Monday, January 31, 2005

Appraisal Review

Appraisal review today
Let me tell you the joke of the day
Dick said i built a good rapport with him
I wonder if there's something wrong with him?

What makes Dick think like that?
He must be using a condom as his thinking hat?

I came out feeling good
But i'm sure he's up to no good
How can i get such good review
When all i did was hating you?

Turns out he said the same thing to everyone
So i am not the only one!

& My increment was so measly
But hey, i should count myself lucky.

I'm still waiting for news on my bonus
Man, i hate such slowness!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Not too long to go now!

This time, next week, The Boyfriend will be here! Yahoo!
I'm so excited!!

I've reminded my mama that The Boyfriend will be staying here again this time.. she wasn't happy at first and started to nag at me and said we should get married soon. When i told her we might do that after i graduate from school, she was happy. HAHAHA. I don't know why but she seems to be able to accept The Boyfriend now?

The Boyfriend has also just ordered a Chinese Language CD from Linguaphone. He wants to learn Mandarin so he can speak to my mama! And he even wants to write a letter to her (translated by me of course!). I am so touched that he is going through all these for us. :D I hope my mama will be touched too.

Can't wait to see them actually talking to each other. hahaha

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Drink this! It's good for you!

I felt terrible today.. I was breathing out hot air and it's so hot till my nose hurts! And the fever keeps coming and going.. I couldn't take it anymore so i went to see the doctor again and got another MC for tomorrow. Woohoo.

One of my friends said i am "IN HEAT" hahaha... so to relieve my body heatines, she recommended me to drink this ....

The 3 Legs Cooling Water!

If you don't know this, it's ok.. because normally, only Aunties drink this. I never knew about this drink till my friends told me about it.. hehe

It tastes just like water....
I have finished a big bottle... and i feel much better now.. hmmm

Tomorrow i'll go to NTUC to get more and also to stock up some for the CNY. It will help a lot cos i intend to eat lots of Bak Gwa. hohoho

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Croak Croak

I am croaking like a frog today!! My throat is still a little sore.. My fever keeps coming and going.. hmmmm I may go see the doc again tomorrow hehe hopefully get another 2 days MC.

Yeah, the doctor i visited yesterday was quite funny ...

Doctor : Oh no! You are sick!
Me : Yes.. *of course! then i come to the clinic for what??*
Doctor : Say "aaaah"
Doctor : Ok good. When was the last time you visited your dentist?
Me : Errr... *thinks to self..are my teeth that bad? i just brushed my teeth after lunch..* a few mths ago
Doctor : Oh, did he say anything about your wisdom tooth? It is coming out you know. You should get it extracted, otherwise it will decay and affect the other teeth as well.
Me : Oh.. ok. I will do that.
Doctor : It is not my profession but i just want to let you know.
Me : Oh ok thanks.

Yeah, so this coming June, i will get it extracted, and claim it under my dental benefit hehe. And i can also get a few days MC too! Muaahahahaha

Oh yeah, yesterday, there were 2 hags at the clinic and they were sitting next to me and they just kept yakking away. NON STOP! They were like 2 irritating flies buzzing next to my ear... It didn't help my headache at all.

One of them is called Jane.. I know because i heard her identifying herself when she called up her friends. "Hello, xxx? This is Jane ah... "

I got so fed up, i wanted to send a msg to her and tell her to "shut the f*** up"... so i turned on my bluetooth and tried to detect her phone and i found hers but i couldn't add her cos i don't know the password.. damn. Or maybe it is my own password. When i wanted to try again, it was my turn to see the doc.

When i got out from the Doc's room, this Jane was still talking on the phone! It's a clinic for goodness sake! People who are at the clinic are obviously not feeling well! So stop making so much noise! I kept turning around and gave them "The Eye" but they continued to talk and bitch about some staff from some shop who treat them like friends instead of customers and they talked about God etc. Idiots. I would have told them to shut up but i couldn't cos my throat hurts.

I don't know why people can be so inconsiderate sometimes. If you want to talk then do it outside the clinic! Stupid Jane!!!!


Anybody watched "Living with Lydia" this evening? Now there's a voice in my head that keeps saying.. "Chin Chang Udang dan bawang" !!! wah lau! it just keeps repeating in my head.. HELP!!! Get that earworm out of me!

Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang
Chin Chang Udang dan bawang

Monday, January 24, 2005

i am still trying..

Fat Fingers is on MC tomorrow!
Ho Ho Ho!

I am down with a fever, cough and sore throat. I told the doc i want to rest at home tomorrow and he said "sure!"

I want to get away from work hahahaha and also to rest so i can get well before The Boyfriend is here and before CNY.


Anyway there were 45 emails in the INbox waiting for me today. GRRRR.. not a great way to start of my monday..

And i found out .. bloody Dick head has been checking on me.. like calling the Planners to see if i have replied their emails or did what they told me to do.
How professional is that? Why can't he just come and ask me?!?!?!!?!
And he called up this girl from Japan and told her, my COWorker is upset with her (japanese lady). How can he do that??

