Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Almost 28!!

*tried posting this an hour ago!! Blogger is having problems again! GRRRR

In 13 min (13! GH's index number!! hahahaha), i will be 28 years old!!

There are times when i am filling in forms and i have to stop and think for a while if i am 26 0r 27...

The COWorkers want to celebrate my birthday tomorrow by buying me lunch. I told them they don't have to. I don't feel like celebrating it... They keep insisting it but.. i just don't feel like it.. u know.. i just want to be left alone..

Oh yeah! I am taking half a day off tomorrow.. I'm looking forward to it cos i am gonna go shopping... alone!
Not sure what to get though.. but i think most probably i will go home empty handed... or maybe i should get the Creative Zen Micro that FF got today.
I have been beo-ing the red one... but didn't buy it because i don't need it... i can live without it.. but.. I JUST WANT IT!! So reading her post.. made me want to get it now! hahaha... Maybe i will get it as a bday present for i, me and myself. Hmmm

Anyway.. yes.. i am looking fwd to tomorrow because i can get to spend some time alone..with.. myself! I don't know why but i am so looking forward to spending time with myself tomorrow! hmmmm

Oh and i purposely told Dick at the last minute that i am taking half a day off. That will spoil his plan (i hope) to get me a birthday cake! I really don't want everyone in my dept to celebrate it with me because it is so fake. Let's face it, i don't like most of them.. so why celebrate my birthday with them? I don't think they like me too hahaha. And.. it's so fake when everyone sings the birthday song and i will have to do all the fake smiles and blow out the candles! BAH!

Oh leave me alone!

Hmmm i am feeling quite grumpy now..
Not sure if it's because i'm turning 28.. or if it's because of Picasa.

You see.. i was trying to do the picture pile collage thingy.. and it is so annoying. Cos.. the picture piles are so "messy"! It doesn't look the same as the one i did earlier on my other pc.

Yes... i know the shift+click function to change the way it piles the picture but it just doesn't look right. I want it to look the same as the ones i did previously.
argh! why???

UPdate : Oooh I just noticed.. my counter has crossed the 10,000 mark! Woohoo! Thank you everyone for reading my blog. :D :D :D :D


Bubblemunche said...

And I the first to wish you Happy Birthday :)??


Thanks for entertaining us all these while :)

lancerlord said...

Happy Birthday. Only 28 nia? come all the bloggers I come across all younger than me one?

Ah 9 said...

Happy Birthday! =)

Ah 9 said...

Happy Birthday! =)

suspiciousbastard said...

Yeah, happy birthday. Too bad I'm not rich enough to give out presents to everyone. Maybe next time.

jettykey said...

I share the same sentiments about coworkers celebrating my birthday, especially when we're not close. It feels so fake!

Have a wonderful birthday!

becca said...

Happy birthday! May all your wishes come through!

becca said...

Sorry, I mean true!

miryclay said...

Happy birthday to you fat fingers!

Don't celebrate with the co-workers, celebrate with us!

cannonball said...

An iPod Mini would make you feel better. Heh.

Many happy returns of the day :)

Zen|th said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles : You are the first to wish me Happy Birthday in my blog hehehehe :D

Lancerlord : i am glad you are older than me.. muahahahaha

ah 9 : thanks! :)

suspiciousbastard : when you are rich, please remember to send me presents. thanks :D

anna : Thank you! :)

soccersalvaged : thank you!! :D

miryclay : i wish i can! :)Thanks!

cannonball j : yah, ipod mini or creative zen micro also can hehehe :D

zen|th : Thank you! :)

FF said...

Happy birthday!

Hey, if you read my post on my Zen, someone commented he's working in Creative so he can buy at staff discount for you. :) Ask him! Geekgeek methinks.

Fat Fingers said...

Thank you FF!

Thanks for the tip off hehe. I just remembered my friend's cousin works there too. So she might help me get it hehe. :)

Enjoy your zen micro!

nemesis said...

Happy Birdday !!! =)

Fat Fingers said...

Tenshiku : Thank you! even though you're about a week late.. but it is ok! :D :D :D