Tuesday, January 11, 2005


No not the series starring Kiefer Sutherland...
It's the no. if times i have farted for the last 2hr.. hmmm.. must be the beans i had..

And it's also the no. of days to go before The Boyfriend is here!
I am so excited!

but... i am nervous too...

Cos.. It's CNY.. and i am not sure if i should bring him to my Aunt's place (for the traditional visiting where i will sit in a corner, eat all the bakgua and watch dvds and wait for the angpows to come and then go home). It would be fun for him.. but my annoying relatives are damn
Kaypoh!! The will ask him lots of question..and ask ME things like.. "So you are going to marry an Ang Moh ah? So that means you have to follow him back to the UK lah? Blah Blah Blah"

I also think my mama wouldn't want him to go too.. hmm. I think my mother still cannot accept that we are together. She kept asking me if we are serious and if i really love The Boyfriend and if i am joking! ARGH! She also told me she wants me to find a Chinese boy, apply for a HDB flat, get married and have babieS! I mean there is nothing wrong with that.. but.. how can i just do that? I told her it's not easy to just find someone to love and to marry! How can i just leave The Boyfriend? Plus.. i think his mother will make a great mother-in-law..as long as she doesn't force me to do gardening! You know how terrible mother-in-laws can be!

I'm a bit stressed too.. cos Grandma loves to nag at us and asks us questions like.. When are you 2 getting married? Why still haven't apply for HDB flat?! Why hasn't The Boyfriend had his shower? (I don't know why but my grandma has this impression that The Boyfriend doesn't like to shower!) Has he found a job? Is this big, smelly, lazy ang moh going to cheat on my small, cute, sweet asian granddaughter??

She asks too many questions, too many for a 99 yr old. My mum gets so fed up from all these questions too so she told me to ask The Boyfriend to stay elsewhere when he is here! That will spare my mama from her mama.

But... Cannot! How can i do that? It will be so troublesome.. all the travelling (to and fro hotel and home) we have to do.. it's a waste of OUR time! And hotel rooms are too expensive esp during CNY. Would rather spend those kind of money on other stuff...

Aii.. so stress. My mama is too traditional and strict sometimes, and is so worried about how others see her and us! My grandma asks too many questions & my relatives are a big bunch of Kaypohs!

I know my mama and grandma cares about me (not too sure of the relatives though! hehe) but I really want to be left alone and do what i want. I am OLD enough to make my own decisions and be responsible for it. I have many dreams that i want to fulfill... I want to be happy.. and I want their blessings..


KnightofPentacles said...

Just curious.

How long do you plan to be away in the UK this time?

Jayaxe said...

Actually, I can sort of understand the dilemma you're in. You cannot blame your family or relatives to be curious about your future because you might end up settling down in a foreign country and they might not get to see you often, or even occasionally.

To be fair to you, you are not wrong to say that you cannot anyhow leave your boyfriend because it's a serious relationship. Maybe what you can do is plan your future with your boyfriend and let your kins know so as to settle their worries?

Yeah, but of course I agree that you're sensible enough to make decisions. Just that your loved ones are very probably very anxious about the decisions you'll make.

Cowboy Caleb said...

your grandmother is so cute hahahahhaha

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Your grandma and her generation are not wrong in thinking ang mohs don't shower much. Last time, no water heater, and no shower, must boil water to pour into bath tub. When my dad was studying in the UK, he didn't shower much either!!!

And yes, my parents are the kind to worry about how others perceive us! Very traditional.

Perhaps when your mama and grandma see how happy you are with him, they will feel more "fang(4) xin(1)". So, should bring him out more!

Bubblemunche said...

Let nothing stand in the way of True Love :D! Should bring him along... so he can also get ang bao money :)!!

ningx said...

i know my mama would strongly oppose if i brought an ang moh boy home one day...
but hor, like what bubbles said, let nothing stand in the way (maybe the showers...er..)! :)
remember that you have my blessings hor. :)

aish said...

if it's any consolation, my grandma is totally against my indian fiancé, unlike urs who'd ask about his shower :)
if u know where ur headed, what ur doing, stand tall and proud! all the best to u and the boyfriend. God bles!

cheeky said...

Tell them your future kids will be very pretty.

Fat Fingers said...

Knight : The masters course is 1 year. But i hope to find a job there to get some experience. GIS not so developed here..yet.

Jayaxe : You are right. :) I will have to talk to my mom soon.

Cowboy Caleb : Yes.. she can be cute..sometimes. hehehe

LMD : No wonder. hahaha My grandma can ask me if he had his shower like.. 3 times in a day! I shall have to let mama and him spend more time together. So they can get to know each other more...

Bubbles : Yeah those ang bao $ will be put to good use like sushi, sashimi, chicken rice.. all this fav! hhahaha

Ningx : Thank you for your blessings! :)

Aish : Thank you! I will stand tall and be proud! I hope your grandma will someday accept your fiance too! :)