Argh I hate Dick.. i hope he gets genital warts and he has to quit his job and his wife will divorce him and he has to go back to vietnam and become a farmer...

Ok i take that back.. i shall try not to hate him!
Wo ren.. wo ren..

A few more mths to go only!!
Going to be feb soon! Wahahahaahah

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Face reading..

Saw these at one of the Geomancy shop at People's Park today... hahahaa

"She's a highly secretive person. Her forehead reveals she has another five to seven years as a top actress, after which, she'll become a business woman, and a very successful one at that. She is stubborn and has character, but does not look down on other people. Her cheekbones are too high - a sign that she's a career woman, but may not have a happy marriag."

"She looks very fierce, but is a kind person. Her nose says she's not suited for an early marriange. Her mouth - the gift of the gab - is excellent. You can tell from her lips that she expects her husband to listen to her. She's a strong woman - not easy to control."


Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Ancient Beauty

My grandma, The Ancient Beauty, is 99 years old today!

Happy Birthday PoPo!!

My grandma used to sell kuehs around the Bugis area. If you grew up in that area, you might have seen her before. She's the old woman with the very very loud voice, pushing a cart full of kuehs and shouting all the names of the kueh in cantonese.

I remember staying with grandma when i was younger. Every afternoon, i'd look forward to her coming back because she'd come back with my favourite Char Siew rice and bbq pork ribs. And of course, she'd come home with a bottle of Guinness Stout. She'd share a bottle with my uncle and they would chat or just sit there silently, enjoying their stout and the bbq pork ribs. After finishing her stout, she'd go to her room to count her earnings for the day. Sometimes i would help her. It was so fun.


I love my grandma a lot.. so much that it can be abusive sometimes hohoho.

I'm always very impatient with my grandma. I get really annoyed when she doesn't want to eat because she thinks there's not enough.. I know.. that's nice of her.. but there's a lot on the plate..and we have assured her there's enough for everyone but she still doesn't want to eat. Sometimes i think she wants to eat more but she doesn't dare to hmm it's not that we are stopping her from eating.. but she just gave me that feeling.

When I offer her food, she'd say "No, you can have it." And i'll get annoyed.. and say things like.. "NO, YOU EAT IT! THERE'S ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. IT'S 2005 NOW. YOU'RE NOT LIVIING IN THE 1930S ANYMORE! WHEN I ASK YOU TO EAT, YOU EAT! DON'T ARGUE WITH ME! EAAAAT! YOU BETTER FINISH THE FOOD!!"

Anyway, yeah, a few days ago, i had to have dinner with her.. alone. I was dreading it actually. I was grumbling and i was telling her to eat and i suddenly realised i should be so thankful that she has the strength to resist and reject all the food i gave her! She's 99 yrs old. She still has the strength to eat on her own. We don't have to feed her or bathe her. She's very healthy. She's not senile. She's the best!


Because of some annoying and inconsiderate relatives, grandma's birthday dinner will be held this Saturday.. I am looking fwd to the good food. And because some of my relatives are so superstitious, there will be no birthday cake this saturday (to cut a bday cake after the actual day will bring bad luck). So i bought a cake today for grandma. Durian ice cream cake! Yummy!! I asked for 9 big candles and 9 small ones and lit all of them! haha I actually wanted to take a pic of my grandma in a pair of sunnies blowing the know... too many candles.. too bright? I thought it was funny but i didn't want to be rude..... hehe.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Let me try...

Dick is looking for a volunteer to be the reporter for the new div newsletter.
I wanted to volunteer.. but my mind kept going.. NAVY...NAVY...NAVY... Never At Anytime Volunteer Yourself..

I was thinking.. if i'm the reporter, i'd be writing articles like..

How to stay motivated at work
Are you burned out?
How to tell if your boss is a Dick.
How to manage your boss
Ways to annoy your boss and COWorkers
How to spot a bad boss
How to change careers
Job Search Engines in Singapore.

Actually, from my new favourite website,, Dick ain't that bad... he doesn't really bully us or is mean to us.. but he is just so annoying!. I really wonder why they make him a manager? Is it because he was made one due to a "nasty accident that left the position open" (See species 2)? Actually he's also a Species 5.

Actually, now i realised.. i am thankful to have Giam Gu Gu as my boss instead of some mean and nasty boss..
I shall try to be nicer to him... i will try.. i repeat, TRY ONLY. If i can't then too bad lor. Sometimes it's not that i am finding fault with Giam Gu Gu.. but.. he can be so annoying sometimes and it makes you just want to bang your head against the wall and curse yourself for wanting to be nice to him. Get what i mean?
By the way, have you noticed the new title of my blog? :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The Boyfriend can't use his handphone in Italy..So he's using his brother's phone to text me instead...
I feel weird receiving txt msgs from the boyfriend when the phone is showing the brother's name. And i feel weird typing "I love you too" and then sending it to the brother. hahaha

His brother can't stand us sometimes cos we use all the mushy audibles at yahoo messenger. "You guys make me sick", he said. hehehe

17 days to go before i get to see The Boyfriend and about 198 days to go before i meet his brother and the rest of the family. Yahooooo!!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Why i hate Dick #7942102488753

Haha! Dick will be away next week! & I saw his itinerary!

