Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Birthday is Not Complete Without a Cake..and Family..

Mini Me : Ah Yi.. no birthday cake leh..You must buy one..
Fat Fingers : Eh. You all never buy one for me???
Mother : Oh.. Your boyfriend is not getting you one? We assumed he will send a birthday cake again this time.. so we didn't get any.
Fat Fingers : DOH!
Mother : Neh'mind. You go buy lah. I pay for it.
Fat Fingers : Har.. it is my birthday.. and i go get my own cake?
Mother : Yes.. no one is free.
Fat Fingers : OK lor...

So i went to get my own birthday cake haha
I thought it was quite funny...and sad at the same time..
Everyone expected The Boyfriend to send me a cake again this year! Unfortunately he didn't!

My sister was busy today.. so it was just me, grandma, mama, Mini Me and Mini Me's Mini Me. They sang the birthday song so well haha I was touched. I wanted to cry actually...
I will miss them next year :(

Oh and the parcel from The Boyfriend? It finally arrived. There was a birthday card from his mom and bro. And a card from him.. and A thumbdrive! hahaha I said i wanted to get one so he got one for me. Not a very big surprise haha but i still love it! I was secretly hoping for an MP3 player.... hahahaha
And he reminded me that he got me a present which he gave me earlier in Feb when he was here.....and i totally forgot about it! hahahaha How could i?? It was the leather jacket he got from Italy haha A biker Leather Jacket. I just need a bike to match it... hehehe

Oh here's a pic of what i saw this morning while waiting for the schoolbus with Mini Me!

I almost wanted to bring that mannequin head home hehe but it's kinda spooky.... the kids will get nightmares..


lis said...

Hi, enjoy reading ur blog, btw, I finished ALL ur archives today, haha! U sound so real and natural!

Anyway I haven't figured to link up that blogrolling thingy that u sent me.. too tired now!

Oh, Happy Birthday! I'm turning 26 this year, and hmm.. not really looking forward to it!

lancerlord said...

Just by looking at the photo, can also freak me out.

Ah 9 said...

yah spooky starting to think u have wierd habits of keeping those mannequin heads... :P

FF said...

Happy Birthday my dear Fat Fingers!

GlassDog said...

Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed yourself and your cake.

aish said...

hey girl! A very happy birthday to you! Wishing you lots and lots of joy and laughters in years to come! Hugs!

Filee Falee said...

geez! why do you want to bring the mannequin head home?! It freaks my pants off.

Jayaxe said...

So you actually got two birthday presents from the boyfriend lah? Sekali he got a bike ready for you in UK. Ooops! Spoil your potential surprise again. Hehe.

tommi said...

Happy belated birthday to you! Wanted to wish you on your birthday but was terribly tied up with work this entire week...hope you continue blogging even when you went over to UK!

Fat Fingers said...

lis : thank you for reading and i am glad you enjoyed it hehe. I am real! So is Dick! hahaha

lancerlord / ah 9 : yeah quite scary after looking at it for a while. I do have weird habits..

ff / glassdog / aish : Thank you!! :)

Filee Falee : I thought it's nice but on second thoughts... noo.. hehe

Jayaxe : i no bike licence yet.. he might want to buy me a bicycle first.. actually i cannot cycle hahahaa

tommi : thank you! i will blog when i am there at the UK.. but no more Dick stories.. hehe

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Fat Fingers said...

Thank you LMD! :)