Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Birthday is Not Complete Without a Cake..and Family..

Mini Me : Ah Yi.. no birthday cake leh..You must buy one..
Fat Fingers : Eh. You all never buy one for me???
Mother : Oh.. Your boyfriend is not getting you one? We assumed he will send a birthday cake again this time.. so we didn't get any.
Fat Fingers : DOH!
Mother : Neh'mind. You go buy lah. I pay for it.
Fat Fingers : Har.. it is my birthday.. and i go get my own cake?
Mother : Yes.. no one is free.
Fat Fingers : OK lor...

So i went to get my own birthday cake haha
I thought it was quite funny...and sad at the same time..
Everyone expected The Boyfriend to send me a cake again this year! Unfortunately he didn't!

My sister was busy today.. so it was just me, grandma, mama, Mini Me and Mini Me's Mini Me. They sang the birthday song so well haha I was touched. I wanted to cry actually...
I will miss them next year :(

Oh and the parcel from The Boyfriend? It finally arrived. There was a birthday card from his mom and bro. And a card from him.. and A thumbdrive! hahaha I said i wanted to get one so he got one for me. Not a very big surprise haha but i still love it! I was secretly hoping for an MP3 player.... hahahaha
And he reminded me that he got me a present which he gave me earlier in Feb when he was here.....and i totally forgot about it! hahahaha How could i?? It was the leather jacket he got from Italy haha A biker Leather Jacket. I just need a bike to match it... hehehe

Oh here's a pic of what i saw this morning while waiting for the schoolbus with Mini Me!

I almost wanted to bring that mannequin head home hehe but it's kinda spooky.... the kids will get nightmares..

2 years short of 30....

Dick called me on the phone today...
Dick : Hi Fat Fingers! What time are you leaving today?
Fat Fingers : Er.. about 12.30pm
Dick : Oh you are not coming back to the office?
Fat Fingers : Oh.. no.. i'm taking half a day off..
Dick : Oh yes.. aiyah.. you smart little lady... Oh Happy Birthday! How old how young are you?
Fat Fingers : 2 years short of 30...
Dick : Huh?
Fat Fingers : 2 years short of 30.
Dick : Oh.. that makes you 26! hahahaha
Fat Fingers : hahahaha *in my heart - i think your math not so good...*
Dick : Ok.. i will see you tomorrow. Bye
Fat Fingers : Bye.

Aiyoh.. Dick really doesn't intend to let me off. He still wants to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. My fellow Dick-hater asked me what cake i want cos Dick asked her to get one for me. I told her.. "Tell Dick, i only want Durian cake from Goodwood Park Hotel. Muahahaha". But.. some of the expats doesn't like there goes my durian i don't think Dick will be so generous.
Another Dick-hater told me that Dick doesn't like Cheesecake....but... i love cheesecake! hahaha So they might get a cheesecake for me tomorrow.. haha.

My fellow Dick-haters insisted on bringing me out for lunch.. so we went to NYDC to have pasta. Dick almost wanted to join us!! But thankfully, he changed his mind cos he said someone might not like it. Actually.. it is not someone lor! It is everyone! hahahaha

Yeah.. so.. after lunch.. i went to CK Tangs to look for things to buy cos my Tangs Care card will expire today and it still has a value of $10.80... I ended up buying a green bag. I think that will be my 349830435th bag. hmmmm

As i was walking around town by myself, i realised.. how come some people are so free? They no need to work meh? And the kids.. don't they need to be at school.. or study at home? Or go for tuition classes?? Why are they all at Topshop????? And some kids.. they are so young and yet put on all those thick makeup! Tsk Tsk Tsk! They look like they are in their late 20s or something. So ugly. And some of them are too young to be in a relationship.. tsk tsk tsk.

Hahaha i realisd i sound like an old geezer...

Oh i have decided not to get the Creative Zen Micro Mini.. as i think i better sort out the $$$ for my studies later in the year.. If there's extra $ i'll get one. Or i'll wait for the PC/IT show in june to see if there's any special offers/promos/bundles and free gifts! I have no incentive to buy now hehe.

Yeah.. looking forward to dinner with my family later.

And Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! :)

Oh yes Mini Me was so cute this morning :

Fat Fingers : Mini Me! Today is my birthday! Where is my present??
Mini Me : I have no money.. but i can give you a kiss.
Fat Fingers : Ok Kiss me then!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Almost 28!!

*tried posting this an hour ago!! Blogger is having problems again! GRRRR

In 13 min (13! GH's index number!! hahahaha), i will be 28 years old!!

There are times when i am filling in forms and i have to stop and think for a while if i am 26 0r 27...

The COWorkers want to celebrate my birthday tomorrow by buying me lunch. I told them they don't have to. I don't feel like celebrating it... They keep insisting it but.. i just don't feel like it.. u know.. i just want to be left alone..

Oh yeah! I am taking half a day off tomorrow.. I'm looking forward to it cos i am gonna go shopping... alone!
Not sure what to get though.. but i think most probably i will go home empty handed... or maybe i should get the Creative Zen Micro that FF got today.
I have been beo-ing the red one... but didn't buy it because i don't need it... i can live without it.. but.. I JUST WANT IT!! So reading her post.. made me want to get it now! hahaha... Maybe i will get it as a bday present for i, me and myself. Hmmm

Anyway.. yes.. i am looking fwd to tomorrow because i can get to spend some time alone..with.. myself! I don't know why but i am so looking forward to spending time with myself tomorrow! hmmmm

Oh and i purposely told Dick at the last minute that i am taking half a day off. That will spoil his plan (i hope) to get me a birthday cake! I really don't want everyone in my dept to celebrate it with me because it is so fake. Let's face it, i don't like most of them.. so why celebrate my birthday with them? I don't think they like me too hahaha. And.. it's so fake when everyone sings the birthday song and i will have to do all the fake smiles and blow out the candles! BAH!

Oh leave me alone!

Hmmm i am feeling quite grumpy now..
Not sure if it's because i'm turning 28.. or if it's because of Picasa.

You see.. i was trying to do the picture pile collage thingy.. and it is so annoying. Cos.. the picture piles are so "messy"! It doesn't look the same as the one i did earlier on my other pc.

Yes... i know the shift+click function to change the way it piles the picture but it just doesn't look right. I want it to look the same as the ones i did previously.
argh! why???

UPdate : Oooh I just noticed.. my counter has crossed the 10,000 mark! Woohoo! Thank you everyone for reading my blog. :D :D :D :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I was a bully...

Girlfriend : i will ask for the details of the class...i wonder if we bake our own cake or we bake in group?
Fat Fingers : yah lor hor. if we bake in grp.. aiyoh.. if with u.. u surely dun let me bake one
Girlfriend : no lah...i will let u bake lor.....i won't be like how u used to treat GH one lor hahahahaha
Fat Fingers : Wah lau.. don't remind me..

I am going to learn how to make egg tarts with my girlfriend next month! How fun!

Anyway.. she reminded me of GH our Secondary School classmate. I was #14 on the class list and GH was #13. So we were always paired up to be partners in our Home Economics class.

I was glad Home Economics class lasted 2 years for me.
The whole class could hear me scolding GH everytime we had Home Economics. She was doing everything wrong & I was constantly scolding her..

I remembered we needed to make a hard boil egg and GH insisted the egg was ready.. and when she cracked the egg.. the egg white and yolk oozed out!! I was furious because there were no more eggs for us! We had to beg our classmates to give us some eggs hahaha

We bullied GH too..and We would make fun of her in class.. She never fought back but sat quietly at her desk and ignored us.

Once, we found her notebook and saw there were a lot of autographs by the local artistes. Guess what we did? We signed our names too haha We passed the book around and everyone signed it. We thought it was funny.. but not GH.

During PE lessons, we would play ball with her but we would always aim the ball at her head. We were so bad...

Many years later, i saw GH at the Uni. I said hi to her. I was embarrassed actually..for all the things i did to her.

I managed to track her down in the Uni's server. We chatted..and i apologized to her... for being so impatient with her.. scolding her.. and hitting her with the volleyball...
I forgot what her response was..but she wasn't angry at all..


