Monday, June 12, 2006

Funny dream!

Last night I dreamt i was back at my ex-company.
I was talking to my COWorker and our conversation went like this...

COWorker: Everyday must change panties one. (i dunno why the talk about panties!)
Me: Yah. Everyday must change. If only we can change our boss (Dick)

Then Dick overheard our conversation and sacked me!!!

Ta ma de! How can kenna sack like that??

When i told my girl friend about this dream.. she said I still cannot get over him. HAHAHAHA!
I don't know why! I just can't stop hating this irritating piece of...BLOB!

Oh yeah... While walking around Manchester the other day... i saw a card with the word "SKIVING" written on it. I was tempted to buy it and send it to Dick. In it, the msg would be...

Dear Dick,

When I saw this card, memories of you flooded my mind.
So i have to send this to you.

Fat Fingers

But i didn't lah...cos like so boh liao like that..hahaha


Ignorant one said...

I would put it as...

Dear dick

As much as I misses you during your absence in my life which I thank my karma for, no words could describe this feeling of happiness hence the delayed of this postcard which I chances upon and thought would be a great gift of relevance to your work attitude!

Wishes you the best

in skiving.

Fat fingers

Sibeh Sian said...

I noticed that under your 'I Want To' section, you have 'kill ex my boss' as priority number one too. Heh. Can I deliberately misconstrue that as saying Dick is your ex and you wanna kill him? Haha....

Fat Fingers said...

eeek it's a mistake.
Dick my ex? PUI PUI PUI!!!

limegreenspyda said...

somebody's been eating too many pies for supper... :)

i've been going on a pie-spree lately too. and am becoming an addict. oops.

Fat Fingers said...

i hope u will not end up to be the one who ate all the pies hahahhahaaha

hazel said...

Dreamt of my boss last night too... Nightmare... Had a disagreement with him a few days back... I'm still feeling a bit buay song... hopefully I will have a nice dream tonight...