Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Counting down...

10 7 days to end of term

16 13 days till i'm back in singapore!

2 and a half more Assignments to go!

Can't wait to be back!

My JAVA textbook is at home waiting for me!
My new digital camera is at home waiting for me!
And best of all.. my family and friends are at home waiting for me!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

This post is brought to you by the number 12...

Went to Morrison's today... to get some food...

As usual, the Queues were long.......

My friend and i were in line..waiting for our turn to pay.....
We spent.. about.. 10min or maybe more in the queue...

The guy in front of me bought lots of things... but most of them were the same things.. like 12 pkts of juice, 4 cartons of cokes.. 8 bottles of fizzy drinks, 6 chocolate fingers... u get the drift..

Anyway, the cashier scanned every single item... yes she did.. she scanned a pkt of juice TWELVE times! YES! 12!! 12 times! -_-?

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA We watched in amusement as she scanned every single thing... and then... she "over" scanned a bottle of fizzy drink!! HAHAHAHA!!

So everyone in the queue had to wait for someone to come over to cancel that item cos she does not have the authorisation to do so......

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Sometimes i wonder... Do i have the word "Information Counter" written on my forehead? Or perhaps i look nice and approachable?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am getting sick of people asking me for help ALL the time! I am equally as lost as you! And sometimes you can find information off the net! Or just call the bloody hotline!!!

Friend : Are you free this sunday?
Fat Fingers : Why?
Friend : I want to ask you about O2. I am thinking of changing my service provider.
Fat Fingers : I am not free *thinks to self.. do i work for o2?*
Friend : Oh.. i want to ask how many free minutes you have and how many sms you get free. It is easier to talk face to face
Fat Fingers : Sorry i am not free. Maybe it is better to talk to the O2 people.... or check online?

Friend : Excuse me Fat Fingers, can i ask you something about the O2 free minutes? Why didn't i get the free minutes?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : Why is this so?
Fat Fingers : No idea. You have to check with them.
Friend : It cost me £1.40 to call my friend just now.
Fat Fingers : Oh..
Friend : Do you know why?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : How?
Fat Fingers : Call the hotline.
Friend : Do you know the number?
Fat Fingers : No.

And this afternoon.. i was getting tired and was rushing to go home because i need to take a nap to recharge myself... but i had to stay for another 15min.
Why? Because some of my classmates were asking me to help them. I was just saying goodbye to them and they had to stop me.. to tell me.. "Can you help me check what's wrong with my code?" "Do you know how to append the data?" It's not that i am unwilling to help them.. but i need my nap. i am tired.. and it's always the same people coming to me.. and i am equally lost as they are.... i do try to help but sometimes i feel like the whole world is asking me to help them and i feel bad that i can't... and sometimes i'm cold towards them and after that i feel bad for behaving that way! Because i know i need their help too! hehehe!

Grrr i feel so cranky now!

That's cos i have so many ASSignments to do!

4 Assignment due in the next 3 weeks! I better get back to them now....

Monday, November 21, 2005


Not exactly enjoying the weather here in Leeds...

It is getting colder... sub zero temperature!

And it's foggy... and it's going to be bitterly cold this weekend! And it might snow on Friday!

I hate snow.. because after that it will turn into ice and the roads will be slippery..and dirty too! Today i almost slipped... very hard to walk on ice... esp if you are not wearing ice skates!!! HELP!!

I wondered how i survived winter in the Japanese Alps 5 years ago...
I remembered it was snowing on Christmas day 2000... and i was working in the office..(the Japanese do not have any holidays on Christmas day!) and i asked my supervisor if i could go out and play in the snow for a while... he laughed at me and told me not to be silly! hehe.

Anyway, on the way home from work that day.. it started to snow again and i was dancing in the street with my other Singaporean Colleague. It was our first White Christmas! My Japanese colleague was laughing at me.. telling me i would soon be cursing at the snow...

She was right.. of course...