I wonder how is she now.... hmmmmm

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dick's hometown...

COWorker : Eh Fat Fingers, got cheap air fares to Hanoi you know.. want to go?
Fat Fingers : No lah! Imagine you go to Vietname and all of them look exactly like Dick. EEEE
COWorker : Wah lau.. that's gross! Don't generalise!
Fat Fingers : Can't help it leh... When i see the word Vietnam, i see his face.. Yucks!

I don't hate Vietnam or the Vietnamese.. i just hate Dick. But.. He annoys me so much that whenever i see the word Vietnamese, he comes to my mind. I have also stopped eating Vietnamese food.... I'd avoid anything Vietnamese...

Anyway, Dick was in a good mood today... we were trying to come up with reasons why he was so chirpy..

COWorker : Must be he went to Geylang last night! That's why so happy!
Fat Fingers : hahaha you sure or not? He is so niao piao ..cannot be.
COWorker : Oh maybe he got to talk to his wife on the phone today.
Fat Fingers : Hmmm.. I know i know!! He had phone sex with his wife today.. that's why!! hehehe

*niao piao = stingy

Sunday, March 27, 2005


The Boyfriend : You're going to receive a parcel in the next few days?
Fat Fingers : A parcel for me?
The Boyfriend : Yes.
Fat Fingers : For my birthday??
The Boyfriend : Yes.
Fat Finges : *Doh!* You spoiled my surprise! Why did you tell me? Argh! What's in it? No! Don't tell me!
The Boyfriend : Hahaha! I just wanted to make sure that it gets to you! You have to let me know when you get it ok?
Fat Fingers : Argh! Don't tell me next time when you send a parcel to me ok? It spoils the fun! AND Please do not tell me when you're going to propose to me ok??????
The Boyfriend : I won't but it will be different..
Fat Fingers : Stop it!!!!


Mini Me : Ah-yi (auntie in cantonese), i got a surprise for you
Fat Fingers : Oh really?? What?
Mini Me : Ok ok.. you pretend that you don't know i have a chocolate for you ok??
Fat Fingers : .........
Mini Me : Surprise! *hands me a chocolate*
Fat Fingers : Why thank you! That's lovely! *pretends to be surprised*


Argh! I hate it when someone spoils my surprise! hehehe

I remembered once, The Ex sent me a bouquet of flowers while he was away on holiday with his friends. It was meant to be a surprise.. but his best friend had to spoilt it..

Winston : Fat Fingers, it's me Winston. Have you received the flowers?
Fat Fingers : What flowers?
Winston : Er.. never mind. I was just calling to check.. er.. never mind hehe er.. ok... bye.

5 min later.. someone knocked on the door and it was the delivery man. I wasn't surprise...

Oh! And this one time... a friend called and did the same thing to me..

Frank : Eh Fat Fingers. You like the flowers or not?
Fat Fingers : What flowers??
Frank : Calvin sent you some flowers.. oh you haven't receive it?
Fat Fingers : No lah.

A few min later.. the delivery man came.. Yes. I wasn't surprise at all.

And a few months ago, The Boyfriend sent me flowers too.. he didn't spoil the surprise for me this time..It was the florist!!

Florist : Hello. I would like to confirm your address. I have a delivery for you.
Fat Fingers : .. Er.. ok.
Florist : So you will be home before 12 right?
Fat Fingers : Yes.
Florist : Ok i'll deliver your flowers before 12!


Anyway.. right after the florist delivered the flower.. i received another gift from The Boyfriend.. It was an ice cream durian cake from emicakes! Woohoo!

Yeah.. so.. Guys, never ask your friends to check if the flowers/gifts have arrived for your girlfriends. It spoils the fun! And never tell the person you want to surprise that they should expect something in the next few days!

Aiyoh.. i cannot wait for the parcel to arrive.. wonder what's in it.. hmmm :D :D :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blame is spelled as B(e)-lame...