Idiot.. he's travelling by business class this time! The last time we went on a business trip he told us no business class cos there were 4 of us.. fine. I was ok with it as it will cost quite a lot for the co. But i am just so buay song cos he said we "ate up" the budget for the other team and so they can't go to New Zealand!!
And now he is taking business class! Even a 2hr flight also must take business class! The Co's rule is - you can take business class only if your flight is 6hrs or longer!

Anyway, with his looks, i think the crew will think that he's a stowaway! muahahaha! So evil, i.

I remembered when we went on the biz trip with him, we asked him if there's a budget as some co. will give the staff a daily allowance or do we just claim the expenses later. He told us, "I don't expect you to have a $200 meal. You'd be lucky to be eating MacDonald's." He thought it was funny but we didn't think so. And how much can we eat anyway????

A few mths later, he went on a biz trip and we found out he spent AUD$150 on A meal! Bastard! Here is he telling us what not to do and yet he did it!

I also remembered, he told one of my COWorkers not to order coke during one of the dinners with him cos it was not included in the meal! ARGH!! The COWorker just told him, "I don't like the orange juice they serve" Wahahaha!
And when he heard that the lime juice was FREE FLOW, he ordered quite a few glasses! And he just kept drinking and there's no tomorrow..
Actually, we all knew it wasn't free flow but we kept quiet! He was quite pissed off when he knew he had to pay for every glass he drank! hahahaha!

From today onwards, Dick will have another nick. He will be known as.. Giam Gu Gu aka 3G! HAHAHAHA
Giam = Stingy.
But i don't know why people say giam gu.
And he is a gu gu cos he is such a sissy sometimes!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Wow... received a txt from my ex-colleague today.. she told me one of my ex-colleagues had passed away this morning.

She had stomach cancer...

And the last time i saw her was on my last day at my ex-co. She was carrying her second baby... She had difficultly conceiving her first child. I remembered she was telling me all the things she did and proudly showed me the pic of her eldest son so i could publish it in the co's newsletter.

I am not that close to her.. but i feel really sad that she had to leave this way.. and when her children are still so young.. about 4 and 1 yr old i think... :(


Tomorrow is monday... very sian ah!
but no worries.. i think Dick is leaving for a business trip this week! Muahahahaha

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I saw the sign...

I tried to make everyone play Taupok at the office yesterday... but when they heard that they have to Taupok Dick, they changed their mind! Aiyah! So boring!

Anyway... We had our "Anniversary" lunch yesterday... I have been working at the Company for a year already. In less than a year, i'm already so bored and unhappy. Everyone has been telling me, the company is going to groom people like me who's young and mobile and especially people from my dept. If i want to work abroad, this is a good company to work for as there are many of such opportunites. Hmm that got me thinking...for a while... no way am i staying.. well the co. is good but i don't think this is what i want to do for the rest of my life plus the chances of working with/for Dick is still very high!

I am not the only one who wants to leave... One of my COWorkers is looking out for a new job. Both he and i were recruited through a recruitment agency. The rest were transferred from other departments or recommended by other colleagues. We both felt cheated somehow... yes the pay is better... the benefits are better but.. the job satisfaction is just not there! He sent me this
link ... I have all the signs! except #8 hehe.

Ten signs that you don’t like your job

* You dread Mondays or coming to work.
* You can’t wait for Friday.
* You are often bored at work.
* You feel tired or chronically fatigued.
* You avoid your boss and dread meetings.
* You have no enthusiasm or sense of self-worth.
* You feel like you are getting nowhere in your job.
* You take work stress home.
* You question your choice of industry or occupation.
* You can’t think of a way out.

Yeah Yeah! I saw the sign.. and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign. La-la-la. By the way, if you didn't know.. i was singing to the song "The Sign" by Ace of Base hehehe.

The eldest sister was here today to pick up some winter clothes from me. She's going to
Whistler! I'm jealous! She's been enjoying life ever since she got married into a 豪门. She is getting fatter too....

I finally told her i am going to the UK to study. (We were not that close before. Sibling Rivalry!) She kept asking me questions and being the Worry Wort that i am, i started to worry.. and then i was filled with negative thoughts! I am not sure if GIS is what i want to do. And the eldest and the second sister kept telling me... "Aiyah, study so much for what? Get married lah.." Eh??

Yeah.. I find that my job is very meaningless... I feel like i am not contributing to the society. My job is just to distribute LUXURY goods and make sure everyone is happy! And it's so boring. I feel like i am a High Class Clerk... Just do what they say and shut up.. Too boring.

GIS is different. I can use GIS to help people solve problems. I love solving problems.

