Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So weird leh...

Mr Fat Fingers' mum has noticed it!!!

She has noticed that I never call her anything!!

You see.. it's different here in the UK... You cannot just call anyone Auntie or Uncle because they are not related to you!!! So i have never called her Auntie. And she expects me to call her by her first name... but.. so weird leh! Like so rude... i cannot find myself to call her by her first name! hehehe

And today.. egged on by Mr Fat Fingers... I went to call her.. "Hi Liz!!" I was quite embarrassed saying that hahaha i dunno why .. but it's just silly old me.. i just find it hard to call any of my friends' mums by their first name....cos it is so not Singaporean, i think.. hehehe

Thursday, January 26, 2006

No, Not Bitty Now.... Bitty Later...

I was bored... so i went to Youtube.com to find some "little britain" footages to keep myself entertained... and entertained i was!

This is what I found! Wahahahahahahahaa!!

In Singapore, we say nen nen... in UK they say Bitty. hehehehe

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hello to you!

Someone from the UK (Ericsson bham Uni) has been checking my blog... He/She has been reading my posts.. from the first to the last! Well most of them i guess.. And as i am writing this, i think he/she is still reading it! Cos i refresh my statcounter to see the same IP address LOL! As i am reading this, he/she is reading my 2004 Nov archive!! hehehehe

Anyway, hello! Welcome to my blog! :D

It's funny i think.. how someone can be so interested in my life hehe. Feels kinda good too LOL! Yah it can be scary too... sometimes i check my statcounter and am horrified that people are searching for me.. it's scary.. like why?? why search for me?!?!?!?! Did i do something wrong? or?

Anyway, i clicked on some of the archives that this person has been reading.. and i read my previous posts about Dick! I can't even remember some of the things he did to us...!! But it was nice to read it again and i was laughing out loud just now cos i am so glad i am no longer working with/for Dick!!!!

I am not sure if i still hate him THAAAT much.. maybe not that much.. but i still hate him. If he were to be a president.. he would be George Bush i think! LOL!

And then i read some posts about what Mini Me has said to me.... like on my birthday last year... when i asked her where's my present.. she said she has no money to buy me one so she will just give me kiss! Awww so cute!

I miss my nieces and family so much!!! I wish i am back home for the Chinese New Year!!! I can't wait to call home this weekend.... and talk to them!

OK CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) live feed is starting soon! LOL.. i think i will go lie in bed.. and watch it for a while ... just a little whie... before i go to bed.

I need to get a life!!!!!!!! LOL!

Celebrity Big Brother

Argh! Watching Celebrity Big Brother today really made my blood boil!

I hate Dennis Rodman and George Galloway.

Dennis Rodman is aggressive.. and rude!!!!
George Galloway is stupid for a politician!! I think all the MPs will laugh at him when he goes back to the House of Parliament!!

I was watching Richard and Judy today too. They interviewed 3 MPs and they were all laughing at George Galloway! hahahaha! One of them said there will be a saucer of milk waiting for him! hahahaha Oh that's cos he was pretending to be a cat in one of the tasks.. and i was cringing watching him doing that! I cannot imagine our MPs in Singapore doing that!!! Check out the video below!

So did you cringe?? I mean.. want to be a pussy cat.. then just mew lor.. why must put your head on Rula's lap?? hmmmm..

I wish my girlfriends back in Singapore are watching it with me! So we can discuss about it!! hahaha! It's so boring not being able to discuss it with anyone here cos most of my friends here have no tv!

Mr. Fat Fingers has no tv reception in the cellar so he can't watch it... and his mum think it's crap so she said we are forbidden to watch it in her presence! -_- ....

I have been updating Mr. Fat Fingers about it too hehe. I am glad he will be here this Friday! We are going to watch the finals together! hahahaha

Oh i was so upset watching it just now! So i voted to evict George.. twice!! So angry lor..

I think this post is not making sense to most of you cos most of you are Singaporeans and are not watching the show.. sigh. haha

But i still want to say .. i think Celebrity Big Brother is really entertaining and George Galloway sucks!

I hope the celebs are sleeping late tonight so i can watch the live feed from 12 to 1 am on Ch4! ! hahahaha Oh if i had cable tv here, my tv would be tune in to E4 and i will just watch them fight against each other! It's much interesting than the recent fight in the Singapore blogsphere! -_*

Hmm i just re-read my post.. i think maybe i need to get a life hahahaha i sound so pathetic here! But.. it's really interesting leh! Aiyah you all don't understand one lah! hehehehe

Monday, January 23, 2006

Stick a fork in me!!

