Friday, September 24, 2004

So accurate...

My boss' new nick is Dick.. because he is a dickhead.. anyway.. Dick sent an email today.. and wanted to hold a meeting.. at 11.05! hahaha 11.05! what's wrong with 11??
And he was just confusing me in the meeting and asked us silly questions and gave us some choices.. like how we should get the info etc.. these kind of things, he can just decide! Don't have to ask us!

And he replied an email on my behalf today and it made me look so stupid! Who in the right mind would reply an email like this? "Thank you for making us look smart, unfortunately, you have to ask the IT support for help" .. DICKHEAD! Please! Just say, please send your request to the IT support as we are not sure why this happened or something along those line!

Later in the afternoon, he sent an email asking us to gather round for some mooncakes.. at ..2.46pm! HAHAHAHA yes 2.46pm! what is wrong with 2.45???????

Dick is one weird person.

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