Sunday, February 01, 2009

Whiz Kid

One of the good things about working in a department full of Oldies is that they all think I am a whiz kid (even though I'm not much of a kid now..)

The old lady, S, sitting next to me is turning 65 soon. We've just moved office and she was complaining about not knowing what the time is because the clock is not up yet.

So I told her about the "Clock" on the task bar. She got really excited and said in her very heavy yorkshire accent "Oh right, there it is. Oh you're very smart in'it!! Hey (talking to the other old lady sitting opposite her), did you hear that? You can see the time on the computer!"

The other lady, G, said "Yes! If you put your mouse over it, it will show you the date too!"

S tried it and was really happy the pc could tell her the date and time! She was really pleased! They both got so excited about it!!! It is so funny to watch.

The were also impressed with how fast I can switch my screens around. They thought I could do some sort of magic! LOL!

Now they all can do "Alt-Tabs".