Friday, June 30, 2006

My worst nightmare...

I'm back from my camping trip!!
It was great! except in the mornings where the crows would wake me up with their incessant crowing!! It's quite irritating especially at 6am in the morning!!

Anyway, I came home and found this email sitting in my INBOX..

dear fat fingers...
i can't believe this can i not know tt u've a blog?! i was surfing this, then i saw this, then i think "wei! ihavefatfingers is my friend's email leh! y this person copy my fren?!" so i decided to go in n kpo....only to know that this person is my fren! LOL

My girl friend found out about my blog.. after almost two years haha
heng ah...i never write any bad stuff about her... i think! :D

Thursday, June 22, 2006


We are going camping tomorrow @ North Yorkshire! The most beautiful county in the UK!

I've only been camping ONCE when I was in Pri. 5! And it rained and then the wind was so strong our tent collapsed! hahaha And i remembered they served us sotong for lunch during one of the days and being the greedy girl that I was.. i ate my friend's sotong too.... and then i realised my friends were all laughing at me because the blank ink from the sotong filled my mouth and i had black teeth! hahaha

And i was quite annoyed with one of my classmates cos she made us built a tent on top of the sticks and twigs! So it wasn't too nice for me to sleep on!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's camping trip. We are going to spend 6 days camping! We bought a gas cooker along too so we can cook! And also lots of bedding stuff and duvet to keep us warm. It's still quite cold up north.. about 17-19 degrees celcius. I just hope there will be lots of sun. We are going to visit some of the castles too and hopefully Whitby Abbey. That's where Bram Stoker got the insipiration to write "Dracula" ... ooooh!!

We've packed most of the stuff into the car.. Now i have to pack my bag. Mr. Fat Fingers' mum said I should not bring too much stuff along because camping is not really high life. LOL. I always overpack when i go one trips hahaha..

Tomorrow's journey will be ... 3.5hrs! I'm glad they got a new and bigger car just before this trip so there will be more room for everyone! I will chope the sit at the back later.. cos i want to sit with the dogs and play with them. hehe. Plus.. i don't want to be the navigator. hehe I just want to sit back, relax, enjoy the view and my nap hehehe.

Monday, June 19, 2006

So Drama!!!

I am really pissed off with my flatmate cos she has left the flat for good but has left her mess and her boyfriend behind! I have repeated requested them to clean up the cooker especially the parts where they cause the mess..the boyfriend agreed to do it but gave lots of excuses like he was busy etc....

So last friday i sent an email to the accomodation office to complain about her and her boyfriend.. and this morning, i went to the site office to tell the site manager that my flatmate has left the flat for good but has left the boyfriend behind. He laughed and said she should have brought him along and i agreed hahaha. Anyway he told me to complain it to the warden who can help me with this...

So while i was drafting my letter.. the site managers (2 of them) came. They asked me which room is it and I pointed it out. And then the drama started.

Site manager: *pounding on the door* We are from the accomodation office!
Flatmates BF: *opens door slowly*
FBF: Yah yah yah...
SM: WE WANT YOU TO PACK UP AND GET OUT BY 2PM TODAY!! *still in a really loud voice*
FBF: ok.....
FBF: ok...

Then the site manager who I complained to gave me a wink... and I gave him the thumbs up sign. LOL!

It was so drama! Like a police drama you know! haha

I am happy that something has been done about this but I feel kinda bad too because i got him evicted... But i know he has a place to go to cos he has been moving his stuff in and out to his new flat/room.

And now i dare not get out of my room.. i am scared that he might start to scold me or something.. Luckily... Mr Fat Fingers is arriving in an hour to help me pack up and then i'll move out of Leeds. Yahooo!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tonight is my last night in Leeds.

I've packed most of my stuff and we have also cleaned the kitchen... It's quite clean now! Never seen it so clean since last September, when I moved in! hahahaha! I am glad I won't be seeing my flatmates again! I guess I will only be keeping in touch with one of them. Definitely not the girl from hong kong..who left early and left her mess and boyfriend behind! Yeah! The boyfriend is still staying here! grrrr Doesn't he has his own flat or room?!?!? grrrr It's ok if he is staying here and does not mess up the kitchen!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah.. so anyway, I can't believe i'm moving out tomorrow. It seemed not long ago that I moved in and Mr Fat Fingers was helping me unpack my stuff... and urging me to say "hello" to my flatmates cos i was so shy then! LOL!

Tonight.. i am also missing my family a lot. My sister sent me photos of my mum, grandma and nieces. I miss them so much. I can't wait to be back at the end of the year to see them again!

I can't wait to finish my dissertation too! ... if i ever get my "engine" to start. I just find it so hard to start work! Argh! Maybe it'll be better when i work on it from the office from 9 to 6. That will definitely make me do some work I guess.

Can't wait to be back in Herts tomorrow! Can't wait to see the dogs too! And bring them out for walks!

