Saturday, June 17, 2006


So today I was walking to the city center to meet my friends for dinner.

Along the way, I saw this black guy with 2 bags of groceries from Morissons. Suddenly he stopped me and said... "Excuse me..." And i thought he was asking for directions or the time so i said "Yeah?" And he went.. "You look beautful" and i went.. "What? huh?"

He: You are beautiful
Me: Oh... er.. thanks.
He: Where are you going?
Me: huh? er.. i'm in a rush.. *prepares to run off*
He: Wait wait.. where are you going?
Me: Er i have to meet my friends. I'm running late. Bye!
He: Ok. You have beautiful legs! (i was wearing a denim skirt.) Bye!
Me: thanks. *smiles*

and i hurried off. Actually I wanted to tell him i think that I have fat calves and thighs but i was scared haha and actually kinda embarrassed so i left quickly. I am not used to people stopping me in the streets and compliment me! :D

The other day, I was in the photocopy room and a PHD student from Nigeria talked to me. He took over one of the practical classes last semester and he said he remembered me because I'm so beautiful! LOL! I didn't know what to say because I'm so not used to that.. and i was nervous..cos it's just me and him in the photocopy room! Then he asked me loads of questions like "Are you from Korea?" "Are you married?" "Do you have a boyfriend". It was a bit weird... but luckily he didn't stay too long.

I don't know how to handle situations like this... It's just too weird for me because I've never seen myself as thaaat pretty! I mean.. no one will give me a second look in Singapore! I'm not used to people telling me I look beautiful..well except for Mr. Fat Fingers hehe.


MichelleYourReader said...

Hehe, embrace the compliments with a thank-you note and don't be shy! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. U must be pretty to them, hence the compliments!

Shelly said...

Few women will look at themselves and feel that they're beautiful, but have more confidence in yourself! I'm sure there are more men other than Mr.FatFingers who will agree. :)

Fat Fingers said...

yah hehe i lack self confident! something that i must improve on...

Ignorant Author said...

Fat fingers, dont mind me hor but..

how come black guys stop you?! Where's the white ang mohs?!

Miss Curiousity

Fat Fingers said...

no idea!

Lynn said...

hAiyoh, the same thing happened to me. I was in the farmer's market buying veges and some weirdo from middle east started "complimenting" too and then followed me around. I got so worried, I was getting prepared to scream. Worse was I was on the train going to see my boyfriend and at then I realise at the last stop this angmoh was staring and looking..and then say you are so beautiful I said thank you, then asked where do I live..I quickly ran luckily my bf was waiting.
Compliments are nice if they are not from icky men...trying to follow you....