Saturday, January 15, 2005

I saw the sign...

I tried to make everyone play Taupok at the office yesterday... but when they heard that they have to Taupok Dick, they changed their mind! Aiyah! So boring!

Anyway... We had our "Anniversary" lunch yesterday... I have been working at the Company for a year already. In less than a year, i'm already so bored and unhappy. Everyone has been telling me, the company is going to groom people like me who's young and mobile and especially people from my dept. If i want to work abroad, this is a good company to work for as there are many of such opportunites. Hmm that got me thinking...for a while... no way am i staying.. well the co. is good but i don't think this is what i want to do for the rest of my life plus the chances of working with/for Dick is still very high!

I am not the only one who wants to leave... One of my COWorkers is looking out for a new job. Both he and i were recruited through a recruitment agency. The rest were transferred from other departments or recommended by other colleagues. We both felt cheated somehow... yes the pay is better... the benefits are better but.. the job satisfaction is just not there! He sent me this
link ... I have all the signs! except #8 hehe.

Ten signs that you don’t like your job

* You dread Mondays or coming to work.
* You can’t wait for Friday.
* You are often bored at work.
* You feel tired or chronically fatigued.
* You avoid your boss and dread meetings.
* You have no enthusiasm or sense of self-worth.
* You feel like you are getting nowhere in your job.
* You take work stress home.
* You question your choice of industry or occupation.
* You can’t think of a way out.

Yeah Yeah! I saw the sign.. and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign. La-la-la. By the way, if you didn't know.. i was singing to the song "The Sign" by Ace of Base hehehe.

The eldest sister was here today to pick up some winter clothes from me. She's going to
Whistler! I'm jealous! She's been enjoying life ever since she got married into a 豪门. She is getting fatter too....

I finally told her i am going to the UK to study. (We were not that close before. Sibling Rivalry!) She kept asking me questions and being the Worry Wort that i am, i started to worry.. and then i was filled with negative thoughts! I am not sure if GIS is what i want to do. And the eldest and the second sister kept telling me... "Aiyah, study so much for what? Get married lah.." Eh??

Yeah.. I find that my job is very meaningless... I feel like i am not contributing to the society. My job is just to distribute LUXURY goods and make sure everyone is happy! And it's so boring. I feel like i am a High Class Clerk... Just do what they say and shut up.. Too boring.

GIS is different. I can use GIS to help people solve problems. I love solving problems.

OK .. i think GIS is for me! I've been thinking about it for years! About 3yrs ago i think! I even applied and got into the Uni of Adelaide but i didn't accept the offer cos i prefer the syllabus offered by Leeds Uni. (plus i didn't have enough $$ then hehe) So why am i making myself confused by asking myself if GIS is for me? You see.. when i talk to myself or blog about it.. things become clearer!! And reading about
Dave, Matthew and Nick made me feel so much better!


Jayaxe said...

At first, I thought GIS is like "Garment Industry Service" or something to do with shopping! Hehe.

Anyway, as long as you are interested in it, you should go ahead and pursue it. One thing though, I thought studying in UK is more expensive than in Australia?

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha Garment Industry Service! Good one haha.

Yeah, it is definately much cheaper in Australia. About SGD 15K cheaper i think..but i realised the syllabus at Leeds is better for me.

oh i must clarify.. that has got nothing to do with the Boyfriend lor.. The syllabus is the main thing :D

Cowboy Caleb said...

Wacky works in GIS, maybe you want to talk to her about it.

Bubblemunche said...

Muahaha! Ace of Base :D! And oh, I'm exhibiting all the signs! Oh no!!

Haha, how about doing both things simultaneously? Study and get hitched to The Boyfriend at the same time :)??

Fat Fingers said...

Thanks Cowboy Caleb! :)

Bubbles, i think i cannot.. one thing at a time.. later i get too excited over the wedding and never study how? hahahahaha
I talk as if i will confirm get married.. hohoho

Bubblemunche said...

True true... and if you get a baby, it's even harder to study :P!