OK .. i think GIS is for me! I've been thinking about it for years! About 3yrs ago i think! I even applied and got into the Uni of Adelaide but i didn't accept the offer cos i prefer the syllabus offered by Leeds Uni. (plus i didn't have enough $$ then hehe) So why am i making myself confused by asking myself if GIS is for me? You see.. when i talk to myself or blog about it.. things become clearer!! And reading about
Dave, Matthew and Nick made me feel so much better!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Got to calculate my bonus today.. still not sure of the exact percentage but i know the minimum that i will get.. It's not too bad. I am so lucky cos my region and most of my categories have been doing well. Really helped me a lot. Yeah! Can save more money for Uni.

& We estimated Dick's bonus too hehehe. All 11 of us contributed about SGD3,000 to his bonus!

Idiot! How can someone who whistles all day, annoys everyone, and does nothing much get SGD33,000 in bonus!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why I love the boyfriend #894315

The Boyfriend: baby I would love it if they accepted me more but I can't help that...what worries is more is the effect it has on you! All I need is a happy girlfriend, then I can take whatever from everyone else!
Fat Fingers: but u know.. i am a
worry wart..
The Boyfriend: hahahaha yes you are hahaha
The Boyfriend: all I can say is that I support you and don't feel like you have to shield me from anything, I will be ok....really I have quite good self confidence...I know you love me!
Fat Fingers: but i am still a worry wart
The Boyfriend: yeah but please don't get upset on my account...if your mum and grandma say something accept it as their opinion and leave it at that

I love him! :D :D :D


And thank you everyone for all the advice, support and blessings! :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


No not the series starring Kiefer Sutherland...
It's the no. if times i have farted for the last 2hr.. hmmm.. must be the beans i had..

And it's also the no. of days to go before The Boyfriend is here!
I am so excited!

but... i am nervous too...

Cos.. It's CNY.. and i am not sure if i should bring him to my Aunt's place (for the traditional visiting where i will sit in a corner, eat all the bakgua and watch dvds and wait for the angpows to come and then go home). It would be fun for him.. but my annoying relatives are damn
Kaypoh!! The will ask him lots of question..and ask ME things like.. "So you are going to marry an Ang Moh ah? So that means you have to follow him back to the UK lah? Blah Blah Blah"

I also think my mama wouldn't want him to go too.. hmm. I think my mother still cannot accept that we are together. She kept asking me if we are serious and if i really love The Boyfriend and if i am joking! ARGH! She also told me she wants me to find a Chinese boy, apply for a HDB flat, get married and have babieS! I mean there is nothing wrong with that.. but.. how can i just do that? I told her it's not easy to just find someone to love and to marry! How can i just leave The Boyfriend? Plus.. i think his mother will make a great long as she doesn't force me to do gardening! You know how terrible mother-in-laws can be!

I'm a bit stressed too.. cos Grandma loves to nag at us and asks us questions like.. When are you 2 getting married? Why still haven't apply for HDB flat?! Why hasn't The Boyfriend had his shower? (I don't know why but my grandma has this impression that The Boyfriend doesn't like to shower!) Has he found a job? Is this big, smelly, lazy ang moh going to cheat on my small, cute, sweet asian granddaughter??

She asks too many questions, too many for a 99 yr old. My mum gets so fed up from all these questions too so she told me to ask The Boyfriend to stay elsewhere when he is here! That will spare my mama from her mama.

But... Cannot! How can i do that? It will be so troublesome.. all the travelling (to and fro hotel and home) we have to do.. it's a waste of OUR time! And hotel rooms are too expensive esp during CNY. Would rather spend those kind of money on other stuff...

Aii.. so stress. My mama is too traditional and strict sometimes, and is so worried about how others see her and us! My grandma asks too many questions & my relatives are a big bunch of Kaypohs!

I know my mama and grandma cares about me (not too sure of the relatives though! hehe) but I really want to be left alone and do what i want. I am OLD enough to make my own decisions and be responsible for it. I have many dreams that i want to fulfill... I want to be happy.. and I want their blessings..

Monday, January 10, 2005


Today has been such a busy day...
I've been grumpy almost the whole day..

Was approaching the traffice light on the way to work and the green man was supposed to appear but it didn't.. why?? Because the stupid people who were there before me didn't press the button! ARGH! If you don't press the button, the green man will not come out! And then there were some idiots who kept pressing the button after that!
Please lor! As if the more you press, the faster the Green Man will come out is it???

Green Man : Oh no, somebody is pressing the button! Oh.. that person pressed 5 times! Another one pressed it 13 times.. I better hurry!

When i got into the train, i saw this stupid lady LEANING against the pole! For goodness sake! It's the peak period! The train is crowded! So don't lean on the pole! I have nothing to hold on to! You want to do a pole dance is it?!?!?

The moment i got into my office.. i wanted to go home immediately.. Argh!

I got so many emails asking me to do lots of things and many were unnecessary! While i was trying to do all those things, these people kept emailing me to ask me to send it to them ASAP! I hate the word ASAP! I only like it only when i get to use it.. Anyway, i did all my stuff ASAP and sent them all off..

