Thursday, December 30, 2004


Heard this from the CNA news on tv earlier... Someone donated a pair of high heels to the people at Aceh!!
I'm so angry when i heard that!
How rude can that person be??
Please donate practical stuff.. like MONEY!

Why would the people there need high heels?? They need $, food, medical supplies.. They need their families.. and.. hope.. NOT HIGH HEELS!! ARGH!!

Here Today.. Gone tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the last day of Streats... I will miss reading it. I will miss the uncle who distributes it too. I wonder if someone offered him another job... hmmm
I will miss reading
Janice Wong's articles too...


I went to the dentist today... & my dentist is no longer there! So they assigned a Doc. Leong to me... he is ok.. but not as good as my Dr. Tony Wong! I want Dr. Tony Wong! Apparently, he has set up his own practice..but where is it??

Dr. Leong never use any anaesthetic on my gums.. so it hurt a lot! And he said there was a cavity and it was hard to fill it but he did anyway.. and it was so painful! I almost cried! It is still quite painful. The hole is big so food gets stuck there all the time and now the gum is infected.. but he has fixed it for me.. but it is still painful... i almost wanted to ask him to just remove that tooth..

Plus.. he never used the prophy jet to clean my teeth! I love that! It's supposed to make my teeth whiter too! GRRR
I think he was rushing to knock off.. cos my appointment was at 5.30.. hmm and i finished by 6!

And Dr. Leong is not as young friendly and caring as Dr. Tony Wong.
Dr. Tony Wong will asked me if i am ok, and if it is painful.. and if i wanted him to stop.. what did Dr. Leong do? He kept drilling and scraping and doing whatever he was doing but never asked if it was painful. It was so painful that i made some noise.. but did he stop? Never! & He was using the Scalers to scrape off the deposits from my teeth.. and he scrapped the roof of my mouth accidentally.. wah.. so painful! I don't want to go back to that Dr Leong again..
I want my Dr. Tony Wong back! :(


I have just realised.. one of my friend has moved to Bangkok.. and i am not sure if he went to Phuket or the southern islands for a holiday.. I have not seen him online for the past few days.. i am getting worried... I hope he is ok.. I told him i have to meet him someday cos he looks so much like Ronan Keating..(except that he is fatter.. ) and i want to take pics with him . so i can bRuff my friends that i met Ronan Keating! hehehe ...
Justin, I hope you are safe... please be safe...

Help them, please

Please do your part and donate to those affected by the Tsunami..

Please pray for them too...

29 Dec 20004: Indian refugees reach out for food supplies at Nagapattinam, some 350 km south of Madras - AFP Photo

Edit : You can donate clothes, blankets, sheets, over-the-counter drugs, wound dressing, vitamins, canned and packaged food too. The collection point is at SPH News Centre, 1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318994. Collection time: 9 - 6pm daily from 30th Dec to 7th Jan.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I have to remind myself.. NEVER to travel with my sister's family again..
I was made to sleep at 10.30pm! I can't even watch the tv! Not even in the dark! Why? Because her 2 babies need to sleep! ARGH!

& I felt very out of place.. why? Because the whole of my Bro-in-law's family went too! ALL 16 of them! Yes 16!! ONE SIX! If i had known earlier if my sister had told me earlier.. i would have said no and stayed at home!

And to make things worse.. there were 6 smelly kids (including my 2 nieces).. smelly AND noisy! And one of Mini Me's cousin is always running around.. and he is so fast i can't catch him! When i was taking my nap, he was jumping on the bed! ARGH! You must be wondering why am i taking a nap! Well cos we had to wait for the rest of the people!

Sometimes, Mini Me would whine non stop in the car! She sat next to me.. and just kept whining non stop! It can last as long as 30min or maybe more!! It is worse when her cousin is around.. they will talk and laugh non stop!

My mum didn't enjoy herself as well.... we wanted to take a bus back on the second day!

& I was hoping to do more touristy stuff.. you know.. like walking around Stadthuys... but we didn't! We drove past like 59671 times but we never stopped there to take a look..

Anyway.. we did visit some interesting places.. like the Ostrich farm and orchard (It's called Art Acres. They don't have a website) and Jonker street.

I learnt a few things at the Ostrich farm and Orchard..
1. Bananas that grow upwards are poisonous
2. Ostriches love to do a "Threesome". That's how they mate them.. 2 female and 1 male in a pen.
3. Male Ostriches have black feathers and female ones have grey feathers
4. Ostriches have high sex drive.
5. Male Ostriches have BIG penises! They are so huge it's disgusting! I saw it when it was peeing!

It's too disgusting to show the Ostrich's penis.. so i am showing you it's arse hehe

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I regretted going to Malacca with my family.. i regretted even before i left for Malacca. But i told myself.. how bad can it be?

And i take that back when i heard about the Tsunami.. The worse thing is .. i could have died.. I could have lost my family...
The sister was actually planning on going to Penang but they changed their mind and decided on Malacca instead.

I don't want to die... not this way.. not now.. not when there are so many dreams that i have yet to fulfill... No one deserves to die this way..
Watching the news about this Asia Tsunami makes me sad :(
It's so frightening to see what Nature is capable of...

I'll compRain about the trip tomorrow...

Edit : I am so touched that i have received many msgs from my friends (some whom i have not met ...yet) asking me if am ok and some finally bothered to check where Singapore is...

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!!

I have finally received my presents from The Boyfriend. I've been waiting for it! YAY!

So happy! I am still not sure what's inside.. i took a peek hehe and read a bit of the letter he wrote to me.. i only know there is a photo frame from his mama! yay! So nice of her! And many little pressies..

I'm waiting for him to come online later and i will open the presents with him hehe. Technology is so wonderful!

I'll be off to Malacca with the family tomorrow morning.. My bro-in-law will be driving. The sister is very happy that i am going cos that means there's no more space in the car which means her mama-in-law can't squeeze in with us! Muahahaha

Oh, The office party is not bad. Didn't win anything at the lucky draw though! And i got some papaya shower thingy from Bodyshop from the gift exchange. Managed to leave at 2pm! hohoho
Got some pressies from my COWorkers... As i'm on a tight budget, i bought them lollipops hohoho.

I am so glad that this is going to be over soon.. Cannot stand the crowd.. cannot stand all the stress from christmas shopping.. No one needs to go through all these..argh! I's time to relax and have lots of fun!

Well, have a Very Merry Christmas! Eat, Drink and be Merry! And remember, Feed the Girls! (song is available for download now!) You can also listen it at the Class 95 site.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The Christmas lunch today was great. Lots of games and food. It was especially fun towards the end when we had the gift exchange. The organiser came up with this brilliant plan... we will not get what we asked for.. but we can go choose any presents we want..
eg. #1 go pick a present..and open it..
and #2 can choose a present or "steal" #1's.
If #2 takes #1's present, #1 will go choose another present
when it's #3's turn, #3 can choose a "new" present or "Steal" # 1 or 2's and it goes on..
Once the present has been "stolen" 3 times, it will be dead and hence.. no one can steal it. Understand? So complicated, right?!

