Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've just finished packing!
Man.. i hate packing.. I have to leave so many stuff at home.. but that's ok.. that means i can get some new stuff when i'm there! YAY!

Thank god for Space bags!! Winter clothings can be so bulky!

Anyway, i think i've just met the max. baggage allowance..or maybe might exceed one or two kg. I had to go through like... 454579 rounds of elimination before i could decide what i really want to bring HAHAHAHHAA.

The Boyfriend's mother was so funny... she asked him if she should rent a container for me and put it in her garden so i could store my stuff! LOL. I think that's so funny!

Yeah, i'm all set to go to the UK!


youmayknowwhoIam..oh no! said...

hmm.. I thot its up to +5kg for luggage allowance?

Oh! Don't forget to post your fat fingers...!

8 p

Fat Fingers said...

i still must add 2kg of bak gua leh :D so must have some allowance LOL

Yours Potatoly said...

Have a safe trip!! And have loads of fun and love!! And blog of your days in UK ok! =)

sari said...

Babe, Bon Voyage!!!!!! U gonna have so much fun in UK!!! How exciting!!!!! Hooooray!! Hoooray!!! and you get to see the BF too!!! Heeheee I cant wait for you to get there and hear good stuff from you!!! Take good care of your dear self, the weather sucks over there~ study well and most of all, sit back and have fun!!!

FF said...

Don't stop blogging!!! Promise us!!!

MyOrangeSweater said...

You are allowed to bring bak gua into UK? You lucky gal!!!

Told you spacebags were useful, I never leave home w/o them! Did you try calling the airline to give you more luggage allowance?

Lynn said...

I have like 5 of those spacebags, given to me by friends and ex-colleagues, ever so handy. Try not to have too much luggage I was given like 30kg, but went over by by only a few kg and they were very strict about it and I had to take it out and hand carry. It might just depend on the airline. Hopefully u can send me some of your yummy muffins and charsiew when u get here :)

Jayaxe said...

Your mother-in-law must have already known that Singaporeans are kiasu, right? Hehe.

Flatfeet said...

heh, enjoy ya overseas life and I am sure you will;o) someone must have called fat toes somewhere.