Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Size does matter...

The Boyfriend : Would you like to have some tea?
Me : Yes please.
The Boyfriend : Ang Moh Size?
Me : no.. Oriental size please!!

Man the servings here are so big!
Even the tablespoon at The Boyfriend's house seems bigger than the one i have back at home.. hmmmm HAHA
Oh yah, and in England.. Asian means people from India/Pakistan. For me, i'm an oriental! I hope no one spins me around cos then i'll be disoriented! HAHAHAHAHAHA

And the clothes! It's all size 10 and above! Well.. there are some size 8 and 10.. but i have to see anything nice yet. I have to go shopping more.. if the weather improves!!

Thank you everyone for the comments but i can't reply to them.. no time lah.. cos not using own lappie at the moment. And gotta chat with the family too. Man, i miss them already! Actually, it's mostly mum's food!

I cooked some rice today and some steamed egg too hehe. Tastes good but not as good as mum's...

Tomorrow i will cook chicken rice.. i hope it will turn out good.. and yah, the chicken here is very big too! and it cost us.. SGD20!!!! Wah lau.. it;s going to be an expensive chicken rice..

OK everyone, Fat Fingers gotta go now..

Take care! & I'll blog again soon....

Monday, August 22, 2005

I made it!

I'm now in the UK!

It started off bad!!! Stupid airline.. but things could only get better from there!!

I'll update more about what happened when i have the time...

I'm now at The Boyfriend's place. It's a lovely place! His family is great! So are the dogs! So cute!! I think one of them is jealous of me.. cos i think she's in love with The Boyfriend too...
And Hedges the cat keeps coming on to me.. Cats are not my thing.. and i wonder where Benson is. I've yet to meet him. Yes the cats' names are Benson & Hedges haahhaa

OK gotta go now.

Will update more soon!!

Fat Fingers xxx

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last entry!

No lah.. not my last entry for good.. but my last entry in Singapore...

I had a great dinner with the family today...
I'm going to miss them so much! & I hope i'll not cry at the airport tomorrow....

I have so much i want to say.. but i just can't express them out now.. too tired i guess..

Anyway, I hope tomorrow, the check-in will be smOOth hehe.
And the customs officer will be nice to me... I hope they will not make me open my luggage cos there's nothing much inside really....... ;)

Okie dokie... Fat Fingers must go get some sleep...

I'll blog again when i'm in the UK!

Take care everyone! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've just finished packing!
Man.. i hate packing.. I have to leave so many stuff at home.. but that's ok.. that means i can get some new stuff when i'm there! YAY!

Thank god for Space bags!! Winter clothings can be so bulky!

Anyway, i think i've just met the max. baggage allowance..or maybe might exceed one or two kg. I had to go through like... 454579 rounds of elimination before i could decide what i really want to bring HAHAHAHHAA.

The Boyfriend's mother was so funny... she asked him if she should rent a container for me and put it in her garden so i could store my stuff! LOL. I think that's so funny!

Yeah, i'm all set to go to the UK!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Busy Busy!

I've been so busy.... cleaning the room....
I've not finished packing yet!

I've already set aside all the things i want to bring.. wah.. and it seems like there's a lot i want to bring!! Aiyoh... i must review my stuff again hehehe.

Anyway, by popular demand.. here's the pic of me doing the LOSER sign. (^_^)L.
I have blurred out my face and Dick's face....hehehe.
I shy lah... hee hee (^_^)Y

Monday, August 15, 2005

It's over!

It's over!
My last day at work!
No more working for Dick. No more working for a loser!


I will neither miss Dick nor Work... but i'll definitely miss some of my COWorkers.

They were so nice to get me a present and organised a pizza party too. And a couple of them also prayed for me before i left the the office. So nice of them!

Oh yes... took a pic with Dick. I pretended to do the Peace sign (^_^)Y... and before the camera snapped.. i changed it to the LOSER sign! (^_^)L HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that pic so much hahahaaha! Dick doesn't know about this cos we didn't download it into the shared folder.
edit : actually, i have been practicing this (changing the peace sign to the loser sign) in front of the mirror a few weeks ago!! haha. I am so boh liao i can't stand myself! :D


Oh man, i can't believe i will be leaving Singapore in.. 6 days!! I have yet to pack! eeeeeek Well.. i only packed my winter clothings.. and it's already...15kg! Another 15kg more to go! Need to pack my clothes, shoes and bags. Oh and also my cosmetics, skincare products..and some FOOD!! Yikes! So many things but so little luggage space....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Not Stupid Dick!

Dick to COWorker : OK! I shall pay for lunch! It's going to be my treat!

Wah haolian leh, Dick!
He wants to pay for my farewell lunch worr!

When my COWorkers told me, i was like... "Sure or not?? He's a niao piao leh!!"

But of course, it is too good to be true! Later on, he told my COWorker that he is going to pay using his corporate card.

Chey! It's not from his own pocket.. but for Dick to say he's going to treat us is already very good!!

BUT... today... he changed his mind.

He said he has a budget too... BUT he will still pay with his corporate card and everyone can pay him back in cash.

You pay by corporate card, we pay you back in cash.
You claim that lunch from the co, then you pocket our $$$?
Hello? Want to cheat our money? Not so easy lor!
We not dick ok!

Monday, August 01, 2005


It's August already! Can you believe it?

In 21 days i'll get to see The Boyfriend!!
How exciting!

We are so excited!

I'm very nervous about meeting his parents too.. and his brother.
I also hope the dogs will accept me. One of them is crazy about The Boyfriend. I think she will get jealous of me. hmmmm

And i'm also hoping that i will not step on any dead animals.. when i'm there...

You see.. a few weeks ago, The Boyfriend got up to pee in the middle of the night. He was too lazy to turn on the lights.. and on the way back to his room.. he stepped on something squishy!! He turned on the lights and saw a dead bird!! EEEEK! He was too tired and just wiped the guts and stuff off from in between his toes and went to bed!!! Argh! Gross!! He didn't wash his feet!! Ewwwww

Apparently, one of the cats killed the bird and brought it in! Sometimes they bring dead mice into the house too! EEEEK!

Yeah anyway.. yes.. 21 days to go!