So anyway, i chose the book voucher cos i know someone wanted it too hohoho but the one who wanted it "stole" mine and so i went to choose another one.. and it was a Tangs voucher! Ok .. and then some idiot stole the Tangs voucher from me.. so now i can either choose or "steal" other presents. .so i "stole" the Kinokuniya voucher, again! And then another girl stole it from me! So i went to pick another present and it was another voucher but people kept stealing it from me! So i "stole" another COWorker's voucher.. and then someone "stole" it from me..AGAIN!! I was getting frustrated! GRRRR.. Never mind.. so in the end, i got another Tangs voucher after another round of "Stealing"! .... in the end, the organisers said... "OK.. this is just for fun, your gift will be the one the secret santa got for you" .. Ok.. my secret santa didn't get me the book voucher! Bloody hell.. i already said i wanted that and it's my FIRST choice.. ok lor.. never mind.. She gave me the Westlife - Allow Us to Be Frank CD.. which was what i wanted too. So not too bad!! It's quite good actually! I love them hehe

Then after the game, the bloody COWorkers kept laughing at me cos everyone was trying to steal my vouchers.. so i just laughed along.. but then they started to talk about me. like i am so mean to steal all the vouchers from everyone.. blah blah blah.. wei.. all of them also what! Why keep talking about me?? By that time i was so pissed off.. I mean... you can laugh at me .. but Why KEEP laughing at me.. it was like.."Yah yah.. Fat Fingers, you so MEAN blah blah blah.. " Wah lau.. why must use the word "MEAN"?? I wasn't mean what! & i don't find it funny.. not after the 43187th time!

Never mind.. wo ren.. I was getting fed up.. damn buay song.. but i kept quiet and plugged in my earphone and listened to the radio... and get on with my work.. that is piling up!!
Then they came and gave me the ice cream cake.. and it is COFFEE ice cream cake! ARGH! This time i got more fed up! Why why why? I don't like coffee! They are always saying.. "Oh, D can't eat chocolate.. so let's buy something else.. " Why can't they also say.. "Oh Fat Fingers hate coffee, let's get something else" WHY didn't they say that? Most of them know i hate coffee! Why? Never mind.. i told them i hate coffee and don't want any..
So Wo ren! and continued with my work and left at 5.15!!

When i reached home.. i realised there will be a reunion dinner today... the sister and her husband is coming back for dinner... never mind.. i don't talk much to them anyway..
Then dinner time came.... i had to do everything! Like lay the table etc etc etc.. I mean i don't mind doing it.. but i was just not in a good mood..and just wanted to be left alone.. Never mind.. Wo ren....

During dinner... the sister kept asking me where's the chilli sauce.. bloody hell! It must be in the fridge! Where else can it be?? If you want just go get it and stop asking me and expect me to take for you!! I told her to go get it herself.... and mama said she'll go get it.. i felt bad cos i didn't help out much today and she's already tired from all the preparation and cooking.. never mind.. wo ren. I went to take the chilli sauce!

I finished my dinner.. fast.. so i don't have to wash the dishes! But the sister was fast too! She said she is seldom here so i should wash the bowls for her and her husband! Wah Lau! Ok.. never mind.. wo ren! So i washed all the bloody bowls in the sink...

Then when i was about to finish.. the other sister came and gave me her bowl! ARGH!
This time i am si beh du lan! But never mind.. wo ren!

Then while i was about to go brush my teeth.. the second sister came and jokingly said.. "Wah today.. someone washed all the bowl ah?"
This time i cannot ren already.. i broke down and cried and went to to loo and brushed my teeth there....

Now i look back and i think i am quite childish? hmmm not sure.. but... i was so just annoyed then!! So many annoying things in a row!

It is just so ARGH! You know what i mean?

And sometimes i feel guilty for being angry with everyone! ARGH! Then i get angry at myself! Double ARGH!

Oh yeah.. There will be another office Christmas party this friday! I shouldn't have said i'm joining this party. Cos there will be lots of ppl i don't know and don't like! And.. i have to buy a present for the exchange! i am so broke now! I hope everyone will buy something nice so no one will go back with presents that they will recycle next year! I will buy something nice tomorrow!

Oh yeah, i will collect the Battle Royale book tomorrow! Looking forward to reading it!

Monday, December 20, 2004

It's Christmas Time!!

So what are you gonna do?

I say,
Feed the World Girls!

Please tune in to
Class 95 to listen to this song ok?
It's so funny and It's sung by the listeners and some of the DJs.

I actually did the audition over the phone (on air!) and then went to the studio to do the recordings. :D hee hee
Made some friends too. They are such a fun bunch of people!
& I got to talk to Glenn Ong ..and i think he's very cool.

So anyway, here's how the song goes.. it's sung to the tune of
Do They Know It's Christmas? (While you're at that site, please donate some money or download the song. It's £1.99..about SGD6.)

Feed The Girls
By Dr. Cecil Brazilia & Sir Casper Carribean (yes they have funny names..and funny voices too)

It's Christmas Time...
There's no need to be a waif
At Christmas Time...
Your Skin is too tight and you're a fashion slave.

And with your stomach empty...
Your've got no food to enjoy.
And you look like you could die
At any time.

But say a prayer...
Pray for the Skinny ones..
50kg... and they
They think that they weigh a tonne

There's a world of food that's out there
On your table every year
With turkey ham and pudding with
A glass of wine or beer...

And the chicken wings that sizzle
On a smokey barbeque
Well tonight teach them to eat
Instead of puke

And there's starving kids in Africa this Christmas time.
All you do is worry about your weight
Where muscles never grow
Just hair and skin and bones
Make them eat some food at Christmas Time...

Yes for some
It's bio-logical
You're not one
It's purely psy-co-logical
Stuff them full of food at Christmas Time...

Feed the girls
Stuff them full of food at Christmas Time...
Feed the girls
Boiled or fried of stewed at Christmas Time...
Feed the girls
They'll look better nude at Christmas Time...

I think that was so well written! hahaha

No i didn't sing any solo part.. cos i was very nervous standing in front of the mic.. but i am sure you can hear me giggling and laughing..


Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of the Secret Santa game. We will be having our deparment Christmas Luncheon. One of the COWorkers is actually very upset with the presents she got from her Secret Santa.. cos what they ( i think a few of them ganged up to disturb her) did was just decorate her desk with all the ornaments.... I think she was jealous that we all got good gifts. Anyway i am sure her present will be a big one.. hmmm but she was complaining and saying that her presents are so cheapskate.. and she said it really loud.. I don't think that was necessary... hmmm

I am looking forward to receiving my book voucher.. I hope that's what my Secret Santa got for me.. cos i have reserved the
Battle Royale Book at Kinokuniya already! hehe Plus i told Secret Santa that's my first choice hehe
I can't wait to find out who my Secret Santa is! I have a present for him/her too.

