Saturday, February 26, 2005


I'm addicted to playing The Sims 2. I spent the past few nights playing it.. and spent the whole afternoon/evening on it today..

I've created myself today and my aspiration was to be a Love Machine..
My wants were to make out and flirt with 3 different Sims and have public Woohoos (sex)!
Aiyoh! That's so not me!!

I noticed.. everytime after we (My sims) woohoo-ed in the bed, we'll fall asleep...IMMEDIATELY!! They didn't have the option to let us cuddle!! Everyone should cuddle after sex!! And the man will just sleep on and on and on while my sim have to wake up to serve breakfast/lunch/dinner!! HAHAHAHA

Yeah, i better stop playing this and do something more constructive!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Chin Chin!!

I brought my portable penis to work today. I call it My Keitai ChinChin. (Keitai = portable, Chin Chin = slang for Penis in Japanese).

This is my Keitai Chin Chin.

I use it to massage my aching shoulder and neck at work. It's very handy! hehe

I feel much better now.
I try not to spend too much time in front of the pc.. but....It's hard.. when you have SIMS 2 installed in your pc!
I can't stop playing it!

Yesterday, my Sim died... of hunger... I had to restart the game and used the cheat code.. so i have $$$ to buy food!

This weekend i will create Dick. hohoho

He will be on holiday for a week!! While all of us are at the office working hard!! GRRRR
Yesterday we had a meeting and he told us that our work are manageable! Yeah right! Try doing our job!! I raised my eyebrow and he saw and asked me what's my problem. I told him i am very busy and have received lots of requests and my plate is full!! & What did he do? Well .. he gave me more work to do! (*&%$#)**%

Anyway, not too long to go now!

I have applied for my accomodation.. 7 min away from the Uni! Very good! I hope I will get a room there.

& I need to renew my passport and apply for the visa.. and get a plane ticket!!

So exciting!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My left arm/shoulder

... is much better now.
Went to the chinese doc last night.. and he gave me a massage.. i almost cried out.. cos it was sooo painful!!

And you all ah... i wasn't doing anything bad or naughty with my left arm.. I am a right hander lor! wahahahahahahaha :D :D :D

Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm back!!

The Boyfriend has gone back early this morning...
I miss him...
He had to go back so soon cos he has lots of stuff to sort out...

I'm not sad that he's gone but actually quite happy cos i will see him again in a few month's time and also i can sort out my uni stuff..

Yesterday, he said good bye to my mama. And they hugged! hee hee. That's a good sign. I think my mama is beginning to like him now.Yahooo!

Oh, today i got my bonus letter!! It's not too bad.. it was better than what i've expected.. woohoo! More $$$ to save!

Damn.. my left arm/shoulder is feeling so tired now.. i can't type long with that left arm just feels so tired.. argh i hate that feeling. My left shoulder is making funny noises too...I went to the chinese sinseh last weekend.. he said my shoulder/neck are too stiff.. i need to do some exercise to loosen the joints.. hmmm

Sian.. i got to start ironing my work clothes now... didn't want to waste time ironing my clothes when The Boyfriend was here...

Update : I think i am suffering from this.. hmmm :-(

Thursday, February 17, 2005

16,667 steps

That's the number of steps that we took to finish the Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir.
I'm so knackered now... so is The Boyfriend. He is having his nap now hehehe.

Along the way, we saw a big snake lizard.. or whatever you call it. It was about 1m long i think.. i don't think it was happy to see us.. We saw quite a few monkeys too.. and they were showing us how to do IT - They kept humping each other.. hahahaha

Oh yeah, I've been back to the office for the past 3 days cos i need to collect and return the zoo pass. I was praying that i would not meet anyone from the office...esp Dick.
I think God didn't like me calling Dick, Dick. So i kept bumping into him! Damn suay i tell you. When the lift door opened, the first person i saw was Dick! ARGH!

Not looking forward to Sunday cos The Boyfriend will be going back. Not looking forward to Monday too cos i will be back at work! GRRRR

Monday, February 14, 2005


Finally i have some time to update my blog. Been so busy with The Boyfriend.

