say he is interested in this topic...but there is also another lecturer who has done this too and I don't quite like him. He's not so helpful.. laid back and irresponsible! He didn't turn up for a lecture and didn't even inform anyone! How to trust this kind of people to help and guide you?? I cannot!! So i hope he will not be assigned to be my supervisor!!!

Oh yeah! Since I am working on this topic which is mostly web based work... i think i can move out in mid June or maybe even end of May!! I can save some rent money and work on my dissertation at Mr Fat Fingers'! & I don't have to worry about cooking or doing the laundry hohoho!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's March already...

... so why is it still so cold??? In fact i think it is getting colder!
And it is snowing right now as i'm writing this post! and I think it will go on for the next few hours...

It seems like Spring will come a wee bit late this year...

And i have just come up with a "brilliant" idea for my dissertation... but i have to do some programming.. it's javascript.. and i don't have to design any GUI/models/code from scratch..most of the stuff i can get them off the net hmmmm Can't wait to talk to my lecturer about my idea.. i hope he will say ok.. because i think there is so much I can do rather than the one i wrote down on my proposal!

And i have an essay to finish in 6 days! I want to finish it soon so I can do more research about it!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hmm i dunno...

I have problems coming up with a research topic for my Masters Dissertation.....

Well actually... I've come up with a couple of ideas... Spoke to my lecturer about them today and he thinks i have a great idea but it's hard to get it done because of the time contrain and it's an individual project. He thinks that it will work only if there's 100 Fat Fingers cos the data collection part is going to be a real challenge...which i agree...

So he gave me an idea... it seems ok.. somewhat interesting but I am not sure. I even asked him if it will make a good dissertation and he said.."Of course!" ... hmmm i'm not too sure though.. it's not challenging enough for me but i have no more ideas and I had to submit my proposal today... So I told him i'm going to write that down as my proposal first and will do more research...

Now.. i'm having this feeling.. u know.. like.. I've won the consolation prize and not the top prize... hmmmm

Should I do something that it's not so interesting and challenging? or should I do something else? But i have no more ideas..boohoohoo!!!
I have till May to come up with better ideas... cos that's when the first formal deadline is.. and i hope the co that i'm going to do the internship with will ask me to work on something with them. That would be great!

So in the meantime.... i better get on with my other essays!!! and then think more about it.


And why do people like to come up with cheem titles for their dissertation? Is it to confuse people? Make it more academic-ish? hmmmm I also want to come up with cheem titles hehehe

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hmmm.... hehehe

I got this from Justine Lee's blog. Too funny! I uploaded my photo to ...and it would scan my photo to see which celebs I look like.. Here's my list for both sexes..

So I look like:

* Stephen Chow 67%!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!

*Park Ji-Sung 64% ... hmmm?

*Eva Longoria 60%! Cool!! I always think she is hot! Woohooo!!!

*Jang Nara 59% hmm quite pretty too.hahaha i dunno whether i look like Jang Nara or this girl (see pic below) who was shown on that site.. cos some ppl told me she is not jang nara. but anyway...

*Michelle Wie 58% Not bad too!!!

*Janie Tienphosuwan 56% Dunno who. but she is also pretty!

*Jessica Alba 56% Haha! Not bad lah!

*Aung San Suu Kyi 55% Hmmmm?

*Michelle Yeoh 55% hehehehe Maybe i should try to be the next bond girl or what

*Bunko Kanazawa 55% dunno who also? is she a porn star?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I don't undestand...

Someone rang the doorbell this morning...TWICE!
I didn't want to wake up and open the door because i never invite my friends over (not at this time anyway!!) and i am sick of opening the door for my flatmates' friends!!!

No one got up to open the door.. and then that person rang the doorbell again.

I had no choice but to get up to see who's there... and i saw this girl waving at me.. I looked at her and gave her the who-the-fuck-are-you-?-do-you-know-it's-8-in-the-morning-and-we-are-still-in-bed look. So i went downstairs and opened the door for her and she said.. "Sorry i live upstairs from you but i forgot my key. but i know xxx (my flatmate)." And i wasn't in the best of mood and i told her.. "Well why didn't you ring the bell of your own flat then? And guess what? xxx, your friend, didn't open the door for you but i did!! and stomped back to the flat.. and went back to bed.

Now i feel kinda guilty for being so rude.. but i'm still wondering.. why did that silly Japanese girl not ring the bell for her flat but rang ours instead???????

