Monday, January 03, 2005


Tomorrow is my first day at work.. for the new year..
And on Thursday, my idiot boss, Dick will be back.
He's been away for almost a month!! And the whole dept can function without him! So what does that say??

We don't need our boss!!

We are really dreading his return.. cos that means.. no more playing around.. no more 2 or 3 hr lunch break.. no more going off early at 5.15 or earlier.

He's going to come back and annoy the hell out of us.. no more peace in the office. He's going to ask me to do lots of things too.. which sometimes i never cos i can't really be bothered and i am lazy i am just not motivated.. plus i think it's a waste of my time and sometimes i just can't do anything about it.. cos it's not up to me!

There's also some rumours (again) going around that we will be relocated to our region. That will be HKG for me.. I wish they relocate everyone after I leave... hehehe That will save me some troubles.. hehe

Yeah.. well.. anyway.. i must enjoy these 2 days at work..i must have 3 hr lunch break and 30min tea break muahahahahahahaha!!


Jayaxe said...

No disrepect to the tsunami victims, but you should put a pic of the disaster destruction with Dick photoshopped in it. Then write the caption 'Wish you were here'. Welcome him back with it!! hahahaha

ningx said...

Go for 5 hour lunch breaks lah.
OR don't even come at all.
Since that boss of yours is coming back liao.
Enjoy now lor...
or when would he be going off again ar?

Scarlett Ting said...

*GASP IN HORROR* The world's most evil pair is found in this comment section.

I am the sole angel, of course.

By the way, why don't you fulfil the number 1 thing on your 'want-to' list?

Pretty good way to start the new year. for you, and everyone else in office. hehehe.

Bubblemunche said...

Hang in there :)! A few more months and you'll be through :D!

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : I did think about this.. if Dick was there and he died.. will i be happy? guilty? sad? I am not sure.. i think it will be a mixture.. hmmm

Ningx : 5hrs.. i think is too obvious.. must break it down. hehe I don't think he will be going away anytime soon.. aiii..

Scarlett Ting : If i can find a way to dump his body, i will have done it by now! hahahaha Maybe i cook vietnamese pho with his meat and feed the COWorkers.. hmmm hohoho

Bubbles : Yeah! 7 mths! so exciting!!! HEE HEE