Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Let me try...

Dick is looking for a volunteer to be the reporter for the new div newsletter.
I wanted to volunteer.. but my mind kept going.. NAVY...NAVY...NAVY... Never At Anytime Volunteer Yourself..

I was thinking.. if i'm the reporter, i'd be writing articles like..

How to stay motivated at work
Are you burned out?
How to tell if your boss is a Dick.
How to manage your boss
Ways to annoy your boss and COWorkers
How to spot a bad boss
How to change careers
Job Search Engines in Singapore.

Actually, from my new favourite website,, Dick ain't that bad... he doesn't really bully us or is mean to us.. but he is just so annoying!. I really wonder why they make him a manager? Is it because he was made one due to a "nasty accident that left the position open" (See species 2)? Actually he's also a Species 5.

Actually, now i realised.. i am thankful to have Giam Gu Gu as my boss instead of some mean and nasty boss..
I shall try to be nicer to him... i will try.. i repeat, TRY ONLY. If i can't then too bad lor. Sometimes it's not that i am finding fault with Giam Gu Gu.. but.. he can be so annoying sometimes and it makes you just want to bang your head against the wall and curse yourself for wanting to be nice to him. Get what i mean?
By the way, have you noticed the new title of my blog? :D


Bubblemunche said...

Muaahuah :D! The key word is 'Try' ;)

tommi said...

Don't try until you cry, ok...heeheee...

Jayaxe said...

Oh yah, now that you mentioned it, I once part-timed under a idiot manager who anyhow make people work OT but he leaves at 5.30pm on the dot! Like you, I almost wanted to kill him man. Hehe.

Zen|th said...

Hmm.. I bet the next time Dick pisses you off, you'll take out those words inside the brackets again. Haha.

JanK said...

Yeah, noticed the new title on your blog.. Lol. Try not to hate your boss eh? Actually, it is okay to hate bosses. I hate my boss too. lol. =))

xoxo Jank

FF said...

Reading about Dick makes me like my boss more.

Bet his name has a nguyen in it.

Fat Fingers said...

yeah Bubbles! keyword is TRY.

tommi : haha yeah i will try not to cry..i doubt i will hmm

Jayaxe : they are related to each other i think hehe

Zen|th : haha very true.. i might just do that if he pisses me off big time

Jank : All bosses are Dickheads hehehe

FF : Yeah. When i read about other ppl's bosses.. it makes me hate Dick more wahahahahahaha