It didn't stopped snowing for 2 days and i hated it.. because what normally took me 10min from the train station to the office took 30min for me! It was just too difficult to walk on the ice! Not looking forward to going to the Uni on a cold icy day! Maybe I need a pair of ice skates!? hmmm

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Remembrance Sunday

"Remembrance Sunday is the day traditionally put aside to remember all those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today."

I didn't know it was Remembrance Sunday today....

Anyway, this morning, I went to the city center to meet my friend. As i was nearing the city center, i was greeted by the sight of police cars, policemen and a bunch of people in the middle of the road.

Without having a clue that it's Remembrance Sunday today, I thought there was a riot cos i could see people holding up things like banners...

As i went nearer, i realised there's going to be a parade! 2 policemen on horses to guide the parade... and a military band, some old people and some kids... I didn't bring my digi cam along but managed to take some pics with my mobile phone...

After the parade, i went to do some window shopping at Topshop... I was checking out the clothes and was wondering why would anyone want to pay SGD90 for a pair of culottes when suddenly everyone just stopped moving! Eh! Even the escalator stopped working! It's like someone pressed the stopped button and everyone just stopped moving... i looked around.. and took small steps... s.l.o.w.l.y. to the side....... I was expecting someone to shout.. "Gotcha! You're on candid camera!" or something like that... but everyone just stood there...silently...

Then i realised... ORRRR! It's the one minute silence thing lah! So i stood there and waited till it was over.

Anyway, i came back and read up on remembrance day and realised that it's actually a 2 min silence and it will be held either on the 11th of November or at 11am on Remembrance Sunday...

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Just got off the phone with my mum. I miss her so much!
I dreamt of her the night before. I was at my conferment ceremony. She was there and was very proud of me. And as the ceremony was about to start, the person in charge pointed at me and said "YOU! The one with the dark eyerings! I think you need some concealor!" HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, yeah i really do miss my mom.

Oh yeah! The dinner i cooked tonight, it tasted exactly like how it would be if my mom were to cook it for me! I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.. hehe I am such a wimp sometimes! so ah gua!

But.. i really miss her!

And it was great to talk to her again. We talked for about 22min! Conversation include what i want to eat when i am back! News about the rest of my family members! And of course The flatmates!! grrr!

Yeah i want to have lots of fish! and lots of vegies cos i don't eat enough of them here! Very hard to steam fish here.. cos my plate too big for the steamer! haha .. and my wok has got no cover! I want to eat steam promfret with salted vegetables and the sour plum! YUM! Fried kang kong! Fried chicken wings! (I think the chicken wings here are scary! So big and hairy! aiyer!) I want to eat the simple yet delicious dishes that my mom has been cooking for me for the past 2x years! I also want to drink lots of soup!

I also want to go home and see my family! Play with my nieces! Hang out with my friends! Eat lots and lots of GOOD food!!

Only 32 days to go! before i am back in sunny Singapore! In the mean time, i have about 12 assignments/practicals/essays/projects to do! ARGH!!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think i am in the wrong country....

This afternoon... i went to the kitchen and thought i was in China!!

The kitchen was damn bloody dirty! My Chinese CB flatmates left a big piece of lettuce on the floor... and lots of garlic skin.. a pc of tissue paper and some other stuff on the floor...

Since it's my duty this week, i've decided to sweep and mop the kitchen floor!

This is the stuff that has been on my kitchen floor for the past few weeks...

Can my chinese flatmates be any dirtier or not? Well, I'm sure they can!!

Oh yes, back to the lettuce.. so i asked one of my flatmates.. Is that yours??? And she just picked it up and threw it into the bin and said.. "It's not mine but we can always just pick it up and throw it away! It's not too much trouble!!"

I was stunned for awhile.. i wanted to tell her.. "No lah, i just wanted to ask you if that's yours.. then you can have it for lunch later mah" ... but i didn't..

I told her it's not about whether we pick it up or not.. it's about who left it there and didn't bother to clean up after herself! She then went on and on and told me she understand that we should keep the kitchen clean.. blah blah blah.. yah right..

So i went to ask her good friend.. i asked the two of them cos i saw and heard them in the kitchen earlier.. and she said it's not her either.. went to ask another but she said it's not her too. Funny lor... everyone said it's not them! So who could it be? *Gasp* I think my flat must be haunted!!!

