Monday, November 07, 2005


The past 4 days has been great... The heater stayed at 15...and the maximum was 20!! I think CB2 is afraid of Mr. Fat Fingers because he once asked her why she turned up the heater to over 30 when we first moved in.

And i am waiting for her to turn up the heater again... because it ain't gonna work this time cos we did some magic to the heater... it will turn off automatically at night and come back on in the morning... hohoho

Die you selfish bitch!! Muahahahahaha

Anyway, Mr Fat Fingers and I had a great time together as usual. We went to York on Saturday for bonfire night.

Guy Fawkes was the guy who tried to overthrow the King by blowing up the House of Parliament but failed and was tortured to death.

Speaking about that.. the guide who was taking us on the Guy Fawkes trail told us about how the people were tortured in the past.

First they were hung till they were almost dead... Then they were placed on stone slabs. Their privat parts would be cut off, cooked and fed to them!!!!!! While they were still alive!!!! If they are still alive by then, they would be fed with their own intestines! YUCKS!! They would then be cut into 4 pieces regardless if they are still alive or not! Their body parts would then be stuck on pikes for display! EWWWWW

Anyway, here's one of my favourite photos taken on that day...

York Minster


kachuaz said...

and on Guy Fawkes Day, my birthday it was. the big 2-1 too~


Yours Potatoly said...

OMG. Too graphic. Immediately "Passion of the Christ" struck me. Very horrified.

limegreenspyda said...

wow! i wonder how cooked private parts taste like... intestines... they'd be a bit like kway chap, i suppose. :D

Ignorant one said...

Lucky I don't eat those organs when I eat Kway Chap, I always share K.C with my friends and I'll just take my share of Tau Kuan, Tau Pok(Tau Brothers), fish cake and egg.

Super vegeterian, only whenI'm eating K.C.

I'm so gonna show this entry to my K.C friends.. hahahahhahahaha!

MyOrangeSweater said...

You went to York? Did you eat some Yorkshire pudding?