And she needs her key to get back to her flat how the hell did she get in then? knock on the door? If she did.. why didn't she rang the bell to her flat then???



Anyway.. i am £30 richer today! Did 3 mystery shopping ASSignments in one hour!! Wooohoooo!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Why why why?

Why is it everytime i am off to somewhere for the long weekend and i come back and find that everything is in a mess?

First the wok is dirty again!

Then the brush which i used to scrub my wok is so dirty! full of food leftovers stuck in between the bristles!

for fuck's sake! if you want to use something then please clean it up after using!

Then they fucking used my detergent! I know it doesn't cost much but if you didn't pay for it, then dun use it! it was half full when i left.. now i am back.. it's not even a week and there's like less than 1/4 left! and t's not the money it is the principle!!!!

I hate my flatmates! Those fucking chao cheebyes!

I am feeling the rage!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's silly to get angry over such things but i can't help it!!!!

I'm fucking feeling the rage!!!!!

The rage!!!


It's a good day today!
SO i'm off to the supermarket now to get some food! More detergent! and a new brush and i am not fucking going to share it with them!


Die flatmates die!!!!!!!!

Update: man i feel so much better now after a trip to morrison's!well not really... i really wanted to run down some ppl with the trolley cos they it's so damn crowded and everyone is in the way! grrrrrr fed up lah! Anyway i bin the brush and got myself more sponges!! Then my sister came online and saw my MSN msg "I am living with some chao chee byes!!!!" and she said "Eh, why you scold bad word?? Not good leh!" ... hehehehe Yeah i am feeling better... but i still hate them! grrrrrr

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Grrrr I am so annoyed!!!!

I have a mini group project due this friday. Well the data compilation is a group project but the report is an individual piece of work.

We (3 of us) were supposed to discuss and write about some description for our data.. and we were supposed to do it as a group work... I called for a meeting but one of us, refused to meet up because he thinks it is a waste of time and he just wants to get the report over and done with. And he insisted that we not meet and discuss through email! ANd it is hard cos one of us do not have internet access at home!!!!! Grrrrrr

So fine. I've decided to do it on my own!

And today, the tutor said, the data compiliation that we did should be standardised among group members! And so that idiot said ok and told me we should meet tomorrow!

See lah! I told you so! I told you to meet earlier but what did you say??? You said it is a waste of time! And now because of YOU i have to waste my time and drag my ass down to the lab tomorrow just to meet you and the other one to discuss about it when i could have stayed at home and finish my report!!!

And the most annoying thing is, i have done my stuff.. and they all asked if they could use mine, (IF I DON'T MIND) cos it would be a waste of time to do it again.

Wah lau eh! Of course i mind lah!!!!
I spent the weekend doing it and now u tell me this!

And now i have no choice but to share it with them because i don't want to waste any more time waiting for these people to do their work! The report is due on friday!!! I want to finish it on Thursday!

And i am also annoyed because we are "Stuck" as a group. There's 9 of us in the class and everyone is like already in a "permanent" group so it is hard for me to join another group! And i think the next part of this module is another project!!! I just hope it is an individual project. It is people like that idiot that makes me hate group work. I prefer to work alone!!!!

I work well in a group but i work better when i'm working alone!!!! Cos i only have to deal with myself and not with idiots and dick heads!


Monday, February 27, 2006

The Countdown Begins!!

Next month, this time, i would have started on my job attachment!!! I wonder how it will be like. The working hours are kinda long 9 to 6! But it's ok! I'm so excited! I hope i'll get along well with everyone and there are no Dick Heads in the office.

Oh yeah.. i don't know what's wrong with me.. but... everytime i see the tube map on my desk, i get excited! hee hee!!!!! I'll pick it up, look at it... find the station nearest to the office and just smile! LOL! I'm crazy! But i'm excited!!


Saturday, February 25, 2006


An hour ago... I just had my lunch...

An hour ago my friends were waiting for me at Millenium Square. We were supposed to go for a Thai meal.

An hour ago... I thought we were meeting tomorrow, which is SUNDAY...

An hour ago... my Greek friend, who wasn't too happy called me and asked me.. "Where are you Fat Fingers?? Home?? I said TODAY! SATURDAY!!! Ok! It's OK! Never mind! See you soon!"

LOL.. I'm such a plum sometimes! And i think it's also partly because i haven't slept well for the past few days... hmmmm

My friend even texted me and MSN'd me earlier to tell me we're meeting today but somehow i saw the words "tomorrow" and "Sunday"!