Oh yes, we have to dress up in green, white and red tomorrow! There is a prize for the best dressed. So if you happen to see a girl in green top, white shoes/watch and a red cardigan.. It's probably me.. Ho Ho Ho!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bored or Not??

What do 2 bored girls talk about when they are online?

* we speak engRish online most of the time.. it has become a habit.. i better cut down on it. In case you're wondering.. welly = very.

Fat Fingers: i welly bored
Friend : u don't pak tor with the bf on wkends?
Fat Fingers : u know hot or not? i rating ppl lor.
Fat Fingers : no. cos his bro at home. and he uses his pc. he cellar room no cable access
Fat Fingers : welly funny some ppl
Friend : it's fun leh
Fat Fingers : Hi all! I'm a 31 year old easy going guy living in Singapore, I love meeting new people. doing new things and experiencing life to the fullest. i think u meet this person lor
Fat Fingers :
Fat Fingers : how about this?
Friend : hahaha
Fat Fingers : i see the singapore girls sometimes.. aiyoh.. some so hiao
Fat Fingers : this one is decent lololo hohoho
Friend : sg girls are hiao mostly.
Fat Fingers : yah haha
Friend : hahahaha
Fat Fingers : so funny hor the pic
Friend: i think S's type.
Fat Fingers : hhaha
Fat Fingers : yucks
Friend : i give welly low scores.
Fat Fingers : haha i like to see the meet me section.. cos can see what they write
Friend : i like to watch korean series coz the girls welly trendy. they really dress up differently in every episode. sg actress only have like 3 sets of costumes and they repeat until the last episode.
Fat Fingers : hahahha
Fat Fingers : hi, this is lynn from singapore. im a good catch, so if u think im ur kinda girl........... hit me back.........latersssssss........
Friend : hot or not all ang moh one.
Fat Fingers : u go to
Fat Fingers : can customize
Fat Fingers : hi i'm lhanies. my picture might look a bit intimidating but im just posing...REALLY ...i do smile a lot more like dull
Fat Fingers : wah the breasts
Friend :
Friend : alot of angmohs in sg
Fat Fingers : yah lor. bored ang mohs
Fat Fingers : so hiao
Friend : sg girl like to use makeover pix..bluff people
Fat Fingers : yah lor haha
Friend : wah slut that one
Fat Fingers : olinda's fren
Friend : haha she want to meet her kind here
Fat Fingers : hehehe
Fat Fingers : EEEEE like pontianak
Fat Fingers : she thinks she is welly pretty
Fat Fingers : she is SPG. her key word got caucasian
Friend : she forgot to blot her face
Fat Fingers : hahaha
Friend : call herself a babe. bu yao lian
Fat Fingers : yah lor like real
Fat Fingers : wah so old still here
Friend : hahaha
Fat Fingers : ahahha i think the pic taken in the 80s is it?
Friend : so fat
Friend : hahaha put elva's pix
Fat Fingers : she also thinks she is welly pretty
Friend : alot hiao one
Fat Fingers : hahaha
Fat Fingers :
Friend : this one quite cute
Friend : hahaha the two men..
Fat Fingers : hahaha he looks like he was from checkers.. the jap band in the 80s
Fat Fingers :
Friend : wah the breast coming out
Friend : today i watch the repeat...zoe tay raised her hand and her armpit is dirty.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHA
Fat Fingers : really.. is very dark?
Friend : got dirty lines...not whole patch dirty
Fat Fingers : would u like to be his friend?
Friend : no.

..... yes... we are bored.. hehehehe
Actually It's quite fun looking at Hot or Not and rate people.. you might see someone you know!


I am waiting for my mama to come back from the Wedding Dinner of my childhood friend. Yes she didn't invite me but my mama! Well, that's cos we lost contact after we went to different schools.. I brought my mama to the Hyatt Hotel just now but i forgot to tell her which bus stop to go board the bus back.. And will she know how to walk to the MRT station??
I am a worry wart.. i worry on things like this! Yes yes, i know my mama is old enough and is smart enough to come home hehehe but i just can't stop worrying! Eh it is 11.30pm already! Why is my mama still not back yet? Must be because of those people who went late and caused the dinner to start late and thus end late! And there are about 8 wedding dinners going on at Hyatt today! Must be so crowded there.

And why is everyone getting married?? Because of all you people, my mama is asking me.. what is my plan and when is my turn!

And she was saying.. "Are you sure you want to marry the Gwailo?" i had to remind her that his name is not Gwailo.. I think she still cannot accept the fact that we are serious about each other. I have no time for games mummy.. when fate is here.. it's here! 缘分来了! Wooohooo!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

So many litte time..

There are so many shows to watch on TV tonight.

There's :
What a Girl Wants on HBO at 9pm!
You've Got Mail on Ch 5 at 10!
Coupling on StarWorld at 10!
Sex and the City at 10.45!

Argh which one should i watch? hehehe

Yeah i definately must watch Coupling! It's is so much better than friends plus there's more sex.. haha not. Well they talk about it a lot and it's really funny. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing! (but of course! :D )

Check out some of these quotes from Coupling.

I like films with lesbians in them because it’s nice to think there are attractive women out there who can’t find a boyfriend.

It’s always scary when you see that final corner approaching, isn’t it? And you’re thinking: did I touch his thigh often enough? Did I stare at his mouth long enough? Did I flick my hair too much?… Yeah, I used to over-flick. So easy to cross the line between suggesting flirtatious and approachable, and suggesting there’s something living in your ear.

Jane’s breasts scare me. They’re like Mickey Mouse’s ears. Whichever way she turns, they’re still facing you.

We’re talking about men. They regard nose-picking as the bright side of flu.

If I don’t like a woman, if there’s no chemistry, if I’m not attracted to her, then I don’t lead her on, I just get out of there... every time, before she even wakes up.

I need breasts with brains. I don’t mean individual brains, obviously... I mean, not a brain each. You know, I like intelligent women, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere... I think breast brains would be over-egging the woman pudding.

I want to get all the Coupling DVDs and then make the boyfriend watch it with me muahaha.

& I want to watch "What a Girl Wants" cos i want to see Colin Firth! hehe Just him! But i'll give it a miss cos HBO will be showing it again...and again..and again.. and again..

Yeah i love You've Got Mail too. It's such a nice film to watch.. one of my favourite movies.

Who says everyone you meet on the net is a stalker? Maybe to that someone who stalked me and accused me of stalking her.. but there are really some psychos out there though.. like the one who stalked me and accused me of stalking her. HAHAHA. (Couldn't help it. )

I've met many of my online friends. Most of them are cool people.. and many have become my good friends too..

