Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I think i am allergic to Java programming....

I was working on my Java project on Sunday and suddenly my hands, arms and the back of my body started to itch...

My mama said it's fung mok... she said i shouldn't bathe cos it will make it worse... i dunno how i can do this in hot and humid Singapore....

I didn't know what's fung mok.. and my mum had trouble explaining it to me.. so i did a search and found this.. hehe. Interesting...

It got worse last night... i woke up at 5am scratching myself.. Mum was also up then..having a poo! hehe.

She applied wine on the patches...

This morning i went to the Doc.. and he said i have Hives.. It's Hives.. not HIV ok..
Doc said i am allergic to something..
I dunno what caused it.. i hope it's not caused by some food allergies or the change in weather.. I think it's caused by Java.. cos i got really itchy while doing my Java Project... hmmmmmmmm Yeah i think i might have Javaczemia... hmm

Anyway, Doc gave me some antihistamines.. and another pill that will make me really drowsy.. which is good.. cos i can sleep in the plane on the way back to the UK....

I am feeling much better now after taking the pills... and so drowsy..... hopefully i'll not be scratching myself to death in the plane..... hehe

Monday, December 26, 2005

In 4 days time...

... I'll be off to the UK again..
I won't be back till next Dec!!!

I am so going to miss my family!!

Actually part of me can't wait to get back to the UK.... I can't wait tobe back. I miss my friends... and also because... i need help on my JAVA project! Die lah! It's due in a month and i haven't done much.. Well i think i just need a couple of codes to get it working but i don't know what to do!!!!!

I also can't wait to be back because i'll be having a job attachment next term and i am really looking forward to it. I hope the meeting next week will go well!

And another part of me doesn't want to go back to the UK because i'm going to miss my family... I hate not being able to see my nieces grow up. Mini Me and her sister No. 2, have grown so much ever since i left in Aug this year! I hate not to be able to see them for the next year!

I've spent the past week playing with them... We all had great fun. I was forced to "role play" with them. Sometimes i'm their mother, their father... the doctor, the teacher. Sometimes Mini Me would pretend to be a hawker and i'll be the customer and she'd force me to drink her "frog juice" -_-" hahahaha!!

Sometimes i get so tired from role playing, i'd volunteer to be the father. Because... i can just "pretend" to read newspaper and say "mmmmm" every now and then while my "wife and kid" talk to me! Hahahahahaha

ok... back to the Java Project.... somebody HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So far....

... I've eaten

1. Chicken Rice
2. Assam Fishhead
3. Laksa
4. Curry Chicken
5. Ramen @ Ken's noodle house!
6. Bak Chor Mee
7. Sambal Kang Kong
8. Yong Tau Foo
9. Kong Bak Pau
10. Dou Hua You Tiao

In the next few days (hopefully) i'm gonna have....

1. Satay
2. Nasi Biriyani
3. BBQ Sting Ray
4. Sweet Sour Pork
5. Kway Chup
6. Char Kway Teow with lots of hum!!!

Not sure what else i want to have ... yet. It's weird that all the cravings are gone... now that i'm back in Singapore!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Excitement and Jet Lag


Woke up at about 2am to pee and i couldn't get back to sleep!! grrrrrrrrrr

And then i started to get hungry! grrr so i had a slice of bread and then lay in bed trying to get back to sleep!!

I think part of it is due to jet lag.. and the other part is due to the excitement that i might have found a co. to do my job attachment next year!!

The director of the co. wants to see me and have a discussion with me! The director leh!! *gulp* I'm very excited! I've been thinking of working for that co. for a long time, even before i came to the UK!! And they are also the first one to reply my email saying they want to see me!!

Oh yeah, i was lying in bed earlier... having imaginary conversations in my head with the director! hahaha!!

It's a small co. but quite reputable in the industry! I googled the name of the director and found out he was actually from Leeds uni too! So we have something in common!! And more things to talk about! (I'm really bad at conversations... )

I hope he'll really let me do my work attachment there and then hopefully offer me a full time job! That would be great! But now at this moment, a job attachment/internship prog would be great!! I just really want someone to give me a chance to learn and develop my skills! I'm willing to start at the lowest level even if it means data entry.. -_-

I'm keeping my fat fingers crossed!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


It's good to be back!

And it's good to have internet connection!! i'm nowpaying SGD2.50 per day for internet connection... cos i cannot steal connect to my neighbours' wireless connection! grrrr ah well hehe

Anyway... It's so nice to see my family again especially my cute nieces.. they were so excited to see me and we were all holding hands in the airport and jumping up and down ... like a bunch of kids.. LOL
They even gave me little presents..

Got home at about 11pm and had supper... mum's cooking! just a simple meal but it's so satisfying!

and i just had chicken rice for lunch! hehehe so that's one thing off the list of local food i must have before i go back to the UK...