Sunday, September 26, 2004

I feel FAT but i am HAPPY!! Wooohooo!!

Man, i keep eating non stop.. first the BBQ bacon then the choccies.. not much of choccies left.. i better watch my diet.. i think it's the PMS that's causing me to eat so much... hehe

Yeah, this is my new fav choccie!! I'm not really a chocoholic. I only love dark chocolates.

This Baci choccie is so nice! Love the love notes in it too! I'm going to get another box tomorrow! The store is having a markdown and the price is so attractive!

The boyfriend came online today! He seldom does that on weekends cos he's using the bro's PC...He sure made my day today! We chatted and saw each other via the webcam. He looks so good as usual. He told me about the wedding and i asked if that made him wants to get married.. he said yes.. and i had to ask if it's me he wants to marry and he said of course! HAHAHAHA He said what i wanted to hear!

He told me in the beginning (when we just started) that he's not sure what he wants. Sometimes he wants to get married and have kids but sometimes he just doesn't want that. From then on, i never really talk about all these marriage stuff until he started it.. he said things like how we should not spend too much on our wedding..we should not spend so much on a single day but spend it on ourselves and our honeymoon! And he said if possible, we shall spend 6 weeks planning our wedding and not 2 years like his best friend.. 6 weeks! I'm asking for 9 months and now he's going around telling everyone (including his mom!) about me wanting 9 months to plan our wedding! But.. but.. 6 weeks is really too short what.. hor?

I'm enjoying all these talks about weddings and honeymoons... but i still don't want to put too much into it.. you know what i mean?

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