Monday, November 22, 2004


The uni has replied.. here's what they say..

Dear enquirer,

You are exempted if you have taken GCSE English and passed or if you hold a GCE 'O' Level in English with at least a grade C.

Many thanks

I thought it was funny.. cos they called me "enquirer". I think they were confused.. and didn't know which is my first and last name so they called me "enquirer" hahaha

Anyway, yeah.. no need to spend $280 on the test!

I'm having a day off tomorrow!

I'll be bringing Mini Me to watch The Incredibles too. It will be fun.. just the 2 of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us... you and i..

Will need to go collect my $380 Shiseido hamper too! Haha! so happy to have finally won something from all the contests i've sent in. I hope i get to win the car from smrt too.. i can sell it and use the $$$$ for school! hohoho

Yeah.. so, have you won anything from any contest before? & What is it?


A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

$380 bucks worth of Shiseido products? Lucky u! I have never been lucky in contests, which could to due to my lack of participating.. ha..

The only contest I had ever won was from 星期五周报, Faye Wong's 单曲. that was the first and only time.

Jayaxe said...

Oh yah, now that you mentioned this. Know what I experienced?

If the name is 'Tan Gong Kia', it will have to change to 'Gong Kia Tan' in ang mo countries.

But that's not the issue. Because they are used to calling to just the first name, you'll thus be called 'Gong'! Nabeh, so insulting! Lucky my name still okay sounding. Hehehe.

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe : hahaha! yeah my surname is quite ok also.
I will try make the angmos call me by my Chinese name.. muahaha

Popcorn : Yeah sometimes i am also lazy to take part in contests.. i hope i will get luckier and win BIGGER prizes.. hohoho

Anonymous said...

UK universities don't need TOEFL - for Singaporeans, you just need a pass (at least C6) for your O levels English.

Where are you heading to in UK?

Fat Fingers said...

Hi Anon (what's your nick/name by the way? :) ), thanks for stopping by.
Yeah they gave me a conditional offer and told me to submit my TOEFL/IELTS score. Anyway all has been sorted (i think!). I'm checking with them if they need me to submit my O level cert again....

I'm heading to Leeds Uni.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I don't remember ever winning anything. Boo hoo.

FF said...

I won a choc hamper and heaps of CDs from radio stations in Msia. No $380 hamper though. Boohoo.

Bubblemunche said...

Haha, you better not start dancing with Mini-Me in the cinema :D! Bet she's excited now ;)

I've never won anything in lucky draws either :(

Jayaxe said...

Oh yah, my most memorable win was not from some lucky draw, but at the casino, the last ever day I spent in Brisbane.

Guess what? I was about to return to S'pore empty handed when I was dealt with a jackpot hand winning AUD$900 (playing Carribean Stud)! Returned home, hands trembling with joy and felt very estatic. Heh heh. Anyone a Carribean Stud fan here?