Thursday, September 30, 2004

Small People

Mini Me, my 5 yr old niece, was making a little fan for her classmate.. I was teasing her and asked if she can make one for me too..

Mini Me: But.. but this fan is so small.. it's for small people
Me: Yah i am small, what.
Mini Me: No! You are so big and so old!
Me: No.. i am small.. all my clothes are small size!
Mini Me: You mean.. ALL your clothes are small size?
Me: Ok.. not all.. some are medium but most are small..
Mini Me: But.. but it is for small people like me..not you


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ask Bob

Our CEO has decided to have this email prog so that employees can send emails to the top manangement. It's called "Ask Bob". I have changed his name to BOB to protect MY identity...

I am thinking of sending him a couple of emails..
Here are my drafts..

Dear Bob,
This afternoon, the people from Dept A and B here in Singapore had a Mid Autumn Lunch. However, my dept was not invited... I feel there is a discrimination against us. I feel that we are the outcasts..the odd ones out. What do you think?
Thank you and have a Happy Mid Autumn.
Best Regards,
Fat Fingers


Dear Bob,
May I know the job function of my boss, Dick Head? And is it appropriate for a boss to whistle while he is working? Personally, i think not as it is a distraction and sometimes it makes us want to pee real bad.. What do you think?
Best Regards,
Fat Fingers

Wah Lau Eh!

Wah lau eh!
I hate to receive emails that do not concern me or my job! Why do people keep sending such emails? I am NOT interested in your conversation between you and your supplier! Just tell me the outcome when everything's confirmed! I'm a busy person, i have things to do!

And this idiot kept sending emails to me regarding my stuff and some other stuff for my other COWorker but did not cc her a copy.. when i told her for the THIRD time that she should cc her.. she told me that.. since she has done some magic to the order, there is no need to cc her..


I hate working with idiots!! Somebody save me!! ARGH!

*must think happy thoughts.. must think happy thoughts.. happy thoughts..*


Monday, September 27, 2004


This week is a "2 hour lunch break" week.. because DICK is not around..for A WEEK!!

But he's still haunting us with emails. .damn..but at least we can't hear him whistling!

OOOh.. check this out.. it's so SPOOKY... didn't dare to look at all the pics.. not sure if that guy really picked up the cam.. my hairs are standing now.. eeeek..

Sunday, September 26, 2004


EEEEEEEEEEEEE William Hung is on tv! He speaks terrible mandarin.. but it's ok.. cos we all are supposed to laugh at him..

He's such a mummy's boy.. he listens to his mom all the time and asked permission to do this and that.. oh Please! How old is he again??

I think his mom will be the typical evil mother-in-law. hehehe

The boyfriend is close to his mum too but not a mummy's boy. That's what i like about him. He makes his own decision.. after all he is 31 already!! But i really do envy the relationship he has with his mum. I can never tell my mum the things he tells his mum..especially about me. I never really tell mum about our 6 weeks wedding plan thing hahaha.. If i told my mum, she'll freak out.. i think she still wants me to have a local boy as a boyfriend..but she is slowly accepting him. I've been telling mum about him.. like how much he misses the food here etc.. and she'll ask about him though not much...

Yeah.. the boss is away for a week! We're starting to get busy and he is clearing leave! He said he was forced to... Oh please! It's as though he's always too busy! When your staff starts to wonder what you are doing in your office & when your staff starts to wonder what your job is... it shows that you are not doing anything! And especially if you are whistling away in your office!! Bloody dickhead! And in this crucial time, he has approved two 2 week leave for these 2 overpaid expats who's working in our team.. He never dares to say no to them.. but to the local hired people.. bah! I'm gonna take half a day leave next month.. if he dares to tell me NO... i'll show him my DL face.. come lah! I scared you ah! Dickhead!!

I feel FAT but i am HAPPY!! Wooohooo!!

Man, i keep eating non stop.. first the BBQ bacon then the choccies.. not much of choccies left.. i better watch my diet.. i think it's the PMS that's causing me to eat so much... hehe

Yeah, this is my new fav choccie!! I'm not really a chocoholic. I only love dark chocolates.

