Friday, November 19, 2004

Eh? What the...

I have received the letter of offer from the Uni... and they want me to take the TOEFL test..

Eh? what the??

English is my first language and i have passed my A levels GP.. C5.. damn! The requirement is that anyone without grade C and above must take the TOEFL test... so that means i don't have to!

Have already emailed the Uni and am now waiting for them to reply.. please please please tell me that it's a mistake!

Because of this.. i am now reminded of the GP lessons that i had.. I had a great tutor. His name was Mr. Dury. He was the funniest teacher in school and i just love all his jokes. We always look forward to his lessons. It was like going to the 1 Nite Stand Comedy Club ... minus the booze.

Mr. Dury had to leave us in the middle of the term and the school hired a temp to take over the class. She was much younger than Mr. Dury.. She was about 4-5 yrs older than us.. but her lessons were so boring.. & She's a butch.. we all can tell from the way she looks and behave.. but she is very bitchy for a butch.. so we nicknamed her Bitchy Butch.

And i don't know what my girlfriends and I did.. but we were both "marked" by her.. She would always pick on us and asked us the most difficult question.

There was once when we had to go home and think about our 3 wishes.. and my girlfriend and i forgot about it.. and we were like... "Shucks man, forgot all about it... " And she heard it and told me i will be the first to tell everyone about my 3 wishes...and if i fail to do so, i will have to write an essay.. So i went up and told everyone about my wishes.. one of them was World Peace! hahahaha the whole class laughed at me.... why? why laugh at me? Don't you want world peace too?? Grrr Anyway, she said.. "give us a better wish" .. eh.. but i really want world peace!! But she said no.. ok.. so i gave another one.. which i can't remember.. but i know my 3rd wish was "I wish that i do not have to write the essay". And her reply? "Wish not granted, both of you get out now! and submit the essay by the end of the day!" Eh.. what the?? My girlfriend didn't even get to talk about her wish!

I was so fed up and humiliated! I went out to write my essay and finished it within a period and happily went back to class to submit it to her..

Bitchy Butch : Did i ask you to come in??
Me: No. But I'm here to submit my essay.
Bitchy Butch : Get out of the class now!!
Me *walking towards my seat* : #$#*&%(*#&% *cursing inside my heart*
BitchyButch : Get OUT NOW!!
Me : I go and take my bag cannot is it??? *slams door* Wah lau, Bitch!

I was told that everyone in the class heard that.... hohoho

From then onwards, we were enemies.. When i see her, i'd stare straight at her.. & she would look down.. and when i see her talking to other classmates, i'd greet my other classmates with a sweet smile and then turned to her and stare at her and gave her the i-hate-you-so-much-i-want-to-bash-you-up look.

In class, she would use me as an example and the examples were not good, i tell you! She told everyone that someone who is stubborn is also pig headed.. and she looked at me. Yeah yeah, we all know you were talking about me! Bloody Bitchy Butch.
When she asked me questions, i would shrug because i didn't want to talk to her... she told me if i knew it was rude to shrug.. and guess what my response was? Yes, i shrugged! hohoho! I just didn't want to talk to her.. She wasn't too happy about it and told me to stand up. I stood up and made sure my chair fell hard on the floor. So fed up!

Since that incident, many people came up to me and pat me on the back and said.. "Well done! We hate her too!" Eh? What the?? & many were surprised by the way i reacted because i was a very quiet and low profile student.. hehehhee

Then i heard many stories about her being racist.. She hate the indians and would punish them for skipping her classes but not the Chinese or the Malays..

Shortly after that, she left and joined the Prime Minister's Office.... Wooohoo! And we got another boring GP teacher.. I can't remember her name.. but i passed her tests and she allowed us to go off at 10.15am on Wednesdays cos we don't have to take the remedial lessons hohoho! & I was a very nice student from then onwards..(except for the incident with the band mistress or rather the teacher-in-charge... oh and my Mangement tutor haha)

I wonder how Bitchy Butch is and if she is wishing for world peace now....


limegreenspyda said...

mr dury sounds like a damn fun guy to have as GP lecturer! back in school, only the Arts side had cool, happening GP lecturers... the rest of us stuck at the science side had to contend with boring ones. at least the one my class had was this old 50odd yr old angmoh lady, so she was pretty genial to us.

actually taking the toefl exam may not be too bad a thing, y'know... a few yrs ago, i took the SATs thinking i'd be going to study in the states. funny, since i've never really liked taking maths/english tests under pressure, but i quite enjoyed the experience of going to a test centre and battling those questions! you could look at it -that- way, if it helps. :)

Jayaxe said...

Maybe England suddenly raised the standard? Lucky I didn't have to take any of this 'tau foo' tests before I went Aust. Hehe.

Wah lau, this bitchy biatchy butch an ang mo also? No wonder so yah yah papaya, can join PMO leh!

littlecartnoodles said...

Well, the PMO has a long history of associating with butch women ... ...

*lies low to avoid Gestapo searchlights*

I'm appalled by the attitude of BB. How could she have treated your class like you were 8-yr-olds ?

My GP lady was an English lady but she was boring. Nevertheless, she was more casual than the local staff. Hers was the only class in which we did not have to stand to greet the teacher.

Bubblemunche said...

Wah! You're so spunky :D!! I would have worshipped you if we were in the same class! Tell us more about your encounters with that band and management teacher leh!

Not too sure about the TOEFL, but I took SATs 2 years back. Quite fun leh! I'm sure you won't have a problem with it ;)

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles, Spyda : I took the TOEFL test online... and i got only a few qns wrong. It's quite fun actually! hehehe

Jayaxe : Bitchy Butch is not ang moh. She is Singaporean.

Noodles : BB was not much older than us.. we treated her like an 11 yr old.. hehehe

cheeky said...

I hated GP. No, I hated JC life, too regimented. I came from an Ah beng sec. school where rules are lax. Anyway, butch and dick make a great pair don't u think.