And then i realised, something was wrong with the data! When the bosses transferred the data to the new system.. it didn't really just TRANSFER the data.. it just messed up all the data! So i had to fix it!

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why can't people just do their work properly? Why must i always be the one to clear up the mess??

And while i was sorting out the mess.. it just got messier and there were so many problems. Went to inform Dick about it and he said.. "Yeah we knew about the problem" .. OK You knew there was a problem.. SO WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US EARLIER??!?!?!

So annoying!

Finally, it was time to leave the office.. and i was walking to the train station.. trying to get to the underpass... and this family of 4 idiots.. just blocked the escalator! Their son..maybe 7 - 8 yrs old was afraid of the escalator so he didn't want to get on the escalator! Please!! If you are scared, use the traffic lights next time.. or use the stairs! They wasted about 10sec of my time and there were about 10-20ppl trying to get onto the escalator! It took me about FOUR very loud "EXCUSE ME?!?" before they decided to give way. They didn't even say sorry!

When i was walking along the underpass.. i saw that boy begging for money again! That boy who said his father and mother are not working.. so he is there begging for money! For goodness sake! Go find a job! I wanted to tell him off.. but i thought.. ah.. what the hell..

Yeah.. so i finally made it to the train station.. got into the train.. and guess what i saw? Another woman leaning on the pole! Please! The pole is not for you to LEAN. It is for you to hold on to! Argh!

I hope tomorrow will be a better day!

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Dick asked me the weirdest question on Friday....

Dick : Hi Fat Fingers, do you have an OCBC credit card?
Me : Huh?
Dick : Is your credit card from OCBC?
Me : Er.. no.
Dick : So do you know which credit cards have the most perks and rewards? What credit card are you using now?
Me : Er.. i'm not sure. I'm using the UOB Ladies card..
Dick : Oh.. ok thanks.

Eh.. do i look like i am working in the bank?? Why ask me? You think i am very free is it? Actually i was quite free haha.

Yeah.. i am so happy.. cos Dick will have to go back to the US once every 2 mths for a week! He will be away at the end of Feb.. yahoo! His wifey and son doesn't like it here and keep falling sick. So they are not coming back.

I'm looking forward to all the long lunch breaks!

Saturday, January 08, 2005


I Feel so much better now..

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning cos i wasn't ready to face everyone...and i was still upset with everyone and myself..

I tried to stay in bed as long as i could.. but i was dying to have a pee..
By 1pm, i couldn't take it anymore and ran to pee.. it was the longest pee ever.. i think it was about 40 sec or longer.. I was like Austin Power.. you know.. when they defrost him after 30yrs in the "freezer" and the first thing he did was to pee and it goes on and on and on and on and on.. well you get the idea..

Anyway, all is ok now. There is peace..again.

Thank you everyone for all the msgs, advice and hugs :)

Fat Fingers is happy again. :)

Friday, January 07, 2005


Fat Fingers is feeling a mixture of emotions right now..
Anger, Guilt, Ashamed, Confused, Sad, Lost..

A big FIGHT broke out at home today. :(
Fat Fingers really tried to ren.. but she couldn't control her anger this time.
She just felt that she had to stand up for herself.

Fat Fingers is ashamed of her actions and outburst her anger.

It may seem silly to have a fight with her sister over Fat Fingers hurting the feelings of Mini Me, the sister's daughter. (Mini Me was rude to Fat Fingers and Fat Fingers ignored her). The sister thought that Fat Fingers was wrong to do that. Fat Fingers still thinks that it is the sister's duty to discipline her own child especially when she saw it happening. And why should Fat Fingers be nice to someone who disrespects her?

There were many verbal abuses between Fat Fingers and the sister. Fat Fingers couldn't control her anger anymore and almost wanted to throw a stool at the sister. Actually she was just faking it .. she wanted to scare the sister so that she can shut up but it didn't work.

Fat Fingers tried to explain but everytime she tries, the sister will tell her to shut up and starts to give 101 reasons that Fat Fingers is in the wrong. Fat Fingers' mum told her to shut up too. :( Fat Fingers is hurt cos mum is forever on sister's side. :(

They think that Fat Fingers was wrong to ignore Mini Me and she was not senstitive to her feelings.. but are they sensitvie to Fat Fingers' feeling??

Fat Fingers went to her room to cry.. she was so upset and angry at herself that she has upset everyone again. She now feels guilty and ashamed over her behaviour but she wanted to stand up for herself but they just wouldn't listen to her!!

Fat Fingers is very sick of all these happening. It is not the first time. Sometimes Fat Fingers just want to be left alone in the room.. but they just keep coming at you! What was she supposed to do?? She had to fight back but sad to say.. she lost every battle..

Fat Fingers is so lost now.

To you, it may be just a silly fight. Another typical family argument. To Fat Fingers, it's about respect. It's about 27 years of history.

Fat Fingers is feeling this pain in her heart.. not sure if it's from the anger, the crying or because she has once again disappointed her mother and family. Maybe it's a heart attack....

