Friday, February 04, 2005

So excited!

It's The Boyfriend's lucky day today..
He bought his airticket from It was quite cheap. He was supposed to travel by Gulf Air with a transit at Bahrain..

However, when he checked in today, they "upgraded" him.. No not to business class.. but they transferred him to an SQ flight! hahaha! Direct Flight some more!
And instead of arriving at 8.40am.. it will be 7.40am! Woohoo!

I can't wait to be at the airport tomorrow!

I hope i can sleep tonight.. hehe I am so excited!



Anonymous said...

Im so excited for u!!! U sound so happy! Have fun tomorrow! =)

Anonymous said...

Im so excited for u!!! U sound so happy! Have fun tomorrow! =)


sari said...

Gosh Gosh!! Im excited for you toooo!! wooohooo finally finally!! YaY Yay!! Hey if u can, take a pic of the couple's shadow naaa.. let me seeeee~ oooww

Bubblemunche said...

Just a few more hours! I'm so excited for you too :D!! Remember to bring him along for ang paos :D!

Anonymous said...

he is extremely fortunate. but it's all fate and somewhat planned. hurryup get married i want to attend ur wedding and carry you beautiful kids heh.

about the bak kwa offer right.
I AM CURRENTLY BROKE!how about something cheaper!:) im serious abt the trade you know! haha. or i can sneak like an assortment of pineapple tarts made by diff people to you in a sweet little container haha.

and btw, i forgot u were from beatty. arghs.

you-go-girl:) im very happy for you. really i am.

always, shan:)

aish said...

urgh! u got me all excited and palpitating! so happy for u!!! i understand those anticipating feeling! lol savour every moment babe! ;)