Sunday, January 09, 2005


Dick asked me the weirdest question on Friday....

Dick : Hi Fat Fingers, do you have an OCBC credit card?
Me : Huh?
Dick : Is your credit card from OCBC?
Me : Er.. no.
Dick : So do you know which credit cards have the most perks and rewards? What credit card are you using now?
Me : Er.. i'm not sure. I'm using the UOB Ladies card..
Dick : Oh.. ok thanks.

Eh.. do i look like i am working in the bank?? Why ask me? You think i am very free is it? Actually i was quite free haha.

Yeah.. i am so happy.. cos Dick will have to go back to the US once every 2 mths for a week! He will be away at the end of Feb.. yahoo! His wifey and son doesn't like it here and keep falling sick. So they are not coming back.

I'm looking forward to all the long lunch breaks!


ningx said...

i'm sorry but is dick angmoh???
and er, put laxatives(sp?) in his coffee!! :D:D

Bubblemunche said...

Haha, maybe Dick was just trying to be friendly :) Like I said some time ago... he might even have a crush on you :D!!

Fat Fingers said...

Aiyoh Bubbles! That's soooo gross! Yucks!!

Ningx : Dick is a Vietnamese American. Yes.. putting laxative in his coffee will be good.. i must find an opportunity to do that muahahaha

Jayaxe said...

His family don't like it here?? Man, I don't like anywhere else but Singapore!

KnightofPentacles said...

What are his wife and kid falling sick _from_? Too much stress? Why would anybody choose to move from sunny Singapore back to a land that is half-frozen?

Those "weird" questions could be due to his attempts to understand and fit in the culture in Singapore? Or am I giving him too much credit?

Jayaxe: have you lived (for any significant period of time) in anywhere but Singapore? :)

Jayaxe said...

Hey Knight, yes indeed!

I was studying for 2 years in Australia and much of a surprise to many, I actually didn't like the life there despite the freedom I enjoyed.

Don't get me wrong that I'm saying living in Australia is bad, (in fact the people there are nice and I liked the winter over there) but I have no friends there and somehow, I can only accept the food in Singapore. Then there are also many other mitigating factors. Too many to list here.

There's no doubt that Singapore is my one and only home.

KnightofPentacles said...


I am guessing NSW from that big banner of Darling Harbour. fyi, I loved walking down that posh stretch of Sydney in the bracing air of the mild winter nights and watching all the bright city lights.

You are indeed blessed. Not just that you belong in Singapore, but more so that you _know_ that you belong in Singapore.

Fat Fingers said...

Knight & Jayaxe : They cannot adapt to the weather here. The son is full of allergies...cannot eat lots of things here.. and the hot weather is not good for his eczecma.
I am so worried that i cannot adapt to the life in UK.. so gloomy there it seems. And the food.. how can it be as good as the food here? I must learn how to cook from my mama hehehe

Jayaxe said...

I see. Anyway, yeah, from the football I watched, it seems gloomy most of the time but I would have looked forward to the winter there!

Then some more, you are very close to Scotland, Paris and Spain which should be wonderful places to visit. Hope to fly around Europe one day, man.

very observant of you indeed! Yeah, I liked that part of Sydney, very 'holiday-like' feeling you'll get there. And yes, I'm blessed to have been assertive in where I would live and belong.

Cowboy Caleb said...

plastic is evil, i try not to use mine unless absolutely required.

sari said...

I heard racism in sydney is much higher and its too city like there~ jayaxe, I dun really like brissy. I find it too wide spread.. go everywhere also far~ Perth is more compact and better. Heehee~

Fingers, lucky you .. long lunch breaks must be damn shiok!!

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : Yeah, i hope to go tour around Europe soon! So exciting!!

Cowboy Caleb : Yeah.. they are really evil! eeeevil!

Sari Party Girl : Yah very shiok! And even shiok-er cos we don't have to see his face after lunch! hahaha