Sunday, March 27, 2005


The Boyfriend : You're going to receive a parcel in the next few days?
Fat Fingers : A parcel for me?
The Boyfriend : Yes.
Fat Fingers : For my birthday??
The Boyfriend : Yes.
Fat Finges : *Doh!* You spoiled my surprise! Why did you tell me? Argh! What's in it? No! Don't tell me!
The Boyfriend : Hahaha! I just wanted to make sure that it gets to you! You have to let me know when you get it ok?
Fat Fingers : Argh! Don't tell me next time when you send a parcel to me ok? It spoils the fun! AND Please do not tell me when you're going to propose to me ok??????
The Boyfriend : I won't but it will be different..
Fat Fingers : Stop it!!!!


Mini Me : Ah-yi (auntie in cantonese), i got a surprise for you
Fat Fingers : Oh really?? What?
Mini Me : Ok ok.. you pretend that you don't know i have a chocolate for you ok??
Fat Fingers : .........
Mini Me : Surprise! *hands me a chocolate*
Fat Fingers : Why thank you! That's lovely! *pretends to be surprised*


Argh! I hate it when someone spoils my surprise! hehehe

I remembered once, The Ex sent me a bouquet of flowers while he was away on holiday with his friends. It was meant to be a surprise.. but his best friend had to spoilt it..

Winston : Fat Fingers, it's me Winston. Have you received the flowers?
Fat Fingers : What flowers?
Winston : Er.. never mind. I was just calling to check.. er.. never mind hehe er.. ok... bye.

5 min later.. someone knocked on the door and it was the delivery man. I wasn't surprise...

Oh! And this one time... a friend called and did the same thing to me..

Frank : Eh Fat Fingers. You like the flowers or not?
Fat Fingers : What flowers??
Frank : Calvin sent you some flowers.. oh you haven't receive it?
Fat Fingers : No lah.

A few min later.. the delivery man came.. Yes. I wasn't surprise at all.

And a few months ago, The Boyfriend sent me flowers too.. he didn't spoil the surprise for me this time..It was the florist!!

Florist : Hello. I would like to confirm your address. I have a delivery for you.
Fat Fingers : .. Er.. ok.
Florist : So you will be home before 12 right?
Fat Fingers : Yes.
Florist : Ok i'll deliver your flowers before 12!


Anyway.. right after the florist delivered the flower.. i received another gift from The Boyfriend.. It was an ice cream durian cake from emicakes! Woohoo!

Yeah.. so.. Guys, never ask your friends to check if the flowers/gifts have arrived for your girlfriends. It spoils the fun! And never tell the person you want to surprise that they should expect something in the next few days!

Aiyoh.. i cannot wait for the parcel to arrive.. wonder what's in it.. hmmm :D :D :D


sari said...

Ooooow thats sooooo sweeeeet!!! Heeheee I hate suspense!! I would guess until I get the answer then flop on the chair~ heeheehee I cant wiat for him to propose!!! wah yr kids will be damn cute!! LoL!! Im going to send Hans a parcel too~ heehee

snowystars said...

awwwww ...... so sweet ...... i like surprises too! makes me want to do something & surprise my bf too! =D

Jayaxe said...

Hahaha, your niece so cute! But then, there's still the surprise of not knowing what's inside the parcel mah. But I have a feeling I know what's inside since he wants it to reach you so badly. Must be something like... ok, I don't anyhow guess in case I really spoil your surprise. Hehehe.

A very happy birthday to you by the way!! How are you going to celebrate it?

Cookie said...

wah so sweet your bf!! shucks reminded me of how i haven even received flowers before.

Anyway, i love surprises too! Here's wishing you a early happy birthday! =)

Do update us on the parcel yah!! So exciting... Wooohooo!!

the end said...

How sweet ! Lucky girl ! I never had such surprises in my life ever so I feel that u r one of the luckiest girls here ! :)
Happy advanced birthday !

Bubblemunche said...

Wah!! You very xin fu leh :D!! Envy envy, keke ;)....

And Mini-me is so cute :D!!!!

Ah 9 said...

anthrax? haa..sorry wild guess. =D

Zen|th said...

The element of surprise is everything. The bigger it is, the better. Too bad your surprise got spoilt by the florist.

suspiciousbastard said...

Let's just hope that there won't be a "If this parcel is undelivered, please return to Afganistan" message at the back.

Fat Fingers said...

Sari Party Girl : haha don't tell Hans you are sending him a parcel! hehe or maybe u should.. keep him in suspense.. muahaha

snowystars : yeah i love giving ppl surprises too. :D

jayaxe : thank yoU! i guess i will just have a family dinner at home. Already "Redeemed" my birthday lunch from my friends hehe.

hyper^ger : thank you! Actually i don't like flowers. I don't know what to do with them hahaha

wfy : thank you! :)

bubblemunche : thank yoU! :) yes she is really cute...sometimes hehehehe

ah 9 : i hope not hahaha. Anthrax is not in my wish list.

zen|th : agree with you! stupid florist! hehe

suspiciousbastard : yeah haha. i once received a letter meant for me but was sent to thailand! aiyoh.. hahaha

oddlola said...

Well, my bf didnt say anything about the flowers as it was meant to be a surprise but the unlucky thing was ... i was not in office to receive it. My poor flowers gone unaccompanied for a day before i went back office to claim it. But you have a sweet bf who planned constant surprises!

Anonymous said...

this is realy funny. thanks.

u brighten my day.

tk care =)