Dick : Fat Fingers, i hope you won't mind if i use you as an example?
Fat Fingers : I don't mind.
Dick : So everyone, please use this report that Fat Fingers has generated as a template. It is very useful.
Fat Fingers : *talks to self* useful yeah.. but it is a waste of my time!
Dick : So Fat Fingers, is there anything you want to add? Did it take you a long time to do it?
Fat Fingers : Yes.. i dozed off many times while i was doing it... too boring!
Dick : ......

Stupid Dick.. he asked me to generate a report for him 2 weeks ago. It was only for one of my categories.. so i did it and sent it to him. He was pleased.. and decided to make everyone do it..

So some of my COWorkers thought i wanted to suck up to him by doing the report.
They blamed me and accused me... of submitting in the report when i can just ignore him.

Well, excuse me! I was asked to do the report and no matter how i hate Dick, i had to do it cos it was the second time he asked me to do it! I cannot siam no more!! And he told me he wanted my feedback. If i think it's a waste of time.. then we can skip it. Bloody liar!

I was so pissed..

Pissed with some of my COWorkers cos if they don't want to do it and think it is a waste of time (which is) then please tell Dick.. and since Dick doesn't care.. don't come and tell me.. for the 95847837th time that it is my fault for submitting the report for him!!
Some of them meant it as a joke.. but it wasn't so funny after 95847837th time!


& I am pissed with Dick because when some of us told him we can actually get that report from someone else .. he kept saying..."No. You just do it for me. Don't forward me those reports you get from the other people because it will jam up my mailbox!!" He's wasting our time! Argh! And what a lame excuse!

Anyway, i have to tell him tomorrow during the dreaded one to one session.. it's taking up too much of my time.. takes me one day to do it.. and i have to do like 7 of them! Siao!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It wasn't me!

Friend : Hey do you still have your boss' hooker spreadsheet?
Fat Fingers : Argh! Why did you remind me? I've erased it from my memory!
Friend : I just thought you could sell it to earn some $$$
Fat Fingers : Hmmm not a bad idea..

My friend has just reminded me of something that i don't want to retain in my memory!

I was the IT Leader for my dept at my ex-co. My ex boss wanted me to backup the data in his laptop to the server.. so i did.. and while i was waiting for all the files to transfer over to the server.. i saw the file name.. "nurse.jpg"..

"Hmmm", i thought to myself.. "Why is there a pic of a nurse in his laptop?"

So i double-clicked on the file, it was a Japanese nurse... and her uniform was way too small for her.. it was tight too.. u get the picture?

I was shocked.. and i browsed through all the files and there were like hundreds of porn in his folder! Hmmm. Then i saw the hooker sheet..

There were names of many girls.. with the addresses.. all the lorongs! And there were some ratings next to it too.. for HJ, BJ and FJ! and comments! I remember it goes something like this, "Great at BJ. But tits are not big enough"

Argh. It was disgusting.

Anyway.. after my shocking discovery.. i was like.. "argh! must.tell.someone. but i can't! argh!" I quickly called my friend, A, on the phone to tell her cos she knows no one from my co.

And she told me..

"Friend, relax. Got your name there or not? Don't have right? Don't panic. It is normal for men to look at porn lah! As long as your name and photo is not there"


But still..

Whenever he asked me anything about his laptop or the server, i will go.. "No No.. i didn't see any porn in your folder. Don't see no hooker sheet either!! It wasn't me!!" my heart...

Monday, March 21, 2005

Weddings and Bridezillas...

The Boyfriend : What kind of wedding do you want babe?
Fat Fingers : Something that's not too expensive.
The Boyfriend : Yes.. i don't want one that will take half of our lives planning for it.. 6 months to a year is too long. I don't want you to be stressed out.
Fat Fingers : yes.. as long as it is long enough for me to slim down to fit into a wedding dress!
The Boyfriend : hahaha! I can't believe this is coming from someone with a 18.5 BMI!

Speaking of weddings.. I don't know why some women turn into Bridezillas when they are preparing for their wedding. I hope i will never be one... hehehe

I had the misfortune of being a Bridezilla's bridesmaid once. She forced me to wear Pink...and Pink wasn't in i had to tailor make a PINK dress specially for her.. and now it's somewhere in the wardrobe. I will never wear it again. It's too big now anyway hehe hohoho. And she made me do lots of things till i wished her soon-to-be husband would leave her at the altar.. but i changed my mind cos if not, i'll have to share a room with her till God knows when...

