Saturday, November 12, 2005


Just got off the phone with my mum. I miss her so much!
I dreamt of her the night before. I was at my conferment ceremony. She was there and was very proud of me. And as the ceremony was about to start, the person in charge pointed at me and said "YOU! The one with the dark eyerings! I think you need some concealor!" HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, yeah i really do miss my mom.

Oh yeah! The dinner i cooked tonight, it tasted exactly like how it would be if my mom were to cook it for me! I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.. hehe I am such a wimp sometimes! so ah gua!

But.. i really miss her!

And it was great to talk to her again. We talked for about 22min! Conversation include what i want to eat when i am back! News about the rest of my family members! And of course The flatmates!! grrr!

Yeah i want to have lots of fish! and lots of vegies cos i don't eat enough of them here! Very hard to steam fish here.. cos my plate too big for the steamer! haha .. and my wok has got no cover! I want to eat steam promfret with salted vegetables and the sour plum! YUM! Fried kang kong! Fried chicken wings! (I think the chicken wings here are scary! So big and hairy! aiyer!) I want to eat the simple yet delicious dishes that my mom has been cooking for me for the past 2x years! I also want to drink lots of soup!

I also want to go home and see my family! Play with my nieces! Hang out with my friends! Eat lots and lots of GOOD food!!

Only 32 days to go! before i am back in sunny Singapore! In the mean time, i have about 12 assignments/practicals/essays/projects to do! ARGH!!!!!


lexriel said...

Good luck with your assignments/practicals/essays/projects!

sari said...

Babe, so do u orefer working or studying now? hahaha

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks Lexriel!

Sari, i prefer to study! Well at the moment! Till my money runs out! HAHAHAHHA

barneysaurus said...

Jia you :D!! Haha... so you're not gonna celebrate your Christmas in UK :)?

Fat Fingers said...

Barneysaurus : yes only for this year.. i will celebrate it in the uk or maybe europe next year! yay!

Dan said...

JIA YOU!!! soon u'll be back in good old singapore..