Anyway, i mopped the kitchen floor and now i don't hear any of those rubber-sticking-to-sticky floor sound.. u what know i mean??

They better not mess up the kitchen again!!!

Oh yeah, CB2 came and told me the room is too cold for her.. so i asked her why don't u turn on her own heater?!?!?! She said she can't cos she is using her laptop and there's no powerpoint for her to plug it in. So i told her (again) to get an extension but she changed the subject! Oh please! You can do something about it but you don't want to! Then she went on to tell me that 30 is the optimum temperature for her! Well too bad! It's not for me! I will wake up in the middle of the night sweating!! Why don't you just get a bloody extension! Stop being so bloody niao piao!

Monday, November 07, 2005


The past 4 days has been great... The heater stayed at 15...and the maximum was 20!! I think CB2 is afraid of Mr. Fat Fingers because he once asked her why she turned up the heater to over 30 when we first moved in.

And i am waiting for her to turn up the heater again... because it ain't gonna work this time cos we did some magic to the heater... it will turn off automatically at night and come back on in the morning... hohoho

Die you selfish bitch!! Muahahahahaha

Anyway, Mr Fat Fingers and I had a great time together as usual. We went to York on Saturday for bonfire night.

Guy Fawkes was the guy who tried to overthrow the King by blowing up the House of Parliament but failed and was tortured to death.

Speaking about that.. the guide who was taking us on the Guy Fawkes trail told us about how the people were tortured in the past.

First they were hung till they were almost dead... Then they were placed on stone slabs. Their privat parts would be cut off, cooked and fed to them!!!!!! While they were still alive!!!! If they are still alive by then, they would be fed with their own intestines! YUCKS!! They would then be cut into 4 pieces regardless if they are still alive or not! Their body parts would then be stuck on pikes for display! EWWWWW

Anyway, here's one of my favourite photos taken on that day...

York Minster

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Save me from the CBs... please!!

CB2, my &%%#)* flatmate, has been turning up the heater to 30 degrees! Even in the morning!!

Please lor!

So today i couldn't take it no more and knocked on her door.

The moment i went in.. i scanned her room... hmmm.... no duvet!!! heater not plugged in!!! Ta ma de! What is wrong with her?!?!?!!?

You get no duvet and didn't plug in your heater and yet you want to turn it up to 30 degrees! Isn't that a bit selfish?!?!?!!?!?!?!? Actually it is not a bit.. it is VERY selfish!

This is just not right!!!

She told me all her plugs are used up and there's no place to plug in her heater! Well, FUCK YOU! An extension doesn't cost much! £6 maybe? and You can get a duvet for £9.90!

And no, i am not going to buy you an extension plug and duvet.. because... why should i? You can afford to come to study here but can't afford to get a decent duvet and an extension plug? How about eating less pizza and use that money to buy those stuff?!?!?!!?!?!

And no wonder the boiler keeps breaking down because it is always at 30 degrees!

I can't believe she is so selfish.
And even if the heater is turned up to 30, i don't think her room will be very very warm?!?!?! cos her radiator is not working! Which is why the accomodation office gave her a heater!!!

She told me she will still turn it up before she sleeps at night and i can turn it down before i go to sleep! FUCK YOU! I say go get an extension cable and maybe a brain?!?!?!!?!
I didn't know what to say and said i will try that and see how it goes.. but it will not be long before i am going to knock on her door again!
And my plan now is to turn it down to 15 everytime i see it turned up to 30! And if she comes knocking on my door, i will tell her i am going to sleep that's why i turned it down! Ma de! It's either i win OR i win ok!

Mr Fat Fingers is coming to visit me tomorrow! He said he will not hesitate to knock on her door in the middle of the night, if he wakes up sweating because the heater was turned up to 30!!! I will be at the side translating in mandarin! HAHAHAHA

I hope CB2 gets fat! REALLY Fat! Then lose all the weight.. but can't lose the excess skin and so her neck will look like a vagina! HAHAHAHAHAHA just like Fat Bastard!!