Fat Fingers is sad.. :(

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fed up only!

My boyfriend's boss is back and you're i'm gonna be in trouble...


Yes Dick is back today and before i can warm my seat and have my breakfast.. He called me to his office. Argh!

So i was so damn hungry during the meeting.. and his meeting is a waste of my time.. as always!

I find it hard to concentrate when i have meetings with him.. cos when he talks halfway and there's a new email, he will stop whatever he is doing and check it. Sometimes he replies the email too.. and we'll have to wait while he does that!!

When you ask him about something and he doesn't know.. he'll say things like.. "Oh, i don't have the answer yet.. so i don't want to tell you all anything as it might confuse you."

Yah right! We believe you!.. NOT!!

When you question him why things are like that and suggest a way to correct it.. he says.. "It's like that. We have to accept it. Too bad."

And now there is a change in some of our distribution networks.. and apparently no one knows about it! WHY?? Because Dick never inform anyone about it! Just us!
So this evening, when i was about to log off, someone sent me an email and told me what i did was wrong and i have to cancel everything and issue another order! What the! So i replied and told them not to do anything cos the changes will take effect next week.. and quickly shutdown my pc.. hehehe

And they called me!! So i took my stuff and ran off! hahaha Yes i am bad.. but i just feel that we won't come to a conclusion and i need to confirm with Dick.. who has ALREADY LEFT! Anyway, whatever they want to do they just do lah! I don't give a damn anymore! Just pay me my monthly salary!

Fed up!!


And now i am pissed with my selfish and annoying relatives...

My grandma's birthday celebration is coming soon.. on the 15th of Jan. No one bothers to plan and organise it.. so my mum did it. No one bothers to buy a cake every year.. so we (my sisters and i) will take care of it. So we've already set the date.. and this afternoon my mama received a call from my aunt.. and she said my cousin has compRained that the 15th is the lightup at Chinatown and it will be very crowded and they suggested that my mum postponed it to next week! So my poor mum has to contact all the relatives and ask them if they can make it...
But if we were to postpone it to next week, my eldest sister will not be able to make it!

And many grandma is already 99 this year (I think so.. i lost count! haha)! How many birthdays will there be in future??

We tried to postpone it to Sunday instead but NO.. Bastard Pastor Cousin-in-law has to attend all the church meetings blah blah blah... I am sure not attending it for one day is ok? I'm sure God will forgive him? How about having the meeting earlier so you can make it for the dinner? "No." he said. GRRRRR

All these people..only know how to make noise!! Damn Fed up!! ARGH!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

What say you?

You know how sometimes someone dies and the reporters will interview the friends, colleagues etc and they will say how good that person is blah blah blah..

Well i heard this on the radio the other day... and this principal was making a comment about her student who died from the tsunami. "XXX was a cheerful girl who brought much joy to her class. She's very active and participates in many school activties blah blah blah"

I wonder... did the principal really know the student at all? Cos when i was in school.. i don't think the principal or the teacher knew me at all! I kept such a low profile. i don't think the teachers even know that i existed.. Maybe they will just say.. "Oh.. Fat Fingers? Who? Oh that girl.. you mean she's not in class? I didn't even notice!"

Or my JC teachers might say.. "Oh Fat Fingers, wasn't she the girlfriend of the hottest guy in JC? Are they still together? We only know that she's his gf.. that's all.."

Anyway, i wonder.. when i really die... what will my friends say about me?

S & P (my good friends) : Fat Fingers is a beautiful, patient, kind, friendly and helpful person. She is the best friend that anyone could ever have. She is very understanding too.

My Hairstylist, Gabe : Fat Fingers has great hair. Till that day she died.. i gave her 18754 different hairstyles. And she liked them all!

COWorkers : Fat Fingers is the most hardworking, efficent and productive person in the dept. She doesn't surf the net during work and only goes for 1hr lunch break... 60min.. no more no less. She is better than our boss, Dick...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

White Lies..

I went to get another haircut today. Gabe, my favourite (and only) hairstylist didn't charge me a single cent. Yahoo! I told him my mama thinks i look like a retard and it is too girly for me.. He wasn't offended but i think he was disappointed haha.
I didn't really like it too cos when I look at the mirror.. i don't see ME. I see a very girly girl..who looks like me.. but it's just not ME. Anyway it is much better now... I think it will look better when it's a bit longer.

Yeah! Gabe is the best hairstylist. He is very proud of me being one of his longest client haha and he has boasted to my friend S that he has given me 18 different hairstyles. Actually I think it was less than 18... anyway..

