Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things that annoy me #838 - $urprises

Got up this morning to an email from the eldest sister asking if i would like to share a present for our dear mother.

Of course! I'd love to give her a present! She's my mother and I love her!

Turns out.. it is a $2600 present for some facial spa thing. $2600!! $2600/3 = $866!!

Now I don't mind spending $866 on my mother...but to tell me that I have pay it by Christmas is not possible. We all have financial commitments. Well, maybe not for my sister..but I do!
$866 is 65% of my mortgage!

I felt obliged to say yes but this time I have to say No as I have other responsibilities now - mortgage, bills. etc.. Plus.. i have also spent about £650 on air tickets back to Singapore to see my mother this Christmas.. That has got to be the best Christmas present for her right? RIGHT?!?!

I did suggest buying it for her next Christmas which will give me some time to save for it.. but the sister wasn't keen...

Also am very annoyed with the sister because I just found out that she is going to do this facial spa thing as her part time job..and if my mum gets it and uses it everyday, she can lure her other friends to get it too!!!!

So anyway.. i hate $urprises.. that has to do with $$$..
Give me more advance notice please!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things that annoy me #384

Irresponsible dog owners.
We have a neighbour who owns a collie. Collies are highly intelligent dogs. They need mental stimulation and like any other dogs, they need to be walked! At least 2 or 3 times a day!

Bringing him out to the common (field) every day and letting him roam around to poo/pee while you stand there playing with your phone is not walking your dog!

This is dog abuse to me!
No wonder this dog is so aggressive! He has so much energy in him and so when dogs go up to him, he'll just have a go at them!
That's what he did to my poor little puppy! (Who I shall call Oafalina as she is an oaf! hehe).

The owner had no control over the dog! She knew her dog is aggressive towards other dogs but what did she do? Well, let's start with what she did not do.

She didn't hold on to her dog. Instead, she tried to play ball with him. Oafalina went up to greet them and sniffed the ball and the Collie just went for her!
Oafalina was squealing! What did the owner do? She did nothing! No control over her dog whatsoever!

What did I do? I did a Cesar Millan hehe. I went HEY! made the tsst sound that Cesar does in every eps of The Dog Whisperer (hehe) and pulled Oafalina away.

That stupid owner even had the cheek to say... "Are you alright, sweetheart?"


Luckily Oafalina was alright. If she was injured, I really don't know what to say to the RSPCA officer who was going to check on us the next day!

Anyway, I am very wary of this dog now. We heard stories about him attacking people and other dogs from other people.
I don't really blame the dog for his behaviour. It's the owners.

Anyway, the point is.. if you want to have a dog, you must walk them at least twice a day!
Be responsible! And please pick up your dog's poo too!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


... Sucks!

I have been swearing so much at work, my colleague thinks I have Tourette's Syndrome...

I will 忍忍忍!

Working here now makes working for Dick Head a breeze!

I hate it that people think my job is easy and I can product top quality work in such a tight timeline!!!
To all these people.. SCREW YOU!!!
and stop asking me about Pivot tables all the time!!!!!! I have no time to do your pivot tables for you!!!