Monday, January 31, 2005

Appraisal Review

Appraisal review today
Let me tell you the joke of the day
Dick said i built a good rapport with him
I wonder if there's something wrong with him?

What makes Dick think like that?
He must be using a condom as his thinking hat?

I came out feeling good
But i'm sure he's up to no good
How can i get such good review
When all i did was hating you?

Turns out he said the same thing to everyone
So i am not the only one!

& My increment was so measly
But hey, i should count myself lucky.

I'm still waiting for news on my bonus
Man, i hate such slowness!


Anonymous said...

AHAHAHAs:) a rhyme on dickhead.

well an increment's better then no increment.
and he should seriously sign up for HR classes.
i can get for you pamphlets at sim haha.

aren't u excited!


sari said...

babe, its a tactic. Its been proven that employees work harder for the company when they are rewarded with compliments and good review like that~ heehee its to spur u to work harder for the company. All good =)

Jayaxe said...

I'm not surprised, coz he's a dickhead mah. So use condom on his head!!! Hehe.

Cowboy Caleb said...

dick can go boil his head!!!!

asshat dick.

FF said...

Hahah nice poem. Did you have to write an appraisal on him too?

tommi said...

Sekali your big bad Dick write differently from what he said to you guys...he may be playing this game call 'sabotage'...heeeeheeee

cheeky said...

Just wan to ask u is that "naked" book any good? Hope it's not too thick.

Bubblemunche said...

MUahahh!!! Funny rhyme :D! I bet he 'cut-and-paste' all the appraisals because he was lazy.

I'm curious about the Naked book too, keke....

Fat Fingers said...

Shan : Yes i am very excited! hehe. Yeah SIM has many courses.. i am sure Dick would love to go there.. cos got lunch and tea are provided when you take the course! hahahaha

Sari Party Girl : Yes a tactic! But i am still not motivated hehe.

Jayaxe / Cowboy Caleb : Exactly!! I wish i can really boil his dickhead hahaha

FF : Unfortunately no. :( My co. does not practice mgt appraisal.. aii.. wasted

tommi : Hahaha he not that bad.. when he went through the review, he actually read it out from the review he wrote for us and it has his signature on it hehe

Bubbles : I also suspect. Maybe he found a template online and then just cut and paste it onto the word doc. hahaha

Bubbles/ Cheeky : It's a good book. I shall write about the book for my next entry..hehehe