Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It wasn't me!

Friend : Hey do you still have your boss' hooker spreadsheet?
Fat Fingers : Argh! Why did you remind me? I've erased it from my memory!
Friend : I just thought you could sell it to earn some $$$
Fat Fingers : Hmmm not a bad idea..

My friend has just reminded me of something that i don't want to retain in my memory!

I was the IT Leader for my dept at my ex-co. My ex boss wanted me to backup the data in his laptop to the server.. so i did.. and while i was waiting for all the files to transfer over to the server.. i saw the file name.. "nurse.jpg"..

"Hmmm", i thought to myself.. "Why is there a pic of a nurse in his laptop?"

So i double-clicked on the file, it was a Japanese nurse... and her uniform was way too small for her.. it was tight too.. u get the picture?

I was shocked.. and i browsed through all the files and there were like hundreds of porn in his folder! Hmmm. Then i saw the hooker sheet..

There were names of many girls.. with the addresses.. all the lorongs! And there were some ratings next to it too.. for HJ, BJ and FJ! and comments! I remember it goes something like this, "Great at BJ. But tits are not big enough"

Argh. It was disgusting.

Anyway.. after my shocking discovery.. i was like.. "argh! must.tell.someone. but i can't! argh!" I quickly called my friend, A, on the phone to tell her cos she knows no one from my co.

And she told me..

"Friend, relax. Got your name there or not? Don't have right? Don't panic. It is normal for men to look at porn lah! As long as your name and photo is not there"


But still..

Whenever he asked me anything about his laptop or the server, i will go.. "No No.. i didn't see any porn in your folder. Don't see no hooker sheet either!! It wasn't me!!" ...in my heart...


defy angel said...

holy shit!

Its disgustin!!!

suspiciousbastard said...

Wah. Can send me the folder? I'm prepared to pay $$$ for it.(depending on the number of pictures)

Bubblemunche said...

MUahauHUU!!! Maybe he deliberately wanted you to find the folder, that cheekopek :D!

aish said...

Farking Men!!! >:(

Ah 9 said...


cowboy caleb said...

report him

sure get fired one for violating corporate policy on abuse of company issued assets (computer)

miryclay said...


eugh disgusting piece of crap!

such a vile act!

fat fingers, why didnt you expose him? i would have! such crap deserves bad karma!

limegreenspyda said...

BWAHAHAHAH!!!! bet you never looked at your boss the same way again after that incident! next time buy him KFC!

Jayaxe said...

Just as I was trying to associate hooker with some technical term in your line, the word really meant hooker, chicken in the end!

Fat Fingers said...

defy angel : yes it was.. especially the spread sheet..

suspiciousbastard : porno pics, can d/l on the net.. no need to pay. The spreadsheet u really want? give me your best price! ahahaha

Bubbles : maybe he was testing me.. hmmmm

aish : yeah.. men!

ah 9 : it wasn't so funny when i discovered it! hehehehe

Cowboy Caleb : i didn't because he's an important man.. if he didn't get fired, i'll be damned..

miryclay : er.. r u reffering to Dick? That was my ex-boss.. not Dick hehe.

Fat Fingers said...

Spyda : yah.. and whenever he looked at me.. i will go.. "oh no.. am i showing too much cleavage?" hahaha

Jayaxe : yes it was chickens! and their ratings! hahaha

miryclay said...

fat fingers, i know its your ex boss!

but why didn't you expose him then?

i would have!

its so grrr!!! downright repulsive!

deserves some bad karma for that hooker spreadsheet!

Fat Fingers said...

miryclay : it's easier said than done. I needed my job then :( And.. he gave me lots of opportunities in the co. Plus if i reported and the co doesn't do anything, i'll be dead.. not a very wise move..

I kept the files as evidence.. just in case...i can use it to report him or blackmail him. muahahahaha :D