Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Dick is crazy!

He was asking me for my thoughts on our bimonthly one to one session and i told him.. i think that's too much.. and once a mth is enough for me..

And then he told me... He was told to hold it weekly!

What can happen in a week??
And i wonder who told him to do that??

I can't stand Dick because he only follows direction from other people and he loves to ask for our opinion and then use it as his! And if people doesn't agree, he'll say it's us! If it's good, he'll say he came up with it!

2 weeks ago, after the conference call with the stores..he said the meeting was very useful..and then last week, he said he thinks it's not useful... Yeah right! We all know it was the MD who thought it's useless to spend about one hour on calls talking about renovations instead of other more impt issues!

I hate people like this..

Sometimes i really wonder how did Dick got his job.. many people said cos he can PR.. but he can't even PR with his own staff! Ok maybe it's just me..

Dick has no initiative too.. As a boss.. i expect him to look ahead and anticipate problems.. but he didn't!! AND i did! MUAHAHAHAHA and i informed everyone about it with a cc to him.. muahahaha

I miss being in control sometimes!


Jayaxe said...

I think it's time to let your 5-year-old niece take over this spineless guy liao! Hehehe.

Anyway I took Project Mgmt and it was said that meetings are a waste of time and should be minimized.
What Dick is doing is simply redundant unless there is a good reason.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Sometimes as I read your blog, I seriously wonder: Does Dick really exist? Cos he's such a dickhead! He seems like some ostrich (with no sense of direction, not to say leadership) that would hide in the sand when he sees problem!

Fat Fingers said...

haha yeah Dick exists..UNfortunately!!

Yes Jayaxe.. he should take some management course.. he's really bad. He doesn't know what makes a good leader. He is the worst manager ever!!

Bubblemunche said...

I think Dickhead is a Shithead too :P....

200 odd days to salvation :)!!

Madame D said...

He's obviously been in management too long, and forgotten what it's like to work with actual people, in the real world, and not in an office surrounded by other office people who are afraid to piss him off. Make the bad man stop!

Fat Fingers said...

Madame DeBarge : Dick was just promoted to Manager last year. before that he was a team leader..
We want to overthrow him!!

lis said...

"I hate missing in control..."

That sounds so familar and true...

Esp when u are dealing with BOSSYs.

Who think of their own world and keeping throwing challenges.

I mean I like challenges and I'm open to challenges.

But please do it (throw a challenge) in a humourous manner. Rather than in the demanding and hostile way.

If I'm gonna become a boss someday, and pple out there who are inspiring to become bosses, do treat this as a suggestion pls.


Fat Fingers said...

lis, just remember.. never be a Dick hahaha and you will be fine :D