Friday, June 30, 2006

My worst nightmare...

I'm back from my camping trip!!
It was great! except in the mornings where the crows would wake me up with their incessant crowing!! It's quite irritating especially at 6am in the morning!!

Anyway, I came home and found this email sitting in my INBOX..

dear fat fingers...
i can't believe this can i not know tt u've a blog?! i was surfing this, then i saw this, then i think "wei! ihavefatfingers is my friend's email leh! y this person copy my fren?!" so i decided to go in n kpo....only to know that this person is my fren! LOL

My girl friend found out about my blog.. after almost two years haha
heng ah...i never write any bad stuff about her... i think! :D


limegreenspyda said...

ooh... heng heng that email wasn't from dick! *evil grin*

kierra said...


nice blog.

you've one really cute friend eh?

hazel said...

hopefully this will not happen to me... cos I've just started blogging... =p

cheeky said...

hey fat, my new blog is up. hee hah