And then there's the boyfriend! I received an email from him asking me about Singapore cos that's one of his stops for his round the world trip.. He found my email on a travel forum and clicked on my name amongst many others.. HAHA I replied his email and gave him tips on how not to get ripped off in Bangkok hehe and the weekly emails became daily emails and it was really nice to wake up and find an email from him in my INbox. Then the emails became IMs and then the texts msgs followed. It's just amazing... how when you are not expecting love and it just comes right at you. It was love BEFORE first sight. :D I've got Mail and I've got Male! hee hee :D

Friday, December 17, 2004

Got discount or not har?

I can't stand my ex-COWorkers!

If you want to get staff discount for me, i think it is only right that you try not to cause me too much inconvenience!
I am willing to wait for you after work or meet you during my lunchtime. I can even get out of the office for awhile and meet you at the store so you can get your stuff.. but don't come and tell me these :

ex-COWorkers : It is ok. You don't have to wait for us. We may go elsewhere first
Me : But if i don't wait for you, you can't get staff discount!

ex-COWorker : We want to go somewhere else first leh. Later then you meet us can?
Me : I knock off at 5.30! All of you will be there at 6.15? I can meet you that time. I don't mind..
ex-COWorkers : It's ok then. We give you the models and then you get for us ok?
Me : Those are branded goods. I don't have so much money to pay for all of you!
ex-COWorkers : We transfer money to your account first ok?

Wah! Please! I am not their personal shopper! And then after getting those things, i must meet them and pass it to them! Why can't they just go straight to the store and make their purchase! And if they gave me the wrong model or if i get the wrong things for them? Who will be responsible?

Luckily i didn't meet them.. i gave them some excuses.. They finished their window shopping at 9.30pm! I finished my work at 5.30!

I hate it when people want to get staff discount from me and yet they want me to wait for them without thinking how much inconvenience they are causing to me? Everyone say it with me, buay ji dong! (不自动)
Some people are worse, they act as if i owe them in their previous life and i have to pay them back by giving them staff discount!!

And i can't stand my so called friends who call their friends along ! And sometimes their friends don't even bother to say thank you! I don't know why i bother to be so nice to them!

Some people think that i am very "niao" (stingy) in giving them the staff discount.. but because of brand sensitivity, i cannot give staff discounts to every man and his dog! And i cannot trust these people cos they tend to spread and tell everyone that they got the stuff at such good prices.. and then get me into trouble! GRRRR

And i also can't stand it when the "long lost friends" suddenly calls me and ask me for discounts. They will always ask me .. "Got discount or not har?"

I also have a few "friends" who kept asking me for catalogues! Arght! "Fat Fingers, got staff discount for this brand or not? You got catalogue? Can give me? Can check the price for me? Got this in this colour?"

These questions annoy me alot. I wish i can tell them "Sorry, i am not your personal shopper and i don't have any bloody catalogues!" But i didn't.


Oh yes, this famous dessert store from HKG will be opening soon @ International Bldg! The one next to Isetan Scotts. Hui Lao Shan! 許留山甜品. Yummy! Please go try it! Not sure when they will be opening soon.. i guess probably before Christmas..

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Lucky Day!

I met some of my COWorkers for breakfast at 8.15am this morning.. We were targetting to reach the office by 9am before Dick calls us. Dick wants us to report to work at 8.30 even though our official time is 9!

And the moment i logged on to my PC.. Dick called me.. and asked me how i was.. ..if there is anything that i should tell him blah and if i have read the email from the planner! I haven't even checked my mails yet.. so i pretended and said lots of Yes, yes, yes.. and quickly logged on to my email!

While working halfway through the morning. .at about 10.30.. there was a strong smell of... GLUE! I was getting a bit high too actually.. and getting a bit dizzy.. There are some renovations going on at the same floor.. and we all couldn't take the smell anymore and went downstairs to get some fresh air. Office Viper quickly volunteered to inform Dick about it! I was hoping Dick would call and not find anyone in the office. I would love to see him go mental wondering where everyone is! Muahahaha

The ang moh VP went up to talk to the HR mgr who came and told us that they have already told the contractors to stop but the smell will still be there.. We can go for a one hour break and if the smell is still strong then and we are uncomfortable, we can go home!

So we left at about 11.30 and headed off to NYDC at the Heereen. It was so nice! Watching to world pass by while everyone had to work! Muahahahaa

Bumped into my hairstylist.. and my hair was so messy! Argh! And bumped into my ex JC classmate. She was really nice to me.. always letting me copy her accounts homework! hahaha! She's organising a class reunion soon! And she updated me about what's going on with the rest.. well seems like quite a few has got married and one has just given birth! I can't wait to meet some of them!

And tomorrow my ex boss and some ex COWorkers wants to come to the store to do some shopping.. and i have to entertain them. .and also cos they want staff discount! Well.. i hope they won't take too long to browse. But it will be nice to meet them again. Sometimes i feel a bit awkward talking to my ex boss.. She asked me how i am... sometimes i want to tell her Dick sucks and i really enjoyed working with her.. but i worry that she will laugh at me behind my back and tell everyone things like "See, who asked her to quit? She did so well here and now she gets all these.. blah blah blah" ..She actually did this to one of my ex subordinate. And she was extremely upset that i left shortly after she promoted me... I still feel a bit guilty for doing that to her...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Late again!

Attended my friend's wedding dinner last night. It was supposed to start at 7.30.. but it started at 8.45! I was there at 7.20pm! WHY WHY WHY??

Everyone's telling me.. "Aiyah, no need to go so early lah. Everyone will be late!" .. Yeah, because everyone thinks this way that's why the dinner never starts on time! Maybe i should be late for my friends' wedding dinners in future.. hmmmm

Anyway, 2 of my friends couldn't make it! I was so lonely. I sat with a bunch of NUS people whom i find familiar but have never talked to them before. I am not good at starting conversations. But someone talked to me about Japan and it got me talking for quite a while hahaha. And one of my friends called me and told me she can make it and will be rushing down. I was so happy! It was so nice to catch up with her.

I only got to see the bride when she came over to take pics with us. I am so happy for her. Finally!

I rushed my dessert so i can come back home in time to talk to the boyfriend. Got a cab but the cab driver told me to wait for him a while cos he needs to go to the loo haha So i waited.. He gave me his word that he will be back and i gave him my word that i will wait for him and i did even though about 10 empty cabs suddenly appeared! Anyway the taxi driver was nice. He asked me to make sure i didn't leave anything behind when i was about to get out of the cab.

So tired..

Oh yeah.. and i got a Christmas card.. from.. the Vice President of my co?? It was sent to my home address.. Siao leh! Why not send to the office? So weird.

