Thursday, February 24, 2005

Chin Chin!!

I brought my portable penis to work today. I call it My Keitai ChinChin. (Keitai = portable, Chin Chin = slang for Penis in Japanese).

This is my Keitai Chin Chin.

I use it to massage my aching shoulder and neck at work. It's very handy! hehe

I feel much better now.
I try not to spend too much time in front of the pc.. but....It's hard.. when you have SIMS 2 installed in your pc!
I can't stop playing it!

Yesterday, my Sim died... of hunger... I had to restart the game and used the cheat code.. so i have $$$ to buy food!

This weekend i will create Dick. hohoho

He will be on holiday for a week!! While all of us are at the office working hard!! GRRRR
Yesterday we had a meeting and he told us that our work are manageable! Yeah right! Try doing our job!! I raised my eyebrow and he saw and asked me what's my problem. I told him i am very busy and have received lots of requests and my plate is full!! & What did he do? Well .. he gave me more work to do! (*&%$#)**%

Anyway, not too long to go now!

I have applied for my accomodation.. 7 min away from the Uni! Very good! I hope I will get a room there.

& I need to renew my passport and apply for the visa.. and get a plane ticket!!

So exciting!! :D :D :D


A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Naughty Fingers! Opps.. I mean naughty u.. Dun let ur imagination run wild..
Come to think about it, it looks like a pretty long chin chin.. hee.. hee..

FF said...

I want a portable penis too.

Bubblemunche said...

Goodness! I hope the Keitai Chin Chin is used for massage only, keke....

You must be so excited about your study plans now :D!

Zen|th said...

Hmm.. Are you sure you're using the the right way?


tommi said... it manual or auto huh? heeeeheee...

TheSariPartyGirl said...

Heehee, I went to fatfingers.blogspot n thought u had revamped yr site!! O well, a portable lipstick vib can be good too! Hohohoho, that stuff does looks a bit like a chin chin. My dad has that wooden stick but it doesnt work quite well on me. I prefer hans to knead me. hehehe

lancerlord said...

Ha! Portable penis. You can hold it by its balls and swing it around.

Fat Fingers said...

Popcorn : yah it is lean and mean too hahaha

FF : Not sure which kind of portable penis you want but for the one in the pic..u can get it at Body shop. They have a bigger one too hehe.

Bubbles : yah i only used it for massage.. what do you think i use it for?? hee hee

Zen|th : Yes, i think so! One thing's for sure.. i never put it in my mouth. wahahaaha

tommi : it's manual! no need to use batteries.

Sari Party Girl : you are lucky. I only have My Keitai Chin Chin. :(

lancerlord : Thank you for visiting my site. Yes sometimes i hold it by its balls and use the end to massage too. It's very flexible! :D :D :D :D :D