Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Sometimes i wonder... Do i have the word "Information Counter" written on my forehead? Or perhaps i look nice and approachable?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am getting sick of people asking me for help ALL the time! I am equally as lost as you! And sometimes you can find information off the net! Or just call the bloody hotline!!!

Friend : Are you free this sunday?
Fat Fingers : Why?
Friend : I want to ask you about O2. I am thinking of changing my service provider.
Fat Fingers : I am not free *thinks to self.. do i work for o2?*
Friend : Oh.. i want to ask how many free minutes you have and how many sms you get free. It is easier to talk face to face
Fat Fingers : Sorry i am not free. Maybe it is better to talk to the O2 people.... or check online?

Friend : Excuse me Fat Fingers, can i ask you something about the O2 free minutes? Why didn't i get the free minutes?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : Why is this so?
Fat Fingers : No idea. You have to check with them.
Friend : It cost me £1.40 to call my friend just now.
Fat Fingers : Oh..
Friend : Do you know why?
Fat Fingers : I don't know. You have to check with them.
Friend : How?
Fat Fingers : Call the hotline.
Friend : Do you know the number?
Fat Fingers : No.

And this afternoon.. i was getting tired and was rushing to go home because i need to take a nap to recharge myself... but i had to stay for another 15min.
Why? Because some of my classmates were asking me to help them. I was just saying goodbye to them and they had to stop me.. to tell me.. "Can you help me check what's wrong with my code?" "Do you know how to append the data?" It's not that i am unwilling to help them.. but i need my nap. i am tired.. and it's always the same people coming to me.. and i am equally lost as they are.... i do try to help but sometimes i feel like the whole world is asking me to help them and i feel bad that i can't... and sometimes i'm cold towards them and after that i feel bad for behaving that way! Because i know i need their help too! hehehe!

Grrr i feel so cranky now!

That's cos i have so many ASSignments to do!

4 Assignment due in the next 3 weeks! I better get back to them now....


Ignorant one said...

i guess i've been in too much of this situation this 2 years. pretty much same ppl come for help and some asking questions tat seems ridiculous to me! When I am tired i have the tendercy to block out everything and snap at ppl, so pretty much they got it and i felt so guilty after that, even though i seldom ask them a question on schoolwork(not fantastic student, just eh...independant i guess.)

lexriel said...

I had the same experience when i was in uni and i have friends and acquaintances alike who asked me the weirdest questions (e.g. "How do i defrost my fridge?") and crazy requests (e.g. "Can you give me a copy of your Java assignment?" - before the due date) Don't feel bad abt being cranky cos some ppl can really step over the line, plus there's only so much u can do to help.

Good luck with your assignments :)

Fat Fingers said...

ahahaha how do you defrost a fridge LOL.

sarah said...

why you do you keep complaining all the time?

lexriel said...

sarah: are you asking to be flamed?

fatfingers: simple, turn the power off and wait for the ice to melt. Don't splash hot water or use a chopping knife on the freezer compartment :D

Ignorant one said...

while defrosting fridge need to open the fridge door anot? hear it can smells...=x

Fat Fingers said...

sarah : because my blog is my outlet for me to vent my frustration! I am a very angry person! Well sometimes!

HAHAHA now we are having a forum about how to defrost a fridge.. hahahaha :D i don't think it will smell .. well i've never really defrost a fridge before.. my mum does it all the time haha so i didn't bother LOL

lexriel said...

ignorant one: You're right. It can smell especially if the fridge you have is the non frost free type. Think raw meat juice, i don't think i need to further elaborate hahaha.

This is fun!

Charmaine said...

don think my house one ever defrost before.. 0.0

oh yeah it did, once. when the motor died unexpectedly and we had no choice ya know..

The Princess said...

ehh....i think i remember asking you about "Blogroll" and stuff like that a couple of times.....hope that didn't include me! Hahaha.... :)

Fat Fingers said...

hahaa so i hope now everyone knows how to defrost a fridge? hehehehehe

Princess, no lah i didn't find you annoying when you asked me questions haha. i think the past few days i was just feeling cranky! :D

ivan said...

hey if you're using o2, you could call sg at local rates...
with other operators they charge for calling the just dial number.


Fat Fingers said...

thanks ivan!
Yes i use O2. :)
checking that link now...