Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Does anyone remember this??

I was browsing some books on ebay (yes.. things i would do to stop myself from doing REAL work) and came across this! And i remembered I used to own some of these Story Teller mags and cassettes! I enjoyed reading them so much I read them over and over and over and over and over (you get the picture) again!

I am so tempted to get them but wow.. they are really going at a high price! I might just get the cd with the stories (that's £15 for two editions!!) and try to find the mags at a later time when I have more money. I am really skint now. I just spent £15 on 3 Adrian Mole dvds from ebay. I can't wait to watch them!

I also need to get a haircut.. so more £. I also need to spend money on train tickets to and fro London when I start my dissertation research with the co. (But the co. might reimburse me that.. and hopefully my lunch too and also pay me some £££!!)

Aiii.. i better go do my work now...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mount. Koya, Japan

I was looking at some of my old photographs and came across photos that We (Mr. Fat Fingers and I) took in Japan.
Koyasan is in the World Heritage List. It's about 80min from Osaka. It's high up in the mountain and the train ride is quite exciting!!

It's really a quiet town... and very small too..
There is a cemetry there and there are over 200,000 graves in there!

Anyway, i was looking at the photos and recalled this incident..

We were walking in the cemetry to get to one of the temples...and we saw this Japanese guy about 60yrs
old or so... He was standing in front of a tombstone and he was crying... We didn't know what to do.. and he looked at us and we could see the sadness in his eyes. So i asked him if he's alright and he told me that was his family's grave and those little figurines next to the tombstones are his parents and brothers and sisters...

He then shoved me his disposable camera asked me to take a photo of him with his family!
After taking the photo, he thanked me and asked me a few questions and we said goodbye and went off in different directions. A few minutes later, we turned around and saw him again! Just behind us! We swear we didn't see him or hear him coming!!! It was so spooky! Mr Fat Fingers and I almost jumped out of our skin. The man came and said thank you to us again! And then he left... and we didn't see him after that. It was quite spooky then cos we were in a cemetry! And it was really quiet!!!!

Hmm.. I wonder how this man is now.. I hope he's ok.

The cemetry in Mount Koya

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Very Bad Things

Last night i stayed up to watch "Very Bad Things".
It's a black comedy.

It's about this guy, Kyle, and his friends who went to Las Vegas for his stag weekend and his friend, Michael accidentally killed the stripper and they decided (after much discussion...) to just bury her in the desert. Unfortunately, the security came and discovered the body. Kyle's friend, Boyd, played by Christian Slater, decided to kill the security guard and they cut them up and buried them in the desert.

Not long after, a few of them cracked up and they started killing each other. It's hilarious.

There were many times, they were all shouting and fighting over it that I wanted to just shout "Shut up! & Move on!!" hehehehehe

Yeah, it's quite a good show to watch on a boring saturday night.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have just finished the second last ASSignment for the year! I have one more to go!! It's due at the end of this month! After that I can move on and start on my dissertation!!

I have been missing my family a lot the past few days... and I also have been coming across lots of pictures of Singapore food! First, it was on myalterego's blog! There were pics of curry fish head!! And a few days ago, i saw pictures of Or luak and curry fishhead on Todayonline! Then i came across this blog by Kitchen Crazy Daffy! There were pics of chui kway and kway chup (i like!) ! Then, on Mandrake's blog, there were pics of Lor Mee!

Wah!!!!! I cannot take it anymore!!!

And i also feel like eating chicken rice! NOW!!!! But I can only have it in June! When I'm back at Mr. Fat Fingers'! He better cook it for me! hahahahaha

Yeah besides the food.. i really do miss my family!
Today I spoke to Mini Me on skype. I miss her so much! She kept giving me riddles!! heehehe! It was so much fun!

She gave me this:
Why do lions like to eat raw meat?
Because they don't know how to cook!


She's only 7 and has taken lots of interest in jokes and riddles recently! And she kept asking me to give her some riddles! I have been googling for riddles but i am running out of riddles to give her!

So if anyone of you have any riddles (suitable for kids please!), please tell me! With the answers of course! hehehehe :D Thank you!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Flatmates...

... are not that bad.. actually... I think.

The toilet is much cleaner now...and the kitchen too! I don't know what's wrong with them.

Maybe aliens invaded the flat when I wasn't around and they somehow changed into nice and considerate people... just like the people in the show, Invasion...except those people became kind of bad...

Anyway, i think the toilet is cleaner because the one who has been using the washing liquid to wash her fruits and vegies has stopped doing it.. so maybe she has stopped lao sai-ing...

And I've been talking more to some of them... like "hey, how's your day?" , "when's your exam?", "what are you cooking?" And i talked to one of them about instant noodles too. We were discussing which brand is good and which is hot and spicy!

Everyone seems to be in a good mood... i guess it's because we're all going to get out of this flat and not see each other ever again in 1.5 months time!! hahahahahaha!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

I Love Fridays!

because Friday is Green Wing day!

Green Wing is my favourite series on tv now! I like it more than I like Little Britain!
These guys are way too funny!

Green Wing is about this bunch of people who work in the hospital ... and they are a bunch of lunatics! Sometimes the jokes are really crude! So crude i can't get it that I have to ask Mr. Fat Fingers. We'd all be laughing out loud in the lounge every friday night because it's just so funny!

My favourite character is Dr. Alan Roderick Statham (ARS is his initial! HAHAHAHA) He's the guy with the moustache in the clips below!

If you do get a chance, please get the DVD! You can get them at www.play.com other sites. You can also view more of the clips at Youtube.com.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I went to look for my lecturer today to ask him if he could be my supervisor for my dissertation cos i changed my topic again... Actually he's the same one i asked the other time but i had to inform him that I'm doing something else...

Anyway, when i went into his room, the first thing he told me was...

Prof: You were very smart yesterday!
Me: Huh? Me?
Prof: Yes! Your presentation. It was very smart! Well done!
Me: Oh thanks! But i think I spoke too fast?
Prof: Yes you did! I didn't have time to look at your maps properly! But they were very good.
Me: Oh.. Thank you!

Hehehehehe! It nice to be complimented hehehe especially by my professor. I hope he will give me good marks for my report too hehehehe

Oh.. I have one and a half more project to do! Then I can finally work on my dissertation!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I received a terrible news today...

My favourite tree has been chopped off!!! Because it has died, apparently.. :(

Goodbye favourite tree! Walking around Pegsdon will never be the same again! & I wanted to see how you look like in Spring! Boo hoo hoo!

Anyway, Mr Fat Fingers has been going on lots of walk with his mum and the dogs and has been looking out for trees that I might like! Hahahaha!