Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rule #1 - Always listen to your wife

Him: Alright. I'm off now.
Me: Bye! Don't forget the Satnav!
Him: Oh I'm not bringing it! I won't get lost!
Me: You sure?
Him: Yes! Bye! Love you!
Me: Don't get lost now!

5 minutes later...

Him: Hi babe! I'm lost!
Him: How do I get to Foxholes Lane?
Me: HAHAHAHA!! I told you!
Him: OK... how do i get there?
Me: *gave him the instructions...*
Him: Ok i found it!
Me: HAHAHA What did I tell you?
Him: Always listen to your wife......?
Me: Yah lor! hahahaha!
Him: Alright, see you later bye!