Yah.. so tired.. i hope to go in to work at a later time..but i doubt i can.. cos Dick will be calling us up to check on us! He called me yesterday morning. .and kept asking me if everything is ok! I told him yes but he kept asking. I think he cannot believe it that we can actually function without him! hahahaha

Tuesday, December 14, 2004



I saw this boy again! (no, it's not Jayaxe haha, it's the boy he's talking about!)
I gave him a disgusted look and walked away!
Please! Go find a part time job and earn some real money!

I wanted to take out a $10 note and waved it in front of him and then lure him to the other side of the underpass where there were some kids playing violins and raising funds for the Cancer Children's Society (i think). But i didn't because i only have $4 with me hahaha.

Anyway, i love the $1 shop. So many things to buy! Well not alot.. but considering having to buy all the little trinkets for my "Secret Santee", I managed to find some good buys. HO HO HO! I can't wait to give her her real presents next week. And i can't wait to get my present (hopefully the $20 book voucher i asked for) and i will go to the bookstore immediately to get the Battle Royale Book. I want to read it during the holidays. When everyone is out partying, Fat Fingers will be at home reading it. I might go to Malacca with my family over Christmas IF Dick approves my leave. He'll be at the San Francisco office tomorrow. I hope he will not call me and bug me and ask me to do things that will waste my time.. and affect my efficiency and productivity! :D

Sunday, December 12, 2004

53 days!

Yahoo! So happy!

The boyfriend has just told me that he'll be here in 53 days! And he'll be here for a total of 18 days! We have 3 full weekends together!

HAHAHA I can't wait!

And also Dick has approved my leave already! I'm gonna be away the whole of CNY! Yahoo! So happy!


Friday, December 10, 2004

No Gahmen Days!!

Hi Fat Fingers,

Your unconditional certificate is on its way to you. So you do not need any extra proof of language proficiency.

Best wishes.

Great! Now i can start to sort out the rest of the stuff!


The last 2 days at work has been good! Very good!

I had a THREE hour lunch break on thursday... my longest lunch break ever! We went to Suntec City to collect the free pics we took during the D&D. And i went to Carrefour and got some Classic Dvds! It's only $6.80! I got Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Arabian Nights and Sabrina (NOT the teenage witch! It's the one starring Audrey Hepburn!). Can't wait to watch them tomorrow!

I didn't do much work today. Not very productive.. went to the staff sale at 10.30am.. spent about 45min there.. and went back to the office and left for lunch shortly after.. This time we had a 2hr lunch break hehe. And i spent the rest of the time surfing the net for a hamper for my ex colleague who just gave birth.

Dick is on holiday now and will be back at the San Francisco office on Wednesday.. But he still sent us a few emails today! He has no life! And he called while he was in transit in Narita to the States. He asked the seniors if there were any problesm! Oh Please! It's only less than a day since you were gone! Why are you calling us??

And one of my COWorker had a scary thought and told me Dick might have a one to one session over the phone! hahaha Dick might just do that!!

I love "No Gahmen Days"! & I have another 18 "No Gahmen Days" to go! I must enjoy it while i can!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I am so annoyed!!

I got a reply from the uni today regarding my application.

Dear applicant,

We have a copy of subjects you took at GCE 'A' Level which do not include English and there is no proof of a pass of English language at 'GCE' 'O' Level. The general paper does not replace the GCE 'O' Level in English and if you do not have one then you'll have to take an acceptable English language qualification, like the ones mentioned in your offer letter, before your offer can be made unconditional.

What is wrong with my GCE 'A' Level - General Paper? Why can't they use my GP grade since 'A' Level is one level higher than the 'O' level? And i did attach my O level cert to the application form!! They must have lost it!

I will have to figure out how to use the canon copier to scan the cert into my pc! so annoying!


Anyway..on a happier note.. Dick is not in the office today! WOOOHOOO! We all had such a great time and today is the start of the secret santa thingy.. I arrived at the office to see a Christmas ornament on my table and a note that says "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" Wonder who's that hehehe.

And i had to ask my COWorkers to give me a call when the person i'm giving it to is not at her desk. It was quite fun.. everyone being so secretive haha. Some people got breakfast..and one of my fellow Dick haters had a gross looking pc of curry puff..

After lunch, i came back and found a note on my chair.. it says "Please check your "Music" folder in the shared drive". My secret santa has the Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason Soundtrack and copied it into my folder so i can listen to it! Yahooo!! How nice! I asked for that in my wish list too!

Wonder what i will get tomorrow hmmm... I'm gonna give the girl "5 stones" tomorrow. Remember this game? It's one of my favourite games when i was a kid! :)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Gotta fake it again...

Tomorrow is Dick's last day at the office before he goes off for his month long holiday!! YAHOOOO!!

And he's going to buy us christmas lunch at.... NOOCH!! So cheapskate! He should bring us to some expensive steak restaurant!! I told my fellow Dick haters that we should pretend to want to pay for the lunch ourselves cos we all can afford it! muahahahahaha

I hate department lunches. I have to put on a fake smile and pretend to enjoy my food!!

I would like to tell Dick to save the money instead because buying us lunch will not make us change our opinion of him! He's still going to be Dick!! Plus.. we all know he's going to pay for it with his corporate AMEX card!

And then there's this fellow Dick hater who kept asking if we should buy a present for Dick and what if the rest buy something for him and we didn't and that would be embarrassing..


I told her not to waste good money on Dick.. cos he won't treat us any better.. he'll still be a dickhead.. and he's not going to give us a pay raise cos evaluation period is already over!

If they really do buy something for Dick and i am not sharing with them.. it will make me look bad. But if i do share.. i'm a hypocrite and i will be disgusted with myself! Giving must come from the heart.. how can i give him anything?? I cannot.. and i will not..
Anyway, i won't be there for long! So i don't care! hehehe

Yeah.. so if you happen to be at Nooch tomorrow and see this group of 12 ppl..It will be us. & That short balding guy with hairy arms is Dick.. and that beautiful girl with a fake smile will be yours truly. hehehe

Saturday, December 04, 2004


i'm still tired from the D&D last night....

I took a cab there cos i was too tired after putting on the makeup and making sure i look pretty! and also i'm too hungry to walk to the train station.. so i took a cab there.. and the cab driver thought i was pretty and gave me a 30 cents discount! HAHAHAHA

Th D&D was quite fun and it was good to see all my COWorkers all dressed up.. some looked like prom queen though! hahaha. We also got to take some pics by some pro photographer. It's free! Well only one pic is free .. the rest will be $12 per pic! I knew there was a catch to it! They took 5 pics of me! 2 were so good so i had to get them!

One of my COWorkers (EK) and I were volunteered to go up to the stage to play a game. EK is the only guy in my dept..i think he is a gay.. or maybe a bi.. i asked him about it before but he just laughed it off.. The whole dept is always teasing us and EK loves to play along and calls me "Dear" in front of everyone. Anyway, last night, we were volunteered to go up to the stage to play the banana game! We had to eat the banana, from both ends... TWICE!! So we had lip contact twice!! It's not kissing.. it's LIP CONTACT!! Everyone was teasing us after that! Thank goodness we won the game! hohoho! We got a bunch of bananas!! And also..A Chanel eyeshadow palette.. so it's not too bad!! haha

The dinner was so so.. the food wasn't that great..

