Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So far....

... I've eaten

1. Chicken Rice
2. Assam Fishhead
3. Laksa
4. Curry Chicken
5. Ramen @ Ken's noodle house!
6. Bak Chor Mee
7. Sambal Kang Kong
8. Yong Tau Foo
9. Kong Bak Pau
10. Dou Hua You Tiao

In the next few days (hopefully) i'm gonna have....

1. Satay
2. Nasi Biriyani
3. BBQ Sting Ray
4. Sweet Sour Pork
5. Kway Chup
6. Char Kway Teow with lots of hum!!!

Not sure what else i want to have ... yet. It's weird that all the cravings are gone... now that i'm back in Singapore!!!


regular reader said...


=D yummyyy

Penny said...

Exactly! That was what happened to me too when I went back in June! I didnt even touch chicken rice... now i miss it. Eat some for me ok? :)

Fat Fingers said...

regular reader! thanks! i'll add them into my list. Not a big fan of rojak though.. i just like the doughstick hahaha

penny: hahaha! OK i'll eat some more for yoU! :D

my alter ego said... damn slow you are already back, and after me leaving a commetn on me blog.

you also very fast leh....i have not eaten all thos that you have listed down....


and also WANTON MEE

Zen|th said...

Come to think of it, I haven't chicken rice in a few months.

Fat Fingers said...

my alter ego : i only have 2 weeks here.. so must be fast! hehe

Zen|th : you should eat it as often as you can hehehe

Ignorant one said...

go outram park de that old market near the mrt, buy the zhao jiang mian and guiling gao.. LOL! I always detour there nowadays coz working near.. =D

The Princess said...

Been enjoying yourself? Ever thought of paying the Princess a visit? hahaha....

Merry Christmas!

wackyqueen said...

I see you're still hating ur ex boss

Dan said...

tats always the case, when it's easily accessible, u dun want it. but when it's hard to get, u crave for it. humans.

barneysaurus said...

Dun forget Kway Chup and Char Kway Teow :D! Haha....


How's Mini-Me :)?

Fat Fingers said...

ignorant one : oh really? the zha jiang mien is good? I must try it then!

the princess : yes! been having a great time here!!

wacky queen : yes i still hate him! hahahaa

dan : yah lor! always like that!

barneysaurus : oh yah the kway chup! haha i must go have it soon! and the char kway teow too.. with lots of hum! woohooo!

Ignorant one said...

aiyyee u good. fat fingers. Can eat so many delicacies. I'm eating cup noodles everyday liao, how!

Oh, and the same stall selling zha jian mian, the yan jiao also nice.. in fact the whole market alot good things to eat. =D

_*eileen*_ said...

merry xmas! makan more roast turkey! =D