Anyway.. Bridezillas take their wedding too seriously. Unlike Shauna, who told her mom..
“We’re taking the marriage seriously, Mother!” I explained. “Just not the wedding!”

I thought her wedding was great!

Update : Er...some of you thought that i am getting married soon.. haha.. well no lah.. not so soon. Just talk only. I'm not getting married...yet.

Friday, March 18, 2005


I met The Big Boss today.
He asked me how was work.. and i told him i've been very busy... and i was too chicken to complain about Dick! Well, cos i think they have a good relationship so it is best that i not do that.. for now.

Anyway... he said he wanted to send our team to Japan to take a look at our new stores, probably in May....



As much as i love to travel, i hate business trips! And also... i have to travel with Dick again!
It's no good travelling with him when he wants to control the drinks and food you eat! GRRRR!!

The only good things i can think of from going to Japan for the business trip is ..
1. earn mileage points hahaha
2. lots of Japanese food! yummy!

That's all!

I remembered there was once i was so fed up trying to get everyone into the mini bus which will bring us to the airport from the hotel .. and Dick was late as usual...
The mini bus couldn't wait for us cos there were too many cars coming in.. so the bus driver drove off to make another round before coming back to pick us up..
And Dick kept asking me.. "Where's the bus?? Where's the bus?"
I didn't answer him because i was very annoyed...
But Dick kept asking.."Wheres the bus?? Where's the bus??"

I got fed up and snapped at him.. "HOW WOULD I KNOW?? I AM NOT THE BUS DRIVER!!"
and walked off...

I know.. i was rude.. I didn't know why i did that either haha
I guess it was all the frustration during the business trip..
From HKG to KOR back to SG, all of us were not too happy with each other haha. It was like.. Dick haters vs Dick + Office Viper all the way!

I still remember how Dick told everyone in Hong Kong that we stayed in a CHEAPer hotel because of me and my colleagues who wanted to go to HKG a few days earlier for the weekend. Please! I wouldn't mind paying for a more expensive room for a night..but it was YOU who said, "The CHEAPer the better please!" So it's not my fault! Don't blame it on me!

Argh! I don't want to go on another business trip with Dick! No No No No No No No!!!!!

Eh.. but Dick just went there in Jan.. hmm I think maybe it's just us then.. if that's the case, then i will be more than willing to go.. hohoho :D :D :D

Monday, March 14, 2005


Aiyoh.. don't know why all these is happening..
Why? Why me? Why?

So today I was walking to the office... and guess who i saw?
Yes.. yes.. Dick again! Why ah?? Why so suay??? I cannot believe it.

He was waiting for a cab to go to another office...

I quickly took out my phone and pretended to send an sms.. so i don't have to look in front but look down at my phone.. hehehehe

Anyway, this Dick is really driving us crazy! Well.. maybe just Us minus the Office Viper.

We were supposed to come out with 3 objectives - Department, team and personal objective.

So as a manager, i suppose you have to guide your department on what and how to set the objective. He didn't. So we (excluding Dick) had a TWO hour meeting on this.. and we all came up with an objective and we all submitted it to him. He wasn't happy.. and held another meeting!
Of course, we weren't too impressed with him. If you wanted us to do it your way, why don't you just tell us what you want? Why tell us to DIY and then come back and tell us this is not what he was looking for? Why didn't he just give us the guidelines when we asked him to?

He asked one of my COWorkers if she was unhappy. And she really told him that he wasted our time and it's very frustrating when we can't get any guidance from him. Hahaha Dick didn't expect that at all!

So we changed it according to what he wanted and today he emailed us again and said we were too general so all of us have to redo it! argh! What is wrong with him? Why can't he just tell us what he wanted in the first place?

Yeah we also had to set an objective on which dept we want to move on to and how to improve our competency to achieve that. I was tempted to write.. "I want to be a manager, like Dick, because you don't need much competency." but i didn't.. because i still need to save $$$!