Goodriddancebye flatmates! & Goodbye Leeds! I'll see you in Sept! (when i come back to hand in my dissertation!)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


So today I was walking to the city center to meet my friends for dinner.

Along the way, I saw this black guy with 2 bags of groceries from Morissons. Suddenly he stopped me and said... "Excuse me..." And i thought he was asking for directions or the time so i said "Yeah?" And he went.. "You look beautful" and i went.. "What? huh?"

He: You are beautiful
Me: Oh... er.. thanks.
He: Where are you going?
Me: huh? er.. i'm in a rush.. *prepares to run off*
He: Wait wait.. where are you going?
Me: Er i have to meet my friends. I'm running late. Bye!
He: Ok. You have beautiful legs! (i was wearing a denim skirt.) Bye!
Me: thanks. *smiles*

and i hurried off. Actually I wanted to tell him i think that I have fat calves and thighs but i was scared haha and actually kinda embarrassed so i left quickly. I am not used to people stopping me in the streets and compliment me! :D

The other day, I was in the photocopy room and a PHD student from Nigeria talked to me. He took over one of the practical classes last semester and he said he remembered me because I'm so beautiful! LOL! I didn't know what to say because I'm so not used to that.. and i was nervous..cos it's just me and him in the photocopy room! Then he asked me loads of questions like "Are you from Korea?" "Are you married?" "Do you have a boyfriend". It was a bit weird... but luckily he didn't stay too long.

I don't know how to handle situations like this... It's just too weird for me because I've never seen myself as thaaat pretty! I mean.. no one will give me a second look in Singapore! I'm not used to people telling me I look beautiful..well except for Mr. Fat Fingers hehe.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Funny dream!

Last night I dreamt i was back at my ex-company.
I was talking to my COWorker and our conversation went like this...

COWorker: Everyday must change panties one. (i dunno why the talk about panties!)
Me: Yah. Everyday must change. If only we can change our boss (Dick)

Then Dick overheard our conversation and sacked me!!!

Ta ma de! How can kenna sack like that??

When i told my girl friend about this dream.. she said I still cannot get over him. HAHAHAHA!
I don't know why! I just can't stop hating this irritating piece of...BLOB!

Oh yeah... While walking around Manchester the other day... i saw a card with the word "SKIVING" written on it. I was tempted to buy it and send it to Dick. In it, the msg would be...

Dear Dick,

When I saw this card, memories of you flooded my mind.
So i have to send this to you.

Fat Fingers

But i didn't lah...cos like so boh liao like that..hahaha

Monday, June 05, 2006

2 weeks!

Yes 2 weeks from now, i'll be saying good riddance bye to my flatmates!!

I can't wait to get out of this flat.

The weather here is getting warmer.. about 19 to 23 degrees celcius now.. but i don't know why my flatmate still wants to turn up the heater to 20! LOL!
Thank goodness I've turned off the heater...but none of them knows it yet. hehehe

We are going to clean up that extremely dirty kitchen of ours soon. I think I shall be annoying and ask that girl from hkg if she would like to clean the stove because she and her bf are the one who dirtied it. It's so dirty!! It's gross! You can see some sago stuck on the stove! And all the food stains!! Grrrrr

A few days ago, they cooked red bean soup and spilled some of it on the table. They didn't even bother to clean it up! What is wrong with these people? If it's me, i'd just wipe it off immediately! But no, these people have to leave it over night. They only cleaned it up after I wrote a note to say that we have to clean up the kitchen soon before we move out so as not to incurr any extra cleaning charges (which i am not prepared to give!!)

And that stupid bf of hers... can't even pee properly! My other flatmate has been complaining to me about how she had to clean the toilet cos there were pee all over the toilet seat!! She wanted to tell her to do something about it but she felt it would not be too nice to tell a 20 something to pee properly! Anyway the toilet is ok now...quite clean for the past few days!! I think he as stopped thinking with his penis for once and have started to lift up the toilet seat when he pees!

Grrr.. Stupid flatmate and her boyfriend who can't pee properly!! I hope she gets some rashes for being so dirty!!!

So anyway... enough of that... I've finally finished my last assignment for the term... I have just my dissertation to do now and then I'll be back at the office in London in July... can't wait to start and can't wait to discuss more about job opportunities with the boss there!


Mr Fat Fingers came to visit me last week. We had serveral day outs. One was to Keighley (pronounced as keith-ley). We took the stream train and travelled around on the
Keighley and Worth Valley a STEAM train! How every interesting! And very old fashion too! I love it!

We also went to Manchester on Saturday... and there were too many football fans there. Cos the England team was playing against Jamaica that day. I was glad I was in Red and White that day... England's colour and also Singapore's colour!! There were lots of Policemen around too..making sure no one is out and about getting pissed and causing trouble. There were even a few policeman on duty in the train on the way back to Leeds! It's crazy! But everyone was well behaved except for a few Sheffield United fans who kept making fun of Leeds United!! hehehehe