Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's Official!

I am now officially a student! I am registered and got my student card!
But my pic on my student card is not so nice.. cos i didn't smile. Too tired and nervous.. everyone was just staring at me! Fat Fingers has very nice smile one ok.. hahahaha

I love my timetable....
Monday - 3 to 6pm!
Tue - 9 to 11am!
Wed - 4 to 6pm!
Thur - 10 to 6pm! (2hrs break in between)
Fri - 12 to 4pm!

Semester 2 is best! No classes on Monday and Fri! But i might have to go do my work placement though. hmmm

By the way.. want to see the stain that has been on the toilet bowl for a few days? The culprit is still not doing anything!

Gross or not?? You tell me? I wonder how the shit ended up there??

So this evening i wrote a note and put it on the fridge where everyone can see... Better to do all these before the toilet gets any dirtier...and i ain't going to clean up someone else's shit!

Dear Flatmates,
After seeing the state of the toilet... i think we should come out with a set of house rules. I have come out with a couple. Please feel free to add on.
1. Clean up after yourself. esp. the toilet. NO skid marks please.
2. Respect public properties and those of your fellow flatmates.

I hope my flatmates will not be offended... and leave a turd outside my room tomorrow!


naranja said...

Wah liew!!! How come can shit till like that? Power man! Muahahaha. Do you have cleaners to clean your toilets daily or do you have to do it by yourselves?

Ignorant one said...

i think they all have to clean themselves ba..

fatfingers i think they tried to imitate rocket lauching in the toilet and that's some evidence...!!!

my alter ego said...

eh, you think they understand what skidmark is? i hope they do...

did u get the youth person railcard? its good to get it if u wanna travel on trains... and check out too.

its much cheaper to travel on buses (sometimes) than on trains.

oh...i hope u wont be like me, and spent most of my free time in the pubs.

Lynn said...

Out of curiosity FF, are your flatmates post-grads too?
My gosh your toilet bowl looks as if it has been bombed.

Megabus..erm, cheap if you book like 1mth in advance and you can get £1 into London. But the times that they travel at are horrendous and if you get stuck in a jam that's it. My journey to London to me over more than 3 hrs, I almost died when I came off the bus.

Get the YP railcard as alter ego suggested...and do book like few days early to get the super advance cheap tickets.

I hope your flatmates take to your house rules 'cos when I came up with a few with my housemate, I almost bordered on being pedantic and not being tolerant!

I can't wait for freshers week to start to get any available freebies..hehe..

Fat Fingers said...

naranja : i also dunno how they can do that! power! hahaha. We don't have cleaners....

Ignorant one : they should learn to destroy all evidence! hahaha

my alter ego : haha i asked myself that question too.. i am sure they must have asked each other .."what is skid marks?"
yes i got that card! thanks! i shall check out megabus. oh..i have not much money to go to pubs everytime :( boohoohoo

Lynn : yes they are postgrads too! yah, i was afraid that they would be offended by the house rules so i told them to feel free to add on! Oh your term haven't start yet? I got lots of freebies too.. esp pens. they do come in handy! Can put one in each bag haha

my alter ego said...

cos now megabus got promo...was supppose to go to oxford on wed, but me sis n i overslept, so we missed the