Cos I'm done!!

Finally!!!!! I've finally finished my project!!! Yahooo!

Going to hand it in tomorrow and then will go shopping after that! Yahooo!!!

Anyway, here's the fantastic four meme.. tagged by Spyda.

4 jobs you've had in your life
Bank Teller
Procurment Officer
Inventory and Distribution Officer

4 movies you could watch over and over
Battle Royal
Bridget Jones Diary
You've Got Mail
Kung Fu Hustle

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch
(Celebrity) Big Brother! (Sometimes i watch the live feed and just watch what the people are doing! hahahaah)
Little Britain (I love the 2 guys!!)
The Amazing Race

4 places you've lived
Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture, Japan
Himeji city, Hyogo prefectue, Japan
Leeds, UK

4 places you've been on vacation to
Hong Kong

4 places you would rather be
Thailand (having all the yummy food!!)

4 of your favourite foods
Any Steam fish
any kind of herbal soup
Roast duck and char siew rice
Chicken rice

4 websites you visit daily
Radio Times (to check what shows there are on tv)
BBC Leeds Weather forecast

4 Tagged
Anyone who wants to join in!

Monday, January 16, 2006


Note to self :

Never shower after the flatmate.
The flatmate that is too stingy to get a duvet and an extension cord to plug in her electric heater and therefore thinks that she is justified to turn up the common heater to 30 degrees!!
Yes the one that wore her thin lingerie to bed and then complained that her room is not warm enough.
Yes, the one that puts her bananas in the fridge and then blamed it on me when the bananas turned black because i turned up the knob of the fridge (the higher the knob, the colder the fridge will be). She insisted on keeping the knob at level 1! Level 0 is as good as turning off the fridge!

Ok.. back to the point why i should never shower after the flatmate:
She used up all the hot water when she showers! And it takes a long time to heat up the water tank! So when i go in after her... i get all the cold water!!! .... while the water tank is trying to heat up all the cold water!
And she takes more than 20min to shower! So... no more hot water left by then!! It takes about 30 to 45min to heat up the water! Gaaah!

Friday, January 13, 2006

back at leeds...

I'm back at leeds now.. after staying with Mr Fat Fingers for about a week...

The kitchen was really clean! that's cos the cleaners came to clean it up during the holidays. I wonder how long it will stay this way... hmmmm

Anyway, i hate to be back in the flat... cos someone has been turning up the heater to 30 degrees! Damn it's hot in my room! I hate my flatmates!!!! grrrrr

Mr Fat Fingers left for home yesterday.... i miss having him around.. cos there will be no one to cook for me and fuss over me... and carry my stuff hahaha.

We have done lots of food shopping... i have like 18 chicken thighs in my freezer... that's like 18 meals for me..1 chicken thigh for one meal!!!
I also have a promfret, 1 salmon, 1 tilapia all cut into halfs.. one for each meal.. so that's.. 6 meals already! 2 portions of beef for soup.. that's 2 meals.. and 1 portion of pork ribs for bak kut teh.. so that's one meal...
so.. that's a total of 27 meals! hahaha

So i guess i don't have to go to the market/city center for the next 2 weeks. I can stay at home and do my work!

Exams in 5 days..and then another 5 days to finish up my java and VB project... can't wait for all of these to be over!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm back in the UK!
The weather hasn't been exactly great... but... still it's great to be back!
The past week was spent fighting jet lag and catching up with the shows that Mr Fat Fingers has recorded for me!
It's mostly Little Britain and The Worst Week of my life.

Anyway while watching Little Britain.. i saw a familiar face...it was Steven Lim!

No no no... not that Singapore Idol wanna be who used to pluck eyebrows oustide CK Tangs..

... but this Steven Lim! The guy from the series "Growing Up".

He appeared as a Thai Waiter on Little Britain!
And i did some googling and found out that he is playing the Tibetan Monk in the production "TinTin in Tibet"!

By the way... i think i really have short attention span.... i'm about to do some revision but i kept checking bloglines to see if anyone has updated their blogs! or i'll go send some emails or check for available assignments at this co. website. Mr. Fat Fingers and i have signed up to be mystery shoppers! hehehe. Some assignments allow us to have free pub meals and beer! Oooh pies! hehehe

OK.. better get back to my revision!... maybe i should just plug off the LAN cable.. hmmmm :D