Sunday, June 18, 2006


Tonight is my last night in Leeds.

I've packed most of my stuff and we have also cleaned the kitchen... It's quite clean now! Never seen it so clean since last September, when I moved in! hahahaha! I am glad I won't be seeing my flatmates again! I guess I will only be keeping in touch with one of them. Definitely not the girl from hong kong..who left early and left her mess and boyfriend behind! Yeah! The boyfriend is still staying here! grrrr Doesn't he has his own flat or room?!?!? grrrr It's ok if he is staying here and does not mess up the kitchen!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah.. so anyway, I can't believe i'm moving out tomorrow. It seemed not long ago that I moved in and Mr Fat Fingers was helping me unpack my stuff... and urging me to say "hello" to my flatmates cos i was so shy then! LOL!

Tonight.. i am also missing my family a lot. My sister sent me photos of my mum, grandma and nieces. I miss them so much. I can't wait to be back at the end of the year to see them again!

I can't wait to finish my dissertation too! ... if i ever get my "engine" to start. I just find it so hard to start work! Argh! Maybe it'll be better when i work on it from the office from 9 to 6. That will definitely make me do some work I guess.

Can't wait to be back in Herts tomorrow! Can't wait to see the dogs too! And bring them out for walks!

Goodriddancebye flatmates! & Goodbye Leeds! I'll see you in Sept! (when i come back to hand in my dissertation!)

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