This Baci choccie is so nice! Love the love notes in it too! I'm going to get another box tomorrow! The store is having a markdown and the price is so attractive!

The boyfriend came online today! He seldom does that on weekends cos he's using the bro's PC...He sure made my day today! We chatted and saw each other via the webcam. He looks so good as usual. He told me about the wedding and i asked if that made him wants to get married.. he said yes.. and i had to ask if it's me he wants to marry and he said of course! HAHAHAHA He said what i wanted to hear!

He told me in the beginning (when we just started) that he's not sure what he wants. Sometimes he wants to get married and have kids but sometimes he just doesn't want that. From then on, i never really talk about all these marriage stuff until he started it.. he said things like how we should not spend too much on our wedding..we should not spend so much on a single day but spend it on ourselves and our honeymoon! And he said if possible, we shall spend 6 weeks planning our wedding and not 2 years like his best friend.. 6 weeks! I'm asking for 9 months and now he's going around telling everyone (including his mom!) about me wanting 9 months to plan our wedding! But.. but.. 6 weeks is really too short what.. hor?

I'm enjoying all these talks about weddings and honeymoons... but i still don't want to put too much into it.. you know what i mean?


Dreamt of the boyfriend last night! I went to visit him and his family. Met his mom and she simply adores me.. we hugged and said Hi.. then we went into the room to make sweet love.. (the boyfriend and I.. not the mother and I! haha!!!! EWWWW)

I so can't wait to be there! I miss my baby so much. Talking on the webcam every week helps but i want him HERE, Physically next to me..

He's probably coming in Feb.. i'm thinking that we should go on a cruise or elsewhere if we have $$$$ to spare. Feb is my bonus pay out.. i hope i get that 20% bonus! That would be so cool! I can use it to pay for the cruise or get a new digi cam.. and save the rest for my studies. hmmmm I guess i shall have to see how much bonus i get. Things are going quite well at the moment in my co. So i guess bonus will be quite good this year..

I love this pic.. Took it last night at Chinatown. Couldn't keep my hand it's a little blurry.. Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 25, 2004

i went out!

Ok.. i broke the rules.. I went out! hehe

I went swimming with my mama at the public pool.. damn there were too many kids around!! And they were always getting into my way! Bastards! GRRRRR

I swam 10 laps!! It's the first time i swam 10 laps.. my arms are aching now! I just learnt how to swim last year! I'm pretty good now! Woohoo!! Actually, i only can do the breast stroke haha.

Talking about breasts... yeah.. i was so afraid the kids will kick my breasts when they were swimming next to me.. i love my breasts!! Oh and this silly guy.. he was checking out my breasts at the pool! Please! Your mama has breasts too!! Idiot! I do not have big breasts anyway!

So after swimming, i went to Chinatown with my mama. It was nice to go out with her... It's been a long time since we did that. We went to eat the famous Chang Cheng Porridge. We also bought the BBQ pork and BBQ Bacon! It was sooo good!... and so fattening!!

Yeah and i saw many of those china girls with the ah peks.. quite gross.. and i saw this ang moh...very good looking one!! trying to pick up this girl from those makeshift store.. and he was like..
Ang Moh: Do you want to go out with me after work?
Girl : No lah.. i study part time. i must go home to study..
Ang Moh: Let me teach you...
Girl : *giggles* no lah.. cannot..

I think that was funny.. and i didn't realise i was looking at them and listening to their conversation. I was so obvious!! Must learn to be more discreet in the future hehehe

Oh no! Damn! Just realised that i missed Coupling! I love that show! So now i must wait for the 2.30am show! ARGH! I hope i can stay awake!

Maybe i should write more to keep myself awake.. but it's only 12.17am!

Oh yeah, the boyfriend has switched off his mobile.. he's at the wedding now. I miss hearing from him how his day is..and how things went.. guess i will have to wait till tomorrow..

Hmm ok.. not sure what to write.. think i'll go read some random blogs.. some are nice to read... and some.. i can't understand cos it's in some other languages and also some it's cos it's written with so much singlish and it puts me off.