So i've missed out on a Thai meal! Oooh! Pad Krapow! My favourite!!! But it's ok.. i go there almost every other weekend anyway! Plus, it's good to stay at home cos i need to finish the report which will be due next week and i need to save some money for train fares and stuff!!!

Next Week (1st of March) is Mr. Fat Finger's Mama's birthday. We are going to London to have some Malaysian fare... The pics from made me and Mr. Fat Fingers drool all over our keyboards!

And my birthday is at the end of march (The 31st!!) !! hehe And we are all thinking of going to London for the weekend for some Dim Sum and maybe do some touristy stuff.

Yeah so i'll be spending lots of money in the next month... oh and i have to spend on train fares for my internship.... No.. wait! Haha i Just remembered! The co. will reimburse my travel expenses! hahaha! And lunch expenses too! So i guess it's not that bad... i can use some of the money i'll get to save for shoes and handbags hahaha.. not! Ok.. maybe just a pair of shoes.. the one that i have been eyeing... hmmmm

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I just got some SkypeOut credit! So i called home today and talked to my family! And it only cost me 22p (SGD0.60!) for 20min of conversation!! That's cheap!

My sister asked me how's my flatmates and i told her about the "foaming" beans and she laughed...and said... "Remember when you said your flatmate refused to share and get the detergent to clean the floor? How come she is using detergent to wash her vegies?"

Hmmm yah hor!
Why huh?
My flatmate told me there is no need to get any detergent to clean the kitchen floor because we can just use water! (i think i blogged about this before.. hmm)
But of course, if you've studied science before or have any common sense, water does not mix with oil!!!!

So yeah... i don't know why she refused to use detergent to clean the floor but use detergent on her vegies?? -_-"

And i was thinking.. no wonder she is so small and skinny..... she is not getting nutrients from her fruits and vegies cos she has washed it away with the detergent!!!


And today there are some "fresh" shit stains on the toilet bowl again!!! And it cannot be flushed away because... it's above the part where the water will flow down when you flush it! Grrrrr I tried to clean it with the toilet brush but it's already "hardened" and i need to scrub real hard but i just can't bring myself to do it.. so i gave up!!!

That person should seriously consider changing her diet. No one should have shit like this!!! argh!! GRRRR

I hope that person will be constipated till June (when our contract ends) hahaha so that the toilet can stay clean!!!! Even if that person does shit, it will be hard and will not splash all over the bowl! Muahahahahahaahha!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wah siao ah!

So i was in the kitchen with one of my flatmates.. we were preparing our dinner....

She took out her beans.. and poured something into it and soaked it in water...
Then the beans started to FOAM!!
FOAMING you know!!! How can it be???
How can beans foam??

Then i realised.... my flatmate added detergent to it! She was soaking the beans in detergent! Not those to kind of detergent for washing vegetables! But those kind that you use to wash your dishes!!!

I've seen her washing her peppers, vegies and fruits with detergent (rubbing the detergent on them).. but this is the first time i've seen her SOAKING her beans in detergent!!! That's crazy! It will not only kill the nutrients in the beans... it will also kill her!

I think maybe i should ask her why she's doing that.. but she might just ask me to MYOB...but i really don't fancy talking to her but i'm really curious why she does that all the time hahaha...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My flatmates are lucky... that i have self control and have a blog where i can vent my frustration and unhappiness about them!!!!! hahaha Or maybe i am the lucky one.. i am sure there are times they wish they could kill me too... it's a mutual feeling.....
Sometimes i wonder if I am capable of doing this... hmmmm I doubt so... because we don't share toilet paper! hahahaha plus i don't like the sight of them and not to say their dead bodies!

Fla. Man Kills Roommate Over Toilet Paper
Tue Feb 21, 6:18 AM ET
MOSS BLUFF, Fla. - A man accused of fatally beating his roommate with a sledgehammer and a claw hammer because there was no toilet paper in their home has been arrested.

Franklin Paul Crow, 56, was charged Monday with homicide in the death of Kenneth Matthews, 58, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.
Capt. Thomas Bibb said Crow initially denied his involvement, but confessed during questioning.

Crow told investigators that the men were fighting about the toilet paper over the weekend when Matthews pulled out a rifle. Crow said he then began beating Matthews with the sledgehammer and claw hammer, according to an affidavit.

