Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Silence is Golden...

Reading Finicky Feline's blog reminded me of Mr. French Man. *shudder*

I'm not sure if it's the French.. or if it's just him.. but he is really annoying!
I hate guys who are persistent! When i say NO, it means NO!

I liked him as a friend... but he wanted more and i don't think i can ever be with someone like him.. because...he just annoys me..and i hate his sense of humour.. and he's also very sacarstic..

He is always asking me to meet up with him... and i'll come out with lots of excuses...
He wanted to invite me to a concert once.. and i didn't want to go and he got angry!

When we do meet up, he'll get upset if i reply any sms! He actually told me to switch off my phone when i'm with him cos he wants my 100% attention!

He loves giving me presents too.. and i'll politely reject them.. and he'll get upset and insist i keep them. He even gave me lingerie a couple of times! He got the size correct too! hahaha! anyways..

He thinks i am not a good friend because i did not say hi to him when he's online and never calls him.

He gets upsets when i never reply his txts, calls and msgs.

He wanted me to be frank with tell him EVERYTHING! There are things that i think it's not necessary to share with anyone but he insisted i tell him and when i didn't he got upset! He said i'm not being open with him.. that's what i hate most! Don't force me!! i'm a very quiet person nature.. and it takes time for me to open up to a person and i don't just open up to anyone! He makes me so uncomfortable that i can't even open up.. The more i get forced to open up, the more i can't..

Sometimes i'll feel bad and i'll go out with him..and after that i'd regret it.. I get very angry at him.. and at myself..

He said it's unfair for him cos he's putting in a lot of effort to this friendship and i'm not.
OK maybe i didn't.. but i didn't want to lead him on..
I tried to explain but he just doesn't give up!

Sometimes he makes me so angry i feel like taking a hammer and hammer his balls! But i didn't.. i kept quiet instead... very very quiet. I ignored his msgs, emails and rejected his calls.

After some weeks of not hearing from him, i thought i have finally got rid of him.. but no.. a package arrived..from him..
Guess what he sent me? DIAPERS! He wrote about how childish i was and i'm not a good friend and i'm taking advantage of him.. blah blah blah.

Eh.. Hello? Who's the childish one here? I didn't take advantage of him.. for every present he insisted i accept, i'd buy him something back.. or buy him lunch/dinner. I try to be nice sometimes.. but he just annoys me with his sacarstic remarks and his bad sense of humour.

I sooo wanted to send the diapers back to him.. together with my niece's poo!! But i didn't.. i kept quiet.. i didn't reply to his msg or emails.. he got worried and sent an email to apologise.. i didn't reply.. i kept quiet.

Keeping quiet really works..

Hi Fat Fingers,
It seems you are very very upset about me now and I am very sorry
about that. I was expecting a reaction on your side (laughter, anger,
whatever) but not just indifference (that was the worst case scenario).
If I sent you this "bitter" letter and "funny undies", it is because I
wanted to show you how much I have been hurt by what happened. I was not
sure you realized it, and I felt it was necessary to express it ...
black on white on some paper. I have been acting very childlike. I am
open to any discussion on the matter (and I do hope you are open too
such a discussion as well).

So, I would like to present you my sincere apologies, and I hope you wil
accept them.

I wanted to tell him.. your aplogies are accepted.. but i didn't because if i did, he will start all his nonsense again. So..I kept quiet..

A couple of months ago, i received a postcard from Mr. French Man. He was in Tibet. He wrote that he regretted sending me the diapers and he was sorry and hope that we can talk again. I wanted to send him an email and thank him for the postcard and i appreciate it but i didn't. I kept quiet.

Sometimes, when he sees me online on ICQ, he'd say "Hello! How are you?" ... I didn't reply. I kept quiet.

I'm sorry Mr. French Man, sorry that i'm ignoring you.. but if i do start to talk to you, you'd start your nonsense all over again and i'll get really annoyed.. so it's best that i'll just keep quiet...


Bubblemunche said...

Goodness! Diapers?!? There's someone weirder than me :D!

And oh, I just hate it when people gives me something and expect something else in return. Argh! There was once when a colleague bought nice souvenirs for everyone in the office following her overseas trip, but when I returned from Australia and gave nougats, she call me cheapo. I was so angry!!

And yes, I think silence is the most lethal treatment, keke....

Fat Fingers said...

Yeah.. thank goodness he is not a stalker..

oh actually Mr. French Man didn't ask for anything in return.. i just don't want to owe him anything. He always tells me.. it's ok for friends to give each other presents.. but then he got upset and said i go out with him just for the presents! That was after he got upset with me hahahaa stupid man!

Bubblemunche said...

That's what I meant lor! How can anyone 'blackmail' someone to go out with him just because he bought her presents before?!? Creep :P!!

FF said...

Fingers, that was such a funny story!

I hate guys who are like that. You're right when you ignore him. I ignore all the people I cannot stand even if they message and beg and plead. We're better off without idiots like them.

Delete his contact from your MSN!


Jayaxe said...

Interesting story!

The French are known as the world's best lovers but I think he's an exception. Hehe.

But I think I have something to learn from him though - the skill of getting the sizes right by just looking! Hahaha!

How did you both know each other?

cheeky said...

Some guys just don't get it. Got to give it to them short and the groin. HaHa.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

He's so weird!!!

Fat Fingers said...

yah he is very weird! i am scared of bumping into him in town or near my place.. if i ever see him.. i will pretend i do not know him..

Jayaxe, i got to know him online. He just got here then and i was telling him where to go etc and i invited him to go pubbing with me and my uni mates.. and i regretted inviting him.. haha

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

I totally agree with JayX! The french are known to be great lovers and apparently u managed to pick the odd one out.. ha.. But i must say he's pretty persistent.. can hamtan, i mean haunt u for so long..

littlecartnoodles said...

He's French ? Send him "Bush-Cheney" memorabilia (now available at lelong prices). That'd REALLY turn him off.

Indian Stallion said...

Well ya lor he tried too hard. Once you know the chick not interested just let it go lor.

And forcing you to open up to him......thats strange.

Anonymous said...

Your french friend is scary. And you still hang out with him?

Fat Fingers said...

I don't hang out with him anymore.. he's in my invisible list hehehe