Seriously people, i think we all should cut down on the usgage of singlish.. well using the occasional lah leh and lor is ok but the entire paragraph of it? It's terrible i think.. and i hate it when pEopLE tYPe LiKe tHIs.. iT GiVEs mE a hEAdAche. OuCh!!
And also people who spells this as dis and that as dat and all the words that ends with a little z like sianz and haiz.. But then i should quit complaining! It's their blog... but this is my blog so i will complain all i want.. haha .. ok .. i'm being silly...

OOOh yes.. the boyfriend has just switched on his phone! Message Delivered! I'm waiting for his reply!

I hope his present will arrive on Monday. I'm so exicted to see what he has to say about the pressies i got for him!

Ok i'm gonna check out some random blogs now...



Yes.. i'm myself..
Too many temptations out there.. i have to cut down on my spending.. so i'm staying at home during the weekends.. I only intend to go out once in Oct and once in Nov for my friends' birthday.. and once in Dec for Christmas!

I must save at least 1.5K to 2K a mth! I must cut down on expensive lunches! No more handbags or clothes or shoes! OK.. maybe one item in a month? or maybe two? ARGH! I hope there's no staff sale in my co. in the next few months. The discounts are so good.. oooh all the branded stuff at such good price.. argh! NO NO NO!! Must not think of that!

I must have more self control man!

Looking forward to pay day next week! Must pay credit card bills and save! I spent so much i can redeem vouchers! Hey.. i can use the vouchers to do some shopping hehehe hmmmm Yes!

It's the boyfriend's best friend's wedding today. It's at some converted barn.. and they are to do a barn dance! No way am i doing a barn dance on my wedding! I've already told the boyfriend. It's either swing dancing or salsa. I love swing dancing. I'm gonna join the lindy hop club when i'm at the uni. I also want to join the trampoline club. hehe.

I hope that nice lady at the uni has looked through my application and will give me a reply soon. She told me i'll hear from them in Oct. Please just say you want me! If not i'll have to stick to doing their distance learning course.. but i don't want cos i want to study full time!

Argh.. i'm so bored. Watched a few eps of CSI... i think i should clean my room.. but i'm lazy. I'm always lazy.


See Dick

This is DICK. He's a mean old man. He's a Dickhead. He loves to play politics in the office but he's too stupid to win the game. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 24, 2004

I love him!

The boyfriend is talking about weddings today! AGAIN!! And he's thinking of setting up a business.... a family venture and he said i would be part of it cos i'm family too! *GASP*

And his mama is asking me when am i sending the green tea over! hehehe i actually sent him some together with his birthday pressies but i pretended that i have forgotten again.. hehe so i said.. "OH NO! I'm losing points!" haha and he said his mom thinks i'm fab anyway! YAHOO! They love me! I can't wait to meet them all! The mama even said if the chinese wedding is held here, she will come! She will ask her friend to look after the dogs! YIPEEE haha

I'm not sure if we will end up marrying each other! But at this moment, I DO I DO! hahaha

And he's been talking about me a lot to his best friend.. yahoo that's nice. i love to hear him telling me about what he told his friends about me.. hehe They all can't wait to meet me.. i can't wait to be there next year!

So accurate...

My boss' new nick is Dick.. because he is a dickhead.. anyway.. Dick sent an email today.. and wanted to hold a meeting.. at 11.05! hahaha 11.05! what's wrong with 11??
And he was just confusing me in the meeting and asked us silly questions and gave us some choices.. like how we should get the info etc.. these kind of things, he can just decide! Don't have to ask us!

And he replied an email on my behalf today and it made me look so stupid! Who in the right mind would reply an email like this? "Thank you for making us look smart, unfortunately, you have to ask the IT support for help" .. DICKHEAD! Please! Just say, please send your request to the IT support as we are not sure why this happened or something along those line!

Later in the afternoon, he sent an email asking us to gather round for some mooncakes.. at ..2.46pm! HAHAHAHA yes 2.46pm! what is wrong with 2.45???????

Dick is one weird person.