Thursday, June 22, 2006


We are going camping tomorrow @ North Yorkshire! The most beautiful county in the UK!

I've only been camping ONCE when I was in Pri. 5! And it rained and then the wind was so strong our tent collapsed! hahaha And i remembered they served us sotong for lunch during one of the days and being the greedy girl that I was.. i ate my friend's sotong too.... and then i realised my friends were all laughing at me because the blank ink from the sotong filled my mouth and i had black teeth! hahaha

And i was quite annoyed with one of my classmates cos she made us built a tent on top of the sticks and twigs! So it wasn't too nice for me to sleep on!

I am looking forward to tomorrow's camping trip. We are going to spend 6 days camping! We bought a gas cooker along too so we can cook! And also lots of bedding stuff and duvet to keep us warm. It's still quite cold up north.. about 17-19 degrees celcius. I just hope there will be lots of sun. We are going to visit some of the castles too and hopefully Whitby Abbey. That's where Bram Stoker got the insipiration to write "Dracula" ... ooooh!!

We've packed most of the stuff into the car.. Now i have to pack my bag. Mr. Fat Fingers' mum said I should not bring too much stuff along because camping is not really high life. LOL. I always overpack when i go one trips hahaha..

Tomorrow's journey will be ... 3.5hrs! I'm glad they got a new and bigger car just before this trip so there will be more room for everyone! I will chope the sit at the back later.. cos i want to sit with the dogs and play with them. hehe. Plus.. i don't want to be the navigator. hehe I just want to sit back, relax, enjoy the view and my nap hehehe.


Suvy said...

waaaaaaheeeeeeyyyyyy holiday!! niiiiceee.... i tend to overpack too.... the trick is to just pack and then remove half of the contents. haha. me in perhentian now. can't believe i'm on the net! had to check email for work :( well enjoy yourself! looking forward to a blog on your camping adventures!!!!!

defy angel said...

This is so freaking cool! cAMPING, I love camping...

Have fun!!!

hazel said...

hey girlie, hopefully you can upload some pics after you return from the trip ya? =)

Sibeh Sian said...

Lucky you. The last time I went 'camping' was during NS in some very ulu jungle. Bleah.

So how was the trip :)?