I really can't wait to have my exit interview. Muaahahahahaha

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Not again!

I had to leave work earlier on friday.. at 5pm..
I wanted to take the lift... and then i thought.. "Hmmm. Lift going down to the 1st floor.. Dick must be coming back.. better take the stairs.. "

So i went to the stairs.. and then i saw Dick! He took the stairs!!

Wah lau!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This morning i was walking happily to the office and singing to Michael Bolton's "Love is a Wonderful Thing" (cos MacD was playing that song when i walked pass).. and as i was approaching the office building.. someone walked beside me... And that someone was.... DICK! ARGH ARGH ARGH! WHY WHY WHY? OF ALL PEOPLE, WHY DICK?? We didn't talk in the lift, i pretended to be busy reading my Digital Life!. Actually, i was talking to myself in my mind. "Damn suay.. suay suay suay. early in the morning, i get to see Dick. Sibeh suay! Ta ma de!"

I can't stand it.. for the past few weeks.. i've been quite suay.I kept telling myself.. don't let me see Dick at the pantry, at the corridor.. in the lift.. at the lobby.. and what do i get?? I get to see him at the pantry, the corridor, the lift and at the lobby! ARGH ARGH ARGH!!


& Dick has been so on the ball lately..
I think his boss must be pushing him..
so now he is pushing us.

I have to do a bi-monthly report for him which is a waste of my time. Basically, i have to use that report to HOUND the planners and question them (in a nice way) if they are doing their job.
Dick told us.. "Yes, the word to use is HOUND!"

And this thursday we will have our one to one session again! This time he planned to spend one hour with us! ONE hour! That's SIXTY minutes! 3600 Seconds!
I have nothing much to tell him!
Well i think i will tell him i am not motivated to do my work.. and see what he will do. hehehe
Not too long to go now.. i'm so excited to hand in my resignation letter to Dick. Woohoo

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stupid Boy...

I was chatting with a "friend", Stupid Boy, today and Now i know why i didn't talk to him for a long long time....


Stupid boy : I'm now dating a girl named Sharon. She isn't pretty and is rather plump but she has similar interests and character like me.

Fat Fingers : eh dun say ur gf like that mah .. hehe

Stupid Boy : Not my gf yet lah.... We just met last week only.... But I am beginning to like her. I am very afraid to lose her and she might actually change her mind about me. I had a bad experience like this before..... Any tips?

Fat Fingers : i dunno.. just be yourself lor.

Stupid Boy : Yeah but being myself is not good enough in my previous relationships

Fat Fingers : i see.. do u want to change for a person? it is hard u know. u must find someone who can accept who u are

Stupid Boy : I think it's not so much me changing but the gal changing. Like the girl losing interest in me because she often lose interest in things quickly. Sharon told me she's like that. So how?

Fat Fingers : then i dunno. if she really likes u then i think it will not happen lor. or u make urself irresitable? hehehehe

Stupid Boy : I don't know about what is going to happen as it is too early in the relationship. Marriage is a long way off for me. Maybe when I am 35.

Fat Fingers : yah. u just take it easy.

Stupid Boy : By the way, Sharon is a journalist so she has to work on weekends for assignments too.

Fat Fingers : oh is that a problem for u?

Stupid Boy : No we meet after work on weekdays. I have just met her twice liao.

Fat Fingers : oh thats good

Stupid Boy : every couple has diff time period of becoming steady. I don't believe Sharon and I need 4-5 months though. Maybe 1-2 months.

Fat Fingers : that's good then.

Stupid Boy : But it's too early to tell. I don't want to be broken-hearted like last time. I thought my ex was the One but she broke my heart badly.

Fat Fingers : u take it easy lor.

Stupid Boy : She just cut all contact with me. Never even said why?

Fat Fingers : i see. i think just move on lor. be frens first befor u be steady

Stupid Boy : Yeah, but there are already feelings involved liao. We held hands on our last date. So I will be very disappointed if things turn out badly like last time. I only wish she likes me and agrees to be my gf in due time.

Fat Fingers : aiyoh. so eager u all

Stupid Boy : Yeah maybe we are too eager but we are really so similar. It's like meeting another me. But of course she is diff in other ways too.

