Friday, September 30, 2005

Headache ah!

Last night the young punks left at 11.30pm! They were so noisy...

We wanted to wait till they're gone so we can talk to our flatmate in private.. but we were all so tired and wanted to sleep already so we decided to ask her to come out for awhile. So we told her that we welcome her friends to our flat.. but no more than twice a week.. and if they can keep the volume down... She was ok with it.. but i could sense she wasn't too happy.. I mean..she's right not to be happy...who would like to be told off (nicely) by her flatmates?

Anyway, one problem solved!

But there's another! If you can remember my previous post about TB.... i thought my problem has been solved.. but recently another flatmate of mine has been turning up the central heater to 28 ~ 30 degrees! WAH LAU! Who the hell sleeps in such condition?? Maybe the devil himself.. but.... not me!!!

So last night.. i woke up at 5am.. sweating (again!)... I was so annoyed.. i wanted to continue to sleep but it was just too hot for me! So i dragged myself up and went to the kitchen to turn the temp down to 20! After that i went back to bed but couldn't get to sleep!

So today, lao niang had a hard time trying to keep herself awake during lecture!!! Ta ma de!

I have told the flatmate about it and hopefully she will not do it again.. cos Lao niang doesn't really want to spend her time sleeping during lectures and awake in bed in the wee hours of the morning!!

And now i am getting a wee bit stress with school work!
I have to learn Java you know! I'm going to be an uber geek! hehehe that's what my lecturer said. I think he is so funny cos he once told us (while showing us around the bldg) "There's an empty corridor here..You can do whatever you like.. Snogging, Shagging..whatever!"
If he were in Singapore, i think he might have lost his job now.....

Anyway.. i have to go read up about JAVA. If any of you uber geeks here know about Java.. any good links etc, please tell me! Fat Fingers will be forever grateful!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Guo Fen!

My flatmate is annoying me..and the rest of us as well.

She has been inviting friends over... everyday! And everytime, there's always a new place.. and there will be at least 8 of them!

I mean.. it is ok to invite you friends over... but must it be everyday?

Why do you have to see them EVERYDAY?? Are you having group sex or something??

And the noise they are making! So distracting! I pity my other flatmate whose room is just next to the kitchen.

Somedays, i come back to my flat.. hoping to cook some good food to satisfy my poor neglected tummy after a day at school.. but what do i see in the kitchen? A bunch of noisy young punks.

It's hard to cook with so many people around the kitchen!

So today, we had a discussion. One of them was thirsty but didn't dare go to the kitchen to get water! One of them is dying from hunger but can't cook cos everyone's there! Poor things!

It is our kitchen! Why should we be afraid to go into our own kitchen?

So tonight, when the young punks leave.. (God knows when!), we'll talk to her and tell her... You can invite your friends over but no more than twice a week! (of course in a nice manner.. we have to live with each other for at least another 8 mth...)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dear Lynne...

You said.. "Your flatmates from China? Do they shut the toilet door when they do their business? I bet they don't. I once went to a restaurant toilet halfway thru' my meal (in China) and saw this lady doing "big" business in a door-less cubicle, I lost my appetite on the spot ... "

I thought... naaa.. how can it happen here...

and guess what... YOU ARE RIGHT!!

Last evening, i got out of my room to get some stuff from the kitchen... and i saw my flatmate sitting on the "royal throne" doing her business!


I was kinda embarrassed.. i think she was too.. she quickly scrambled and shut the door...

Why? Why? Why don't you just shut the door when you do your business?!?!?!

Monday, September 26, 2005

NO way!

XXX : No way!
Me : Yes way!
XXX : Nooo! Are you sure?
Me : Yes!
XXX : You sure you're 28?? I thought you were 18 or 19!!!

Whenever i meet some new people and they ask how old i am.. this is the standard response from them!

And my friend from China kept insisting i am lying to her! She pinches my cheeks sometimes cos she said i am so cute! She said i'm like a kid..

I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing hahaha

Sometimes i complain to The Boyfriend about it and he told me to shut up cos he knows deep inside.. i am secretly happy that someone thinks i am 18! LOL... he is right! hahahaha

Friday, September 23, 2005

It worked!

Guess what?
The toilet bowl is clean now!
I came home this afternoon, dreading to go to the toilet.. but i had to... so i went in and was surprised!
Someone cleaned it up! The culprit..or maybe some kind soul read the note and cleaned it up!!!

I was worried that no one will understand what i was trying to say because.. er.. i think the toilets in China are way worse than this... They must be thinking.."What's this Fat Fingers trying to tell us? The toilet is very dirty ma?"

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Official!

I am now officially a student! I am registered and got my student card!
But my pic on my student card is not so nice.. cos i didn't smile. Too tired and nervous.. everyone was just staring at me! Fat Fingers has very nice smile one ok.. hahahaha

I love my timetable....
Monday - 3 to 6pm!
Tue - 9 to 11am!
Wed - 4 to 6pm!
Thur - 10 to 6pm! (2hrs break in between)
Fri - 12 to 4pm!

Semester 2 is best! No classes on Monday and Fri! But i might have to go do my work placement though. hmmm

By the way.. want to see the stain that has been on the toilet bowl for a few days? The culprit is still not doing anything!