And i didn't win any lucky draw prizes! Argh! How can that be? Not even one from my table! It must be a conspiracy! They must have took out our numbers! GRRRRR
I so wanted to win the 3rd prize! Travel voucher to anywhere in the world + a eurorail pass! Some guy who has been with the co. for SIX MONTHS won it! ARGH!!

Yeah.. and Dick kept walking around trying to PR with everyone! Oh yes, he's sitting at another table cos ours was full! Lucky us!! And there was this part when the emcee was asking those who are dressed in saris to bring a gentleman up the stage.. so Dick went up with that bloody receptionist!! And they were supposed to dance and the guy must propose to the girl and the best performers will win. We were all prepared to laugh at Dick! Unfortunately, the stupid receptionist backed out and ran off the stage! Dick was so desperate to win some prizes that he kept trying to ask other girls to go up with him! hahaha!! But no one wanted to!!! HAHAHHA

Stupid DICK!! hhahahahaha

Yeah i left before midnight.. cos i want to avoid the midnight charges. The Q was so long i had to call for a cab... and the taxi driver told me he was looking out for an indian lady and didn't stop when i waved for the cab! Well.. my name sounds like an indian name.. many people asked me if i'm indian! Anyway, the taxi driver also thought i was cute and gave me a 10 cents discount and charged me $10! wahahahahahaa

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Diamonds are (not really) my best friend.

I was watching The 4400 on AXN Channel. It's now one of my fav drama.

Here's a summary from the website:
Over the last century, thousands of people have gone missing. Suddenly and inexplicably, 4400 missing people are returned all at once, as they were on the day they vanished. Unclear what this world altering-event means, the government investigates the 4400 to piece together where they've been and why they've been returned. It quickly becomes apparent that their presence will change the human race in ways no one could have ever foreseen.

That's so spooky! They didn't even age a day! How can that be?? Can't wait for the 2nd eps!


Tomorrow's the D&D!! Very nervous.. cos i hate dressing up and all the makeup.... And i can't decide which bag to take! Argh!
And i have no jewelry! Yes.. me..a 27 yr old girl.. who owns no jewelry. No diamonds or pearls.. No bling blings.. Only a pair of crystal earrings that i am wearing all the time.. and my cross pendant..and necklace.. that's all..

All my girlfriends like to spend their money on jewelry and am always asking me to get myself a diamond..but..I'm just not a jewelry person. I would rather spend my money on gadgets! Like a Digital camera, an mp3 player

My mama offered to buy me some diamonds last year.. but i told her to spend that money on herself or save it cos i don't like them.. and the sales girl gave me a look that says.. "You stupid girl! Your mama wants to buy your diamonds but you don't want! See lah! Now i no commission!"

But the story will be different .. if the boyfriend wants to buy me a diamond ring! hohoho....

Yeah anyway, i rummaged through my mama's drawer earlier and found some pearls.. a pearl ring.. a pearl pendant and a pair of pearl earrings! I quite like pearls now.. but i still won't spend money on them!! :D

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Taufik is the Singapore Idol!

He did really well!
I'm glad he won and that i didn't even spend 50 cents on him.. cos i think it's more worth it to spend that 50 cents on a slice of Papaya! hohoho!!

Sly did well too! But i just prefer Taufik cos he sang Al Green's Let's stay together during the R&B night.. and it was GOOD!!

OK.. now i'm gonna lie in bed and read some Dilbert and wait for Amazing Race to start at 12am!!

I will sleep at work tomorrow! hohoho

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Many things to look forward to...

Singapore Idol tomorrow..
I hope Taufik wins.. if he doesn't it's ok too hahaha

The dreaded D&D on Friday!
Dick has sent us an email today and said we can go off at 3pm. That's nice of him.. but still.. we don't like him!
I'm a little nervous.. cos i hate dressing up.. it makes me uncomfortable. I prefer my jeans, tees and sneakers.

Dick leaving on next Wednesday!
He'll be gone for a month! Yahooo!! FREEDOM! Oh yeah Baby!!

My new colleague / team member in Jan '05
Yeah.. Dick has hired another girl who will be joining my team. I hope she can take some of my categories so i can do less work and chat more on Yahoo with my COWorkers! Muahahahaha!
She will be sitting in the cubicle next to me. I hope she will not look at what i'm doing most of the time.. I need a mirror.. so i can see what she's doing and if she's looking at me hohoho

The Bonus Payout in Feb '05!!
I hope i get at least a 2.5 months bonus.. Maybe i am too greedy.. but i do hope that i get at least 2.5 months.. cos i really need to save more $$$!! Especially after receiving my insurance premium today! About $1k! argh!

The Boyfriend!!
Yes! He will be here in Feb! I can't wait! I need lots of TLC.. not that i am not getting any at the moment.. but i want someone to cuddle me and tickle me to sleep.. someone to feed me strawberries. hehe But i am not looking forward to giving up my remote control to him though hehehe

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Chicken anyone??

My friend sent me this URL when i told him i was bored at work..

haha That Chicken is way too funny!
Try asking it to strip! and also to shake his booty! hehehe

Actually the chicken looks kinda scary.... i hope i won't get any nightmares about it.. hehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

She needs to pee badly..

The Incredibles was great! I enjoyed it more than Mini Me i think haha! Cos she couldn't understand most of it. She is 5 after all.. and i had to explain most of it to her.. and she will ask me.. "Ah yi, why? why like that har? Ah yi, tell me leh.. Who is that? Bad person is it?"

And i am constantly telling her, "Mini Me, don't drink too much coke ok.. we can only go to the toilet after the show. If not we will not know what is happening. You need to pee? Are you urgent? Can wait?"

Mini Me did well.. she didn't go pee during the show..She was actually holding it! After the show has ended.. we rushed to the toilet.. and Mini Me couldn't hold it any longer... so i had to ask this bunch of girls if they can let us go first. Thankfully, they said ok. I wouldn't know what to do with a kid peeing her pants..

Oh yeah.. Mr Incredible reminds me of Mr. Fat Fingers aka The Boyfriend. But Mr. Incredible has more hair than The Boyfriend...

One more thing.. there is a new Stephen Chow movie coming soon! It's called Kung Fu Hustle! I love to watch Stephen Chow's movies..they are just so funny! I'm sure Bubbles will enjoy this show :) I'm not a big HK/Chinese movie fan.. but I can't wait to watch this!

Monday, November 22, 2004


The uni has replied.. here's what they say..

Dear enquirer,

You are exempted if you have taken GCSE English and passed or if you hold a GCE 'O' Level in English with at least a grade C.