Matthews was beaten so badly he had to be identified through his fingerprints, detectives said.

Crow was being held at the Marion County jail without bond. It was not immediately known whether he had an attorney.

Monday, February 20, 2006


My inconsiderate flatmate is trying to kill me...and it is not the first time!!!

She is cooking in the kitchen...and she left her pot unattended...
And i could smell the burning smell of carbon from my room!!!
Her room is just next to the kitchen and my room is next to hers!

What's wrong with these people?

Last week, she or maybe it was another flatmate.. but i know it's either of them! (i did some detective work haha) left her shit in the toilet again. I tried to flush it away but it can't! It's gross!
And i have been watching lots of "You Are What You Eat" on Ch4 and i know what's a good poo and what's a bad poo! And hers is definitely bad!!!! and smelly!! That person should change her diet! Eat more fruits and vegetables! Not pizza all the time! Fibers are good for you!!!!
Oh yes, Dr Gillian said a good poo is when you have to wipe your ass 3 times or less! If you have to keep wiping it then it is bad! I bet that person had to wipe likle 394820482 times!!!!! grrrrrr

Anyway, I was so annoyed i wanted to knock on their doors and asked if they left something in the toilet! But i didn't cos i was rushing to go to class! Bloody cbs!

And i'm feeling sick now cos the smell of the burning pot is really filling up the whole flat! i turned down the fire for her.. but i guessed she turned it up again! What the hell is wrong with these people??????

Ok ok.. i must calm down... contract will end in mid jun. i will never get to see any of them (i hope!) after that! And i wil be away for a month in April.. so that's only like.. 14 weeks! I think i can deal with that! Grrrr... Hopefully i'll still be alive then!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Too Funny!!!

Today's my mama's birthday!
Mr. Fat Fingers and I have ordered a cake for her from a shop in Singapore. Actually it's a home business... anyway...
I let Mr. Fat Fingers do all the work ie. ordering and confirming the delivery time as I have been busy..

So Mr. Fat Fingers asked me what's my mama's name and how many candles they would need etc..

And you know.. in the ang moh world... It's always the name first followed by the surname, but in Singapore, it's the surname first followed by the name...

So this afternoon, my sister texted me to tell me the cake was really good and they all had good laugh because... the person wrote "Happy Birthday, (mum's name) (mum's surname)!" ... and it sounds like the name of a PRESERVED VEGETABLE in Cantonese!

LOL!!!!!!!!! (i'm not gonna put my mama's name here! hehe)

It's too funny! Mr. Fat Fingers and his mum laughed so much that they had to hold on to each other for support! hahahaa

How dare he! hahahha Calling my mum a preserved vegetable! LOL!
It's so funny cos my mum is erm.. not young anymore!! HAHAHAHAH and calling someone her age... a PRESERVED vegetable is really too damn funny!!!


Am i'm glad my mum was not offended in any way! hahaha And when i read that text my sister sent me, i can imagine my bro-in-law chuckling and laughing away and making silly jokes out of it! LOL! hahahaha Oh God! I miss them so much! I wish i was there to join in the laughter!!! Hahahahaha!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Why do we make such a big fuss about Vday? It's pathetic that we have to have one whole day to show our love!! Can't we celebrate love everyday instead of just Feb 14? And the Singles who mope about being alone on Vday...Why don't they do that everyday instead?? Actually.... being Single (under the age of 30) is not a bad thing! hehe!

Mr. Fat Fingers and i are not going to celebrate Vday cos we are not going to fall into the traps of the evil retailers and what have you out there!


At, Vday is not about being lovey dovey and all cuddley and cute and stuff like that! It's about showing PASSION!!! Yes, "passion" for your (ex) boss...
So i wrote a poem for Dick! Actually i got the idea from Dilbert Blog lah! hahaha! It's so great to see that there are so many people who have so much passion for their bosses! Anyway, here's one.. for Dick!

I call you Dick
Because you love to bootlick!

You think you're Hitler
But you know what? You are a LOSER!

You're in the office whistling all the time
That is such a crime!

You make us do all the work
While you get all the perks!

If you were a president, you'd be George Bush
Just like him, you should be shushed!

You're sprouting nonsense all the time
You'll do better with a mime

And we all know you have a bunion
Because your face is like a pickled onion!

Happy Valentine's Day, you *bald hairy man
You're better off, being a dustpan!

*Dick is balding.. but has hairy arms..and really long and messy eyebrows!!