Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why I love the boyfriend #894315

The Boyfriend: baby I would love it if they accepted me more but I can't help that...what worries is more is the effect it has on you! All I need is a happy girlfriend, then I can take whatever from everyone else!
Fat Fingers: but u know.. i am a
worry wart..
The Boyfriend: hahahaha yes you are hahaha
The Boyfriend: all I can say is that I support you and don't feel like you have to shield me from anything, I will be ok....really I have quite good self confidence...I know you love me!
Fat Fingers: but i am still a worry wart
The Boyfriend: yeah but please don't get upset on my account...if your mum and grandma say something accept it as their opinion and leave it at that

I love him! :D :D :D


And thank you everyone for all the advice, support and blessings! :)


Zen|th said...

Aww.. You have such a sweet boyfriend. :)

KnightofPentacles said...

Well at least the UK is far enough so that you do not have to deal with their constant harping on finding a nice Singaporean boy, buying a HDB flat and popping out babies.

*getting touchy on this matter as CNY approaches*

Bubblemunche said...

Everbody altogether now: AAaaaawwwwwww :)!! So sweet :D!!

Jayaxe said...

Hey, have your boyfriend tried to learn things Chinese and the culture? Like speaking in Mandarin/dialect and tried using the chopsticks?

I think if he successfully gain impression marks by doing that, maybe your family and relatives would have less qualms accepting him! Hehe.

ningx said...

JayX, did you get that idea from the credit card commercial? heh heh heh.
anyway that girl in the commercial looks so sweet hor?
i'm still straight. :D

oh yeah, ff, people like you make me jealous :(
i see all the couples in school everyday and ill be thinking to myself : it would never be my turn.
lol :D
but, welcome leh! ;)

ningx said... much is battle royale ar? i'm interested!! and are you sure i cant find it in sg? :(

Fat Fingers said...

Zen|th, Bbbule : yes. he's so sweet right? hohoho :D wahahahaha

Knight : haha yes no more of such naggings from them..but i am sure when i call mum from there, she will ask me about it.. hehehe

Jayaxe : He only knows very little Chinese. I have made him learn some useful daily expressions in 22 days! hahaha

Ningx : Don't be jealous. And i think you are now too young to have a boyfriend. Your turn will come soon! don't worry! As for Battle Royale, I couldn't find it here. Very hard to find leh.. HMV don't have. Maybe HMV can order for you? You can also get it online easily. Check this link. Yesasia is not bad, many cool jap films. They ship from HKG.

Jayaxe said...

Huh? Which credit card commercial??

sari said...

this is sooo sweet. He is a definite one for u yeh? The kids willl loooook sooooo gooooooooooood!!!!!