Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stupid Boy...

I was chatting with a "friend", Stupid Boy, today and Now i know why i didn't talk to him for a long long time....


Stupid boy : I'm now dating a girl named Sharon. She isn't pretty and is rather plump but she has similar interests and character like me.

Fat Fingers : eh dun say ur gf like that mah .. hehe

Stupid Boy : Not my gf yet lah.... We just met last week only.... But I am beginning to like her. I am very afraid to lose her and she might actually change her mind about me. I had a bad experience like this before..... Any tips?

Fat Fingers : i dunno.. just be yourself lor.

Stupid Boy : Yeah but being myself is not good enough in my previous relationships

Fat Fingers : i see.. do u want to change for a person? it is hard u know. u must find someone who can accept who u are

Stupid Boy : I think it's not so much me changing but the gal changing. Like the girl losing interest in me because she often lose interest in things quickly. Sharon told me she's like that. So how?

Fat Fingers : then i dunno. if she really likes u then i think it will not happen lor. or u make urself irresitable? hehehehe

Stupid Boy : I don't know about what is going to happen as it is too early in the relationship. Marriage is a long way off for me. Maybe when I am 35.

Fat Fingers : yah. u just take it easy.

Stupid Boy : By the way, Sharon is a journalist so she has to work on weekends for assignments too.

Fat Fingers : oh is that a problem for u?

Stupid Boy : No we meet after work on weekdays. I have just met her twice liao.

Fat Fingers : oh thats good

Stupid Boy : every couple has diff time period of becoming steady. I don't believe Sharon and I need 4-5 months though. Maybe 1-2 months.

Fat Fingers : that's good then.

Stupid Boy : But it's too early to tell. I don't want to be broken-hearted like last time. I thought my ex was the One but she broke my heart badly.

Fat Fingers : u take it easy lor.

Stupid Boy : She just cut all contact with me. Never even said why?

Fat Fingers : i see. i think just move on lor. be frens first befor u be steady

Stupid Boy : Yeah, but there are already feelings involved liao. We held hands on our last date. So I will be very disappointed if things turn out badly like last time. I only wish she likes me and agrees to be my gf in due time.

Fat Fingers : aiyoh. so eager u all

Stupid Boy : Yeah maybe we are too eager but we are really so similar. It's like meeting another me. But of course she is diff in other ways too.

Fat Fingers : u shld take ur time to get ot know her first lor. no hurry.

Stupid Boy : True. Can I take her flaws is impt. She also needs to be motivated to lose some weight..... That one can try to do after I know her for some time.But overall inner beauty is more impt to me.

Fat Fingers : her weight is an issue for u?

Stupid Boy : Not really. But I find it is a waste that her face looks cute but her body doesn't match. Need to slim down and will really be a good deal of difference. But she is a journalist and eats irregular meals.... That's what is causing her to put on weight that's what my nurse friend says.

Fat Fingers : i see

Stupid Boy : So she has difficulty losing weight because of irregular meals and perhaps too lazy to exercise. She doesn't even play sports. How to motivate her?

Fat Fingers : dunno.

Stupid Boy : Maybe we can both apply for some gym membership how is that? Or slimming centres?

Fat Fingers : maybe u should concentrate on how to make her like u more or stop her from changing her mind about you before you think about this?

Stupid Boy : True..... Any suggestions on how I can make her like me more?

Fat Fingers : i think dun be too eager

Stupid Boy : Yeah.... Good advice. But I am afraid if she dates other men she might choose them instead if I am too slow. So how?

Fat Fingers : u must be confident.

Stupid Boy : Win them all huh? Beat the competition?


Please guys.. never ask a girl you like to go to a slimming centre ok?? I don't think it is a good idea!!

& Now i know why Stupid Boy's ex-gf cut off all contacts with him!


KnightofPentacles said...

Why do women value beauty over brains?

Because men look better than they think.
If that is the criteria used to choose his "girlfriend", I wonder what criteria are used to measure his male friends.

ningx said...

your friend sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bubblemunche said...

My goodness! What a, er, stupid boy :D!

Ah 9 said...

i think i used to be like him...that sux. LOL

now...i longer mr.niceguy....i got attitude ex likes that...women. :P

ah duh...wahahahahaha

sari said...

Your friend is IRRITATING!! Ive met stupid guys like that asking me all those lame questions online then practuically answered all the questions himself too!!! This kind of guy is usually skinny, a bit bengish, hokkien type.. watever la. Next time use ignore command on him.

tommi said...

sounds like your friend's gf may be just an imagery...maybe there is no such person but your friend just making up...or maybe he is hinting to you that if you don't take him, you are going to regret...muahaaahaaa....just kidding....

defy angel said...

Gosh...ur Stupid Fren is really SILLY..... haiz.... First he worries himself silly and think so far. On the other hand, he seems to mind about the girl's size?
What is it with guys abt size?
Dear guys..... its the mind that counts! (but then again, I guess for boys, they prefer barbie dolls......)

ah xing said...

Ur fren should look at the mirror and discover how imperfect he is, everybody have flaws. So wat if the girl is plump? If he really like tat girl, he shouldnt mind.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

What the?? Your friend merely met the girl twice and he's already thinking how to make the gal lose weight?

Come on.. Accept what she is, not make what you want her to be.

Stupid boy indeed

Zen|th said...

She's not his girlfriend and he's already thinking of how to change her? Hahaha.

Cowboy Caleb said...

your friend suffers from low-self esteem. This one got no easy cure.

Joelle said...

Wow, u still bother to entertain him leh..

Tt guy is so horrid.. on one hand he says he can stand her.. on the other hand he wants her to "jian fei" Y? Want to save face issit.. Cannot go out with plump pple har. -_-""""""

Fat Fingers said...

yah i don't know why i bother talking to him at all..
he is now in my invisible list... don't want to hear all his nonsense...