Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dick and the Mohs

I'm convinced that Dick's sex life is bad..
He's been emailing us between 11pm and 1am .. hmmm
I think he has no life too..

And today, Moh Huay, one of the managers here came to us and said.. "Who's phone was that? We have a new rule in the office now. Everyone's cellphone must be on the vibrator mode. I hate it when they just keep ringing.. It drives me crazy!"

Who the hell is she to set that rule?

How about i set a rule too? - No one is supposed to laugh loudly, scream and shout in the office.

Moh Huay and her sisters, Moh Lian and Moh Beng is always screaming and shouting.
They love to say ... "YOU GO GIRL!" "SHUT UP! NO! SHUT UP!" "NO WAY!!" and it's always very loud. The whole office can hear them. It's very very annoying!!

Oh did i tell you they all share the same surname too? Their surname is ANG.

And their manager's name is Moh Seng. He has the worst ringing tone in the office...but i guess Moh Huay likes it cos she never complains about it when his cellphone rings!

I hate The Mohs!!


tommi said...

Get her a vibrator...make sure it doesn't produce any sound...maybe her existing one is out of order...muahaaahaaa...

ningx said...

are they like, angmohs or something?
ask them to shut up. that their voices sound worse than the wu ya that's standing on the pavement outside the company's door.

i am so mean.

Bubblemunche said...

I was thinking the same thing as Ningx! You're hinting they are ang mo issit? Keke, time to create a new Moh family in Sims already....

Ah 9 said...

Kah the mohs!!!!

frenie said...

for a moment I was ashamed of my surname since I m an ang. Then I realised the implied meaning. hehehe!!! I m too slow.

Fat Fingers said...

tommi : haha er.. maybe i should do that. or maybe not. i don't even want to talk to her.

Ningx, Bubbles : Yes they are Ang Mohs! Ang Moh Lian, Ang Moh Huay, Ang Moh Beng and Ang Moh Seng. hahaha.

Ah 9 : I wish i can lor..but i can't!

Frenie : haha don't worry. I have nothing against people with the Surname Angs. hahaha. I just don't like Ang Moh Lian/Huay/Beng/Seng hehehe

MyOrangeSweater said...

Some ang mohs are OK, but most are not. They think the world of themselves, but actually they are really stupid. And most of them are BS artistes as well, and very stuck up. Too bad, hope the Chinese can roll their tanks into ang moh land soon ...

leecs said...

haha very funny...kekekeke
will visit ur site again for sure..