Yes.. i am obsessed about my hair. When i talk to the boyfriend online and have my webcam on, i will be checking out my hair hehe. And i complain so much about it.. Now he gets nervous when I go for a haircut! hahaha

The Boyfriend: has your hair changed?
Fat Fingers: YAY! You noticed!
Fat Fingers: not so square now my head?
The Boyfriend: no....MUCH better!
Fat Fingers: u think so or r u saying it so u can stop me from complaining? hahaha
The Boyfriend: no really hahaha I thought the shape of the old one from the front was good...but I knew there was something wrong with the sides...but I couldn't tell what it was! It looks really good now!
The Boyfriend: do you like it?
Fat Fingers: gabe didn't cut the front. he likes the front too
Fat Fingers: yes
The Boyfriend: yay!
Fat Fingers: i think that was too girly for me..
The Boyfriend: yeah I thought the front looked good
Fat Fingers: i just didn't see ME in the mirror.. get what i mean?
The Boyfriend: hmm maybe...I just think it was too square...too blocky
The Boyfriend: yes hahaha I was about to say it just wasnt you
Fat Fingers: yeah why didn't u tell me earlier? you ah! So you thought i really look like Spongebob Squarepants!!
The Boyfriend: I wanted to talk to you about this!
Fat Fingers: hahaha really? like.. when???
The Boyfriend: Today! Or yesterday but I forgot
Fat Fingers: hahahaha u ah!
The Boyfriend: I was watching Dr Phil
Fat Fingers: what did dr phil say?
The Boyfriend: and they had this section with a man who was a compulsive liar
Fat Fingers: ah!
The Boyfriend: and Dr Phil was talking about white lies
Fat Fingers: ah ok. so urs was a white lie huh??
The Boyfriend: and I wanted to know what you think about them?
The Boyfriend: Well it made me think and I realised I didn't know if the occassional white lie was ok or not...or whether you wanted me to be 100% honest all the time?
Fat Fingers: ah yes hehe
Fat Fingers: sometimes u need to tell some white lies. hehe
The Boyfriend: I mean...I don't want to hurt your feelings unnecessarily
Fat Fingers: i know
Fat Fingers: anyway.. gabe didn't charge me.. phew
Fat Fingers: i think my hair will look much better when it is longer
The Boyfriend: but I don't want to lie to you either...and I was thinking about the way you just told me you didn't like some of the things I'd bought you...and I thought that maybe you would want me to do the same and I realised by telling you a white lie I might disappoint you
The Boyfriend: ah that's good! I was going to ask about the $$
Fat Fingers: you are the best! maybe we can name our son Phil?
The Boyfriend: No that's a horrid name
Fat Fingers: hahaha yeah
The Boyfriend: Well are you going to tell me?
Fat Fingers: so now.. be honest.. u think my hair looks good now?
Fat Fingers: huh tell u what?
The Boyfriend: 100% honest I think it looks excellent!
The Boyfriend: What you expect of me!
Fat Fingers: yay!
The Boyfriend: hahaha
Fat Fingers: ah.. what i expect of u? as in...? like if u shld lie or not?
The Boyfriend: When you said your mum had said you looked like a retard...I thought hmmm she might have a point
Fat Fingers: really?!?!?!?!!? why you!
The Boyfriend: yeah I mean...if you put something a pair of trousers and I really didn't like them...but you either a) really liked them, or b) weren't sure.....I really don't know what to do!
The Boyfriend: I love you so I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings but at the same time I would want to tell you the truth
The Boyfriend: thanks baby I feel 100% better already I think that was weighing on my mind
Fat Fingers: yeah i know.. someitmes i feel that way too baby.. hehe.. u just don't know what to say.. cos u want to be honest.. but u don't want to hurt the other person. the truth hurts..
Fat Fingers: ah.. that's why u were in a bad mood today??
The Boyfriend: sometimes...but I was thinking about when I asked you if you liked the shoes I bought you and you just said 'No!' hahaha I was hurt for a few mins but then I am ok and I realise at least I will know 100% if you like something or not!
Fat Fingers: yes hehe
Fat Fingers: u were so upset with me!
The Boyfriend: was I really upset?
Fat Fingers: yes!
Fat Fingers: u went to bed!
The Boyfriend: Oh no! I'm sorry!
The Boyfriend: My memory again hahaha
Fat Fingers: haha it's ok baby.. yes it was around dinner time then
Fat Fingers: yes.. haha
The Boyfriend: well all I will say now is that I am glad you told me! I was a bit worried about that...
Fat Fingers: told you what? i am confused..
The Boyfriend: told me you didn't like them
Fat Fingers: ah hehe
Fat Fingers: do i still look "blocky" to you?
The Boyfriend: No I think your hair suits you much better now!
Fat Fingers: yay!
The Boyfriend: hahaha
Fat Fingers: i was a bit worried actually that you prefer the previous one! haha you ah!
The Boyfriend: noooo!
The Boyfriend: Show me the sides again!
The Boyfriend: much better!
Fat Fingers: i think it will be better when it is longer..
Fat Fingers: yay!
Fat Fingers: u sure u are not lying?
The Boyfriend: shows more of your face and not so heavy!
Fat Fingers: hehe yeah i say so too
The Boyfriend: 100% my love!
The Boyfriend: The thing about the hair was that it is much worse than a pair of trousers....cos you have already done it and can't do much about it!
The Boyfriend: That's why I got you to look at the haircuts online yesterday hehehe
Fat Fingers: haha yes
The Boyfriend: sneaky me!
Fat Fingers: ah hahaha u are just trying to cover yourself now.. YOU ah!
The Boyfriend: not at all!
Fat Fingers: yeah right haha
The Boyfriend: Cover what?
Fat Fingers: cover your backside!
The Boyfriend: I did like it from the front...the problem I had was not being a hairdresser I couldnt' really say what I didn't like about it
The Boyfriend: anyway it's all good now cos you look great!
Fat Fingers: hehehe yay
The Boyfriend: yeah I think that's what made it worse...knowing that you put so much store in my opinion! I was like ... eeek!
Fat Fingers: hahahahaha yeah hehehe sorry baby!
The Boyfriend: you don't have to be sorry!
The Boyfriend: It all worked out ok as it always does with you and me!
The Boyfriend: I think you look great now!
Fat Fingers: really .. ur bad mood has got something to do with the hair and white lies? hehehe
The Boyfriend: But I still don't have an you accept white lies or do you want me 100% honest or would you just perfer me to judge for myself hahahaha
Fat Fingers: er.. i don't know really.

