Saturday, February 26, 2005


I'm addicted to playing The Sims 2. I spent the past few nights playing it.. and spent the whole afternoon/evening on it today..

I've created myself today and my aspiration was to be a Love Machine..
My wants were to make out and flirt with 3 different Sims and have public Woohoos (sex)!
Aiyoh! That's so not me!!

I noticed.. everytime after we (My sims) woohoo-ed in the bed, we'll fall asleep...IMMEDIATELY!! They didn't have the option to let us cuddle!! Everyone should cuddle after sex!! And the man will just sleep on and on and on while my sim have to wake up to serve breakfast/lunch/dinner!! HAHAHAHA

Yeah, i better stop playing this and do something more constructive!


defy angel said...

hey fat fingers

Sims2 is really a cool game. I can understand how u feel addictted to it... hehe

Jayaxe said...

Yeah I can understand the addictiveness of games where I can play on and on for several nights. I haven't tried Sims but SIMS like I should give it a try! Hehe.

tommi said...

hmmm...cyber sex...naughty, naughty...btw, did you watch Closer?...better make sure the chap over the other side has a chin chin and not one without...heeeheee...

Bubblemunche said...

I tried playing Sims 1 before, and I tried to let my character get laid but I failed. I'm a failure even in cyberspace :(!!!!

kelly said...

I want to be a Sim.


Anonymous said...

hello this is cakie.

I asked you about the poly to jc thing remember?


I wanted to stop my current course, because i felt like i was going nowhere. I never wanted to be a lawyer, all i wanted was music.

I've come to my point in life where i sat down and asked myself what the hellllll am i doing?

Anyway, i went to talk to my careperson in school, and YAY!! i finally found my way in life.

Though it might not be what i want IN THE END of my whole life, but still, i'm working towards something.

I wanna be a law lecturer!!=]

just sharing, hehe.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Anonymous said...
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Zen|th said...

Yeah. I was addicted to Sims the last time also. But my chracter died when he tried to put out a fire and got burned in the end. Haha.

Cowboy Caleb said...

this is probably the only game that chicks dig.

Fat Fingers said...

defy_angel : are u hooked to it too? hehe

jayaxe : once u start, it's very hard to stop!

tommi : no time to watch.. must play sims haha

bubbles : with must practice.. u will succeed hehe. must flirt! hehe

kelly : being a sim can be fun.. sometimes haha

cakie : glad you know what you want to do in your life :) go for it!

zen|th : hahaha your sim was so funny hahahahaha

cowboy : you know one of my fav game was caesar 3. i think i enjoy it more than the sims. hehe