Gross or not?? You tell me? I wonder how the shit ended up there??

So this evening i wrote a note and put it on the fridge where everyone can see... Better to do all these before the toilet gets any dirtier...and i ain't going to clean up someone else's shit!

Dear Flatmates,
After seeing the state of the toilet... i think we should come out with a set of house rules. I have come out with a couple. Please feel free to add on.
1. Clean up after yourself. esp. the toilet. NO skid marks please.
2. Respect public properties and those of your fellow flatmates.

I hope my flatmates will not be offended... and leave a turd outside my room tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have given one of my flatmates a nickname. Her name is TB.. short for Thin Blanket.

For the past few nights.. i have been waking up.. hot and bothered...
You know why? Cos TB turned up the heater to THIRTY degrees! Wah lau! 3o!!

I have turned off the radiator in my room.. and it stills feel warm!
I have opened the window too but still it is not working!
I didn't even need my duvet when i sleep!

For the past few nights, i turned the temp down to 15 degrees celcius hahaha cos it's so warm! And the next day i wake up, it has been turned up to 30!!!

So today, i can't stand it anymore and asked who's the one who has been turning up the heat! (i didn't know who at first but i suspected TB through some process of elimination! haha). She said it is her.. cos she feels so cold at night especially her feet!

I asked her "Don't you have a duvet??" she said yes.. and pointed at her blanket..
Wah lau.. please lor.. you are in the UK.. it is cold and will be colder soon..why you use something that is as thin (or maybe thinner) as your bath towel as a blanket?

She then told me to turn off my radiator at night! Oh the cheek! She said her radiator is not working so the accommodation office gave her a heater!

Then why the hell did she not use her heater and turned up the central heater!!! Wah lau....

Anyway she said she will turn on her heater tonight!
So tonight, i am able to have a good sleep! Yahoo!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My flatmates...

- like to leave "skid marks" on the toilet bowl! grrrr...
- didn't clean the stove after cooking.. so it can be quite oily and dirty
- used my wok (they want to share with me) and yesterday the wok was rusty!! I had to clean it up!

I am going to charge them for the things that they are going to share with me. I will have to set up house rules too...

1. Please clean up after yourself
2. .....

er i am stuck now.. what house rules should i have??

Monday, September 19, 2005

finally ah!!

I've finally got internet access in my room!!

I am so glad to be online now! I can finally surf the net in peace and read all the blogs!!

The boyfriend left last Saturday.. so i had the weekend all to myself.. and i was so LONELY!!! I miss him! But part of me wants him to go back soon so i can get on with my life.. and meet more people and make new friends.

My flat mates are ok… but I doubt I will be very good friends with them..

3 of them are from China so that makes them a gang already.

The other flat mate of mine is from Hong Kong. She is always running around.. so I have not much chance to talk to her etc.

Oh and their names are so funny.. Gigi, Lili, Coco and today i met a Bobo. I am sure i will meet someone by the name of Jojo soon.. hmmm

So what have i been doing??

Well, I have been going to the afternoon tea party at the International Students Office. They serve FREE tea/coffee and snacks! So must go lor! Plus.. can make more friends mah!!!

It was quite awkward for me at first… cos I am just not good at starting a conversation.. But it went ok (thankfully). I plucked up my courage and talked to some people. I met some Japanese girls and boys. They were a friendly bunch. I met a Swedish guy too and he asked me lots of questions about Singapore! Heng ah! I know the answers hahaha. And today i finally met someone who is doing the same (well almost the same) course as me! We have not met anyone who is in the same dept!!

Oh and i think it's so hard to cook for one person? I thought it was easy cos i can cook whatever i want and however i want it... but on Sunday i was in the kitchen... pondering for 15min... with the chicken breast on my plate.. I don't know what to do with it!! Should i stir fry it? Steam it? How?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don't know what to do with it!!!!

In the end, i cooked tom yum soup with them....

Oh yeah... some guy from the next block was trying out his new wok... and he set off the fire alarm! haha i think that's so funny.... i hope it will not happen to me.. hehehe

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm back!!

Hmmm is it just me or are the pantyliners in the UK really big??? It seems so big to me leh.. hehehe

Anyway... i'm having a really good time here in the UK! I'm getting used to the weather here.. no rain for the past few weeks! Yahoo!

Been to Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Hatfield house and Windsor Castle. I love Windsor Castle! It's so lovely! Unfortunately, the Queen wasn't in Windor Castle on the day i was there...i was hoping to see her so i can complain to her! Wah Lau, i still haven't get my bank a/c!! So many weeks already!

If there's one thing i hate about the UK, it will be the banks and their banking system! I dont' understand why i have to wait for a few weeks to get my a/c! Do i look like i am into money laundering? aiyoh....

OK enough whinging...

Let me tell you about my new mission

It its to.....try all the pies in the UK without getting fat!
Wah the pies here are so good!! I love them! It's so good especially with the gravy! mmmmm!!
I had Steak and Guinness pie on Monday and a steak and ale pie yesterday!
And i have put on ONE kg.. boohoo hoo!!

I got fat in Japan from eating too much mister donuts (8kg!!).. now it seems like i have a thing for pies here! Aiyoh... MUST.WATCH.DIET.