Yeah.. i really didn't know what to say about that question cos sometimes you just want people to say what you want to hear.. Sometimes.. the truth hurts..
Like the boyfriend.. who didn't tell me i look like Spongebob Squarepants and said i look great so i won't get upset! Hahaha

Update : micheLLe, check this out. My previous hair was like S54 but the side is longer. Now it is like S55 . hehehe

Monday, January 03, 2005


Tomorrow is my first day at work.. for the new year..
And on Thursday, my idiot boss, Dick will be back.
He's been away for almost a month!! And the whole dept can function without him! So what does that say??

We don't need our boss!!

We are really dreading his return.. cos that means.. no more playing around.. no more 2 or 3 hr lunch break.. no more going off early at 5.15 or earlier.

He's going to come back and annoy the hell out of us.. no more peace in the office. He's going to ask me to do lots of things too.. which sometimes i never cos i can't really be bothered and i am lazy i am just not motivated.. plus i think it's a waste of my time and sometimes i just can't do anything about it.. cos it's not up to me!

There's also some rumours (again) going around that we will be relocated to our region. That will be HKG for me.. I wish they relocate everyone after I leave... hehehe That will save me some troubles.. hehe

Yeah.. well.. anyway.. i must enjoy these 2 days at work..i must have 3 hr lunch break and 30min tea break muahahahahahahaha!!

Sunday, January 02, 2005


In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Become a slut.

Get your resolution here

Not sure if i can do it... hmmm

Ha Ha Ha

Bored at home..

Even though it is raining now, i have a craving for..

Durian Ice Kacang!

Yummy! I had this when i was at Malacca! It was sooo good! I hope to go there again, so i can eat all the nonya food and all the desserts! mmm!!

I love eating ice cream on rainy days too.. mmm!

Oh yeah.. can you tell me what's wrong with this photo? hahaha Click on it to enlarge it..

It was on the hotel notice board... "Most Courteous Employee" ...
Yes.. Apparently, there's no courteous staff from April to Dec. Mohd Fuad B. Aisah wasn't even courteous after March! hmmm
I thought it was funny hahaha!

I am really bored at home! My mama has gone out to play mahjong (again!) with her auntie friends... I was hoping that she will stay at home with me.. and she said.. "For What? Go out with your own friends lah! Why don't you just go back to church? You're always at home and is always in front of the PC. 你有病!"

Her social life is more happening than mine....

I think i'll go continue read my Battle Royale book and maybe watch it on DVD later...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Helloooo 2005!!

It's finally 2005!

There are many things to look forward to this year..

1. The Boyfriend in Feb (34 days!!)

2. Bonus in end Feb
3. Saying goodbye to Dick(head) in July
4. Moving to the UK in Aug
5. Starting School in Sept

I am not looking forward to my birthday though.. cos I will be 28! Twenty eight!! TWO years to 30!! EEEK!

Oh yeah, & I have so much to do before i go to school.. like applying for the student visa, getting a loan from my mum or the bank.

The boyfriend has offered to sponsor some $$$ for my masters.. I'm touched. I told him i can't allow him to do that..He said and i quote "It is a partnership! You are my life partner!"
I wanted to cry when i heard that but instead i said.. "YAHOOO!" hehehe.
I love the boyfriend so much... i think i will propose to him hmmm hahaha

My mom just came into my room.. looked at me and said..."HAHAHA So funny, you look like a retard"

Me: "....."

She was referring to my new hairstyle..

EH.. but yesterday you told me I look cute worr! Like a doll! A Japanese Kokeshi doll! except that my hair has more layers...

I love getting my hair cut.. cos i always come out with a different look... and i'm happier too.. cos like my hair, i feel all my problems are all gone with the snip of the scissors........ and then they come back a few hours later... hehehe

Happy 2005 everyone! May your 2005 be wonderful, fruitful, peaceful and joyful!

Fat Fingers xxx