Many thanks

I thought it was funny.. cos they called me "enquirer". I think they were confused.. and didn't know which is my first and last name so they called me "enquirer" hahaha

Anyway, yeah.. no need to spend $280 on the test!

I'm having a day off tomorrow!

I'll be bringing Mini Me to watch The Incredibles too. It will be fun.. just the 2 of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us... you and i..

Will need to go collect my $380 Shiseido hamper too! Haha! so happy to have finally won something from all the contests i've sent in. I hope i get to win the car from smrt too.. i can sell it and use the $$$$ for school! hohoho

Yeah.. so, have you won anything from any contest before? & What is it?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Have you seen him lately??

I was flipping through the channels and i saw this guy who's so familiar on CNBC..

It's Richard Simmons!

Do you still remember him??

I remember watching him on tv when i was very young.. about 10 yrs old maybe? The sister likes him i think.. and i still remember this.. Richard Simmons was telling the audience to clench their buttocks.. haha And the camera zoomed into his buttocks..and there he was clenching it.. and then releasing the muscles.. hahahaha I thought it was funny hehe.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Eh? What the...

I have received the letter of offer from the Uni... and they want me to take the TOEFL test..

Eh? what the??

English is my first language and i have passed my A levels GP.. C5.. damn! The requirement is that anyone without grade C and above must take the TOEFL test... so that means i don't have to!

Have already emailed the Uni and am now waiting for them to reply.. please please please tell me that it's a mistake!

Because of this.. i am now reminded of the GP lessons that i had.. I had a great tutor. His name was Mr. Dury. He was the funniest teacher in school and i just love all his jokes. We always look forward to his lessons. It was like going to the 1 Nite Stand Comedy Club ... minus the booze.

Mr. Dury had to leave us in the middle of the term and the school hired a temp to take over the class. She was much younger than Mr. Dury.. She was about 4-5 yrs older than us.. but her lessons were so boring.. & She's a butch.. we all can tell from the way she looks and behave.. but she is very bitchy for a butch.. so we nicknamed her Bitchy Butch.

And i don't know what my girlfriends and I did.. but we were both "marked" by her.. She would always pick on us and asked us the most difficult question.

There was once when we had to go home and think about our 3 wishes.. and my girlfriend and i forgot about it.. and we were like... "Shucks man, forgot all about it... " And she heard it and told me i will be the first to tell everyone about my 3 wishes...and if i fail to do so, i will have to write an essay.. So i went up and told everyone about my wishes.. one of them was World Peace! hahahaha the whole class laughed at me.... why? why laugh at me? Don't you want world peace too?? Grrr Anyway, she said.. "give us a better wish" .. eh.. but i really want world peace!! But she said no.. ok.. so i gave another one.. which i can't remember.. but i know my 3rd wish was "I wish that i do not have to write the essay". And her reply? "Wish not granted, both of you get out now! and submit the essay by the end of the day!" Eh.. what the?? My girlfriend didn't even get to talk about her wish!

I was so fed up and humiliated! I went out to write my essay and finished it within a period and happily went back to class to submit it to her..

Bitchy Butch : Did i ask you to come in??
Me: No. But I'm here to submit my essay.
Bitchy Butch : Get out of the class now!!
Me *walking towards my seat* : #$#*&%(*#&% *cursing inside my heart*
BitchyButch : Get OUT NOW!!
Me : I go and take my bag cannot is it??? *slams door* Wah lau, Bitch!

I was told that everyone in the class heard that.... hohoho

From then onwards, we were enemies.. When i see her, i'd stare straight at her.. & she would look down.. and when i see her talking to other classmates, i'd greet my other classmates with a sweet smile and then turned to her and stare at her and gave her the i-hate-you-so-much-i-want-to-bash-you-up look.

In class, she would use me as an example and the examples were not good, i tell you! She told everyone that someone who is stubborn is also pig headed.. and she looked at me. Yeah yeah, we all know you were talking about me! Bloody Bitchy Butch.
When she asked me questions, i would shrug because i didn't want to talk to her... she told me if i knew it was rude to shrug.. and guess what my response was? Yes, i shrugged! hohoho! I just didn't want to talk to her.. She wasn't too happy about it and told me to stand up. I stood up and made sure my chair fell hard on the floor. So fed up!

Since that incident, many people came up to me and pat me on the back and said.. "Well done! We hate her too!" Eh? What the?? & many were surprised by the way i reacted because i was a very quiet and low profile student.. hehehhee

Then i heard many stories about her being racist.. She hate the indians and would punish them for skipping her classes but not the Chinese or the Malays..

Shortly after that, she left and joined the Prime Minister's Office.... Wooohoo! And we got another boring GP teacher.. I can't remember her name.. but i passed her tests and she allowed us to go off at 10.15am on Wednesdays cos we don't have to take the remedial lessons hohoho! & I was a very nice student from then onwards..(except for the incident with the band mistress or rather the teacher-in-charge... oh and my Mangement tutor haha)

I wonder how Bitchy Butch is and if she is wishing for world peace now....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

So fake...

Dick is at it again. He has been extremely friendly and nice for the past few days.. He even held the conference call at a proper conference room instead of in his little offie. WHY? Because his boss is here!

And he purposely chose the meeting room opposite his boss' temporary office and spoke louder than usual.

Then there's this "leader" from my team. She acts like she's the leader.. sometimes even the boss. She pretends to be really helpful but actually is not. She has been teaching us new things which is good.. BUT she only does it when Dick's boss is around!

Yeah, my fellow COWorker and I have noticed this pattern.. These people are just so FAKE!

& I am damn buay song with Dick and his boss.. They have been telling us things like.. "Ok due to the urgency for the Big Project and we all know you are busy so we will help you with this, this, this and that.. blah blah blah" And then a few months later, they come and tell us.. "It's very easy to do, it won't take you more than half a day, blah blah blah"

Bloody hell.. this is not the first time! Why can't they just tell me we have to do it in the first place? Why do this to us? If it is easy, why can't you just do it for us and let us do the more important things?

I've been so busy for the past few days and it's making me grumpy. Everyone is asking me for this and that. GRRR and everything is urgent! I don't even have time to go pee and.. also no time to chat with fellow COWorkers on Yahoo! Messenger hehehe

And then today i heard that there will be a change in the bonus structure!! Why can't they change it next year.. why change it when there's only 1.5 more mths to go?? Why confuse me? I hate to be confused! 我很乱!

Yeah.. anyway.. the only good thing i heard today is that my Div has been doing very well in their sales.. which means.. more bonus for me! hohoho!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Shut Up!! I Know Where I'm Going!!

I think the people in the Amazing Race should do this to their partners who can't stop talking in the car .. especially that Jonathan guy.. (married entreprenuer). He is so annoying! I hope he gets eliminated soon! And when they get into an argument, he told his wife (Victoria).. "I'm going to divorce you!" GRRRR!! Victoria should shut him up!