CNY was great. I brought him to visit my relatives.. Some of my aunties from my father's side acted blur and didn't give him any angbaos! GRRR hehehe. The relatives from my mum's side were great. They all welcomed him and gave him many angbaos. One of my cousins even asked The Boyfriend if he wanted his full name so that we can send him an air ticket for him to come and attend our wedding in England. HAHAHA

We spent the past few days researching laptops as i need one for school this Sept. I got an Acer - 4003LCI(d). It's the best value for money. Fujitsu and Toshiba are too expensive for me..I cannot afford. We got it at a special price after much haggling. $2313! The price includes the upgrade to a 1gb of memory. I can't wait to collect it this Wednesday.. I can finally play my Sims 2! So exciting!! hohoho. I am going to create Dick in my Sim game and then torture him.. muahaha

Anyways.. yes.. I am having such a good time with The Boyfriend. My mum is enjoying his company too. Woohoo! She told us to apply for an HDB flat then rent it out while i'm at the UK. He thinks it is a great idea so he has been doing lots of research online and even went to the bank today to check on mortgages..

We are both so excited about our future hee hee. :D

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


The Cock has risen!

May you have a wonderful, peaceful, healthy and properous New Year!


Huat ah!! :D

Saturday, February 05, 2005

He's here!

Yay! He's finally here!

He's taking a nap now.. i had to lock the door cos the nieces kept coming into my room to look at him! ahahahaha and they are waiting for him to wake up so they can play with him.

While i was at the airport waiting for The Boyfriend.. i met a friend who just came back from Bostwana. What a coincidence! haha It was nice to see my friend again. He was so happy to see me too and immediately opened his luggage to give me my present.

I saw many other familiar faces too - my ex-neighbour, my ex-colleague and an ex-schoolmate - the stupid prefect who booked me for talking to my friend during assembly. it's just so amazing i think -to see so many familiar faces in one morning.

Anyway, it is so great to be in The Boyfriend's arms again! I'm so happy! I was so excited this morning that i kept giggling to myself hahaha.

Ok i think he's waking up.. i better go.. hehe He doesn't know that i blog.

Oh yes.. and thank you everyone for all the nice messages and also for being so excited for me/us. :D


Friday, February 04, 2005

So excited!

It's The Boyfriend's lucky day today..
He bought his airticket from It was quite cheap. He was supposed to travel by Gulf Air with a transit at Bahrain..

However, when he checked in today, they "upgraded" him.. No not to business class.. but they transferred him to an SQ flight! hahaha! Direct Flight some more!
And instead of arriving at 8.40am.. it will be 7.40am! Woohoo!

I can't wait to be at the airport tomorrow!

I hope i can sleep tonight.. hehe I am so excited!


Thursday, February 03, 2005


I helped my mama made some peanut cookies last night for CNY.. i was so tired..we finished at 12.30am...

But i had a great time.. cos it's just me and my mama.. and we talked a bit.I am going to miss times like this when i go away :(

Anyway, i was helping her and all of a sudden she said, "You better learn how to make the cookies so that when you get married and move to the UK you can make them yourself."

I was surprised she said that.. I guess she has accepted me and The Boyfriend?

I quickly took the opportunity to tell her more about The Boyfriend and also to remind her that he will be here this Saturday and if she could please take out the mattress and put them out under the sun..

She grumbled and said.. "Aiyoh, you two not married yet, don't sleep in the same room lah.." But when i got back from work today, the mattress was out at the balcony. Hehehe

Yeah..I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and i think i like it. la-la-la

Can't wait to be at the airport on Saturday! YAHOOO!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Bubbles and Cheeky asked me about the book Naked.. So glad they ask..cos this gave me something to talk about. i am running out of things to blog! hehehe

I got "Naked" in year 2002 and have only started reading it a few days ago!
Actually, i read it before ... but stopped reading it in Nov 2002! I was at page 125 then! The problem with me is that i keep buying books but never finish or start reading them...till like years later!

Anyway... back to the book...

First things first.. It's NOT Porn. Sorry guys.. hahaha

It's only 291 pages thick. I am at page 31. hehe. I read a few pages in the train everyday.. So don't expect a good review from me. :D

Anyway.. so far, it is really funny. There are times when i find myself laughing (not too loudly i hope) while reading it in the train. David Sedaris, the author, wrote about his life as a kid..and his family. He's gay by the way.. just thought you wanted to know. He wrote about it in Naked.
Here's an excerpt from it. Can't wait to read that chapter!

I also have his other book "Me Talk Pretty One Day" which i have read half-way (again!). This book is very funny too. I just love his humour! I remembered i kept laughing when i was reading it. His viewpoints on life is so true! and funny!

Er.. that's all.. told you it's not a good review hehehe. For better reviews, please check out hehehe

I hope you'll get the chance to read some of David Sedaris' books.
Oh if you happen to see this girl reading "Naked" and laughing in the train, it's probably me. :D