Fat Fingers : u shld take ur time to get ot know her first lor. no hurry.

Stupid Boy : True. Can I take her flaws is impt. She also needs to be motivated to lose some weight..... That one can try to do after I know her for some time.But overall inner beauty is more impt to me.

Fat Fingers : her weight is an issue for u?

Stupid Boy : Not really. But I find it is a waste that her face looks cute but her body doesn't match. Need to slim down and will really be a good deal of difference. But she is a journalist and eats irregular meals.... That's what is causing her to put on weight that's what my nurse friend says.

Fat Fingers : i see

Stupid Boy : So she has difficulty losing weight because of irregular meals and perhaps too lazy to exercise. She doesn't even play sports. How to motivate her?

Fat Fingers : dunno.

Stupid Boy : Maybe we can both apply for some gym membership how is that? Or slimming centres?

Fat Fingers : maybe u should concentrate on how to make her like u more or stop her from changing her mind about you before you think about this?

Stupid Boy : True..... Any suggestions on how I can make her like me more?

Fat Fingers : i think dun be too eager

Stupid Boy : Yeah.... Good advice. But I am afraid if she dates other men she might choose them instead if I am too slow. So how?

Fat Fingers : u must be confident.

Stupid Boy : Win them all huh? Beat the competition?


Please guys.. never ask a girl you like to go to a slimming centre ok?? I don't think it is a good idea!!

& Now i know why Stupid Boy's ex-gf cut off all contacts with him!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dick and the Mohs

I'm convinced that Dick's sex life is bad..
He's been emailing us between 11pm and 1am .. hmmm
I think he has no life too..

And today, Moh Huay, one of the managers here came to us and said.. "Who's phone was that? We have a new rule in the office now. Everyone's cellphone must be on the vibrator mode. I hate it when they just keep ringing.. It drives me crazy!"

Who the hell is she to set that rule?

How about i set a rule too? - No one is supposed to laugh loudly, scream and shout in the office.

Moh Huay and her sisters, Moh Lian and Moh Beng is always screaming and shouting.
They love to say ... "YOU GO GIRL!" "SHUT UP! NO! SHUT UP!" "NO WAY!!" and it's always very loud. The whole office can hear them. It's very very annoying!!

Oh did i tell you they all share the same surname too? Their surname is ANG.

And their manager's name is Moh Seng. He has the worst ringing tone in the office...but i guess Moh Huay likes it cos she never complains about it when his cellphone rings!

I hate The Mohs!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

4 months!

It's the 1st of March today!

4 months to go before i say goodbye to my boring job, Dick, the Office Viper and my fellow Dick haters.

I'm so excited!

Today is also the birthday of my future mother-in-law. She loves the earrings i got for her. Hee hee.


It was a boring day at work today.. SSDD ... Same Shit, Different Day.
Very sick of it..
Even though there's only 4 months to go.. i still myself getting really annoyed and agitated when i'm being asked to do things that i think are pointless and waste of time.

The Office Viper really annoyed me today. When Dick is not around, she loves to play boss. - giving us instructions and telling us what to do.. Maybe she meant well..hmmm but i really hate it when she just comes to me and tell me how to do my own things.. I know you are offering suggestions..but can you please just let me do it on my own? Let me learn? Let me try how to do it? Let me make my own mistakes? If i need any help, i'll ask you!
When she told me all the solutions, i was quite pissed.. cos i didn't have the time to even think about it and if i had the time to think, would i have thought of the same solution/method? ARGH ARGH ARGH!!

Oh yes, even though Dick is on holiday for a week in the US with his family, he is still haunting us with emails!! GRRR
He sent us emails at 2am US time! Please! Does he have no life? Maybe it's jet lag, my fellow Dick haters said.. but i think not..
I think he wanted to have sex with his wife.. but his wife is turned off by him so he got frustrated and couldn't sleep and hence, logged on internet and send us emails! and maybe surf porn sites too.. wahahhahaa.

Please lor.. Dick..enjoy your holiday! Don't haunt us with your emails. Get a life! We all can live without you!