Yeah.. anyway, it's so fun to see those couples from the race arguing in the car and not admitting that they gave the wrong direction! hahaha

I love road trips and i haven't gone on one with The Boyfriend yet..& I'm sure we'll be arguing in the car! & He'll have to drive cos i'm bad at driving.. and i'll be the Navigator... Yeah, I can say.. i have a better sense of direction than most girls.. but sometimes i screw up too hehehe just sometimes.........
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Amazing Race is back & Christmas is coming!!

AMAZING RACE is back! Woohoo! It's my fav reality tv show! & this time there is a pro-wrestler couple! haha it's gonna be fun watching them behaving like wrestlers in this race..& I can't stand this guy, Adam! I hate his hairstyle!
Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I normally would watch it at AXN first.. then watch it later at Ch5! hahahaha That's how much i love the show! Sometimes i'd also watch the repeat telecast on AXN during the weekends... hee hee

Yes yes.. another 5 weeks or so to Christmas. & the radio station has started to play Christmas songs today.. and so has the blind man at the underpass from Tangs to Orchard MRT Station.

One of my COWorker has suggested that we play this Secret Santa game.. So 2 weeks before christmas, secret santa has to give some little trinkets to "the chosen one", EVERYDAY! It doesn't have to be expensive.. but we have to do it for TWO weeks! 10 working days! Eh.. i am not so free ok... Oh yeah, we also have to buy a gift for "the chosen one" and the budget is $20. We all will have a wishlist.. i'm gonna as for $20 shopping voucher..probably from Borders or Tangs..

& I think i'll write a note to "the chosen one" and say, "Sorry, Santa, is busy.. and even though the economy has improved, Santa still needs to save for retirement.. So the money for your trinkets will go to your $20 gift.. "
I'll still give "the chosen one" one or 2 trinkets but not everyday.. cos i don't know what to give!! & also i think it's a little boh liao, no?

I also hope my secret santa will not be so silly to give me little trinkets for 2 weeks.. I don't need all these little trinkets... it's so troublesome. Just concentrate on your work and give me my $20 shopping voucher.. hohoho

And guess what day is tomorrow? Yeah.. Wednesday.. and that means.. it's.. CONFERENCE CALL DAY!! (AGAIN!!). ARGH!! And Dick has asked us to print out the floorplan of the shops.. Please! Don't talk to me about floor plans! I don't think it will help me at all! I just don't see the point at all! It's a waste of my time! I don't know why he still finds this so productive for us!!

And he's been terribly nice to everyone of us again.. because.. his boss is here! I think one of the planners has complained about him to his boss! Muahahaha!!

I used to feel sorry for Dick.. cos i don't know why people are always picking on him and he seemed like such a nice guy.. *PUI*

And today, i found out that sometimes he tries to be funny and tell people things like..

"Oh it's all your fault!"
"Ah, you are not working!"
"Are you working hard? Do i need to talk to your boss?"
"Oh don't listen to planners! They will make you more confuse blah blah blah"

He meant it as a joke.. but it's not funny anymore when you say things like that for more than 1 time!! I guess people just got sick of him after a while and took offence.. i would too.. if he keeps telling me such things..

Why why? Why is my boss so silly? I am embarrassed to have him as my boss..And some people actually think that we are just like him!! Oh.. they are SOOOO wrong!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I must have it!

Resistence is futile...
I heard that so many times.. and it's sooo true!

So i went window shopping the other day.. and saw the shoes.. AGAIN.
One really cool pair of Puma sneakers and a pair of retro green heels.. It was love at first sight! But i didn't want to buy them.. And yesterday i saw them at Tangs again.. I was very tempted to get them.. but i didn't..Wo Ren!

And this afternoon.. i was still thinking about the shoes..
"What if the ones you tried yesterday were the LAST pairs?"
"What if someone bought the last pair? There will be none left for me!"


So i got dressed at 4pm and was out by 4.05pm.. went to Tangs to buy the shoes.. and came back at about 5! WAHAHAHA!

I love the shoes so much! Especially the Puma.. even Imelda Marcos would love it ..
See, she's admiring it..
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The (fat) Finger!!

Stupid teksi driver!

I was walking home and the traffic light was turning red... the timer was going.. 10, 9, 8... so i ran trying to beat the red light.. and i just made it.. and this bloody taxi driver have to sound his horn at me! Ta ma de! GRRRR

So fed up!! My right foot has just touched the pavement.. no longer on the road.. why do you still want to horn at me! GRRR And he was doing some hand gesture telling me that the red man is already out..So.. i turned around and showed him The Finger!! Yeah.. THE (fat) Finger..

Anyway.. i've bumped into lots of people recently..

Just yesterday alone.. i bumped into my friend's father, 1 ex-church mate, 2 of my neighboours and one ex uni mate...
And today i bumped into one of the loud ang mohs from the office...

Singapore is too small..
Please... just don't let me bump into Mr. French Man...

Update : 240 days to go before I resign! Woohoo! & 79 days to go before the boyfriend is back! Double woohooo!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's all in the genes...

I was trying on some dresses at home ... cos my co's annual D&D is next month! EEEK!
I hate such events.. i hate dressing up. & most of all i hate co. events that involves Dick..

But i'm still going because i heard the doorgifts will be good and the lucky draw prizes are really attractive. I hope i will win something so i can sell it off at yahoo or ebay for a good prize and keep the money muahahaha!!

So anyways, i was trying on some of my mama's cheongsams that she specially made for her wedding... Wah, my mama's figure was so good then! I couldn't wear it now! My butt is too big! I nearly tore her cheongsam.. the split at the side actually split when i try to put it on.. I didn't dare to try the other cheong sams. hehe

I was telling my mum.. she was half the size of me before she got married.. and now.. after giving birth to 3 girls..and many years later...she's double my size (..or maybe 1.5 times) and I hope i won't be as big as her in the future.. but it's all in the genes.. so i am very sure i will be like her.. Look at my eldest sister.. she was really slim and sexy. and now.. she's fatter than me after getting married for about 18mths. (Maybe that's the side effect of getting married into a hao men (rich family) hmm ) When i see her i will tell her how fat she is.. cos she used to say i am fat and took away all my clothes that i couldn't fit (but can now!) and told me.. "You are so fat what.. you can fit meh? Let me have it" ... So mean! Grrr

And then there's my second sister.. who got fatter after giving birth to her second child. She now can wear clothes that are too big for me..

I used to be the fat girl in the family.. finally i am the slimmest! I wonder how long it will last though..


Or maybe i'll be like my dad.. hmm... i got his character and fat fingers (according to mum.. ) and from the pics i saw.. he seems really slim.. and sexy hee hee.. Hmm.. not sure how he would look like if he were still alive.. maybe he might have a big beer belly.. hmmmm