Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh yeah baby!

A few faxes, phone calls and 4 days later.. i've finally got my student visa! Yay!!

And i managed to escape the fee incease (from 1st Jul) ! A difference of about $150! Heng ah!!

The Brit High Comm was really strict. I guess they have to.. I had to write a letter to tell them my mum is giving me a loan and They wanted my mother to show them where she got the money! But they were really nice and efficient though.

So.. now i'm left with..

1.Apply for Student Accomodation
2. Apply for Student Visa
3. Set up a bank a/c here with HSBC (yeah i am kiasu!). Can only do that in the UK hehe.
3. Pack!!

4. Say my goodbyes! boohoohoo

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! I know I know I know I know I want you!

Eh sorry... got carried away.. anyway that's one of my fav. song.

Yes i'm so excited! A new phase of my life is going to start soon! I'm not sure what the future holds for me but i'm sure it's going to be very exciting!!

And i said it before.. i am nervous and kinda sad too. The thought of leaving my family...and my friends. The thought of not being able to see my nieces grow up. I wonder if they will still remember me, their Auntie Fat Fingers.
The thought of me in a foreign city...alone...and with limited funds in the bank a/c.

Eh it seems as if i am going away for a long time.. but i think most probably i will... with The Boyfriend being there.. and all...

I'm kinda worried too.. that i will not do well in my course and disappoint everyone who believes in me! Argh i cannot stand the worry wort in me!

I should really stop worrying ... and start packing and eat all the food that i will miss when i am there!
I've just stuffed myself with lots of durians! hehehe

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I have to go back to work tomorrow! ARGH!!!

No more MCs!
No more staying at home!
No more watching dvds in the afternoon with my mama!
No more lazing around!

But never mind.... only 50 days to go... which is only about.. 42 working days!


And Dick will only be back at the end of July!


It's time to have 2 hours lunch break again!


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tagged..again hehehe

OK tagged again hehe i feel so popular haha (like real!)

* Total no. of cookbooks i've owned
It's a grand total of ... ONE. Yep ONE. I never bought cookbooks before because i didn't like to cook!
Update : I just remembered i do have one more cookbook! It was a present from Takahashi Mama (my "mother" in Japan). She sent it to me because i told her i missed the Sukiyaki she cooked. The book is in Japanese though! Very hard to understand with my half-past-six Japanese.

* Last cookbook i bought
Singapore Heritage Food. Yesterday's recipes for today's cook. By Sylvia Tan.
I thought the cover looks good. and there are lots of pictures inside! hehehe
And it talks about the food culture here too.

*5 cookbooks that meant a lot to me..
er.. i only have one. And i just got it hahahahaha
Anyway, Singapore Heritage Food will be THE cookbook... for the moment haha. I'm gonna look at it when i miss the local food when i'm over at the UK. :(
I can't wait to try all (if not most of it!) of the recipes! I can't wait to cook for The Boyfriend.. and also for his family. I can't wait to impress them! hahaha :D


Ok i've been tagged by Lynneblogger..

* Total number of films I own on DVD/Video.
Er.. i think.. i have about .. 30 or so.. too lazy to count hehe

* The last film I bought.
Er.. i cannot remember.. but i think it's.. The Incredibles. I rent instead of buy now.

*Five Three films I watch a lot/mean a lot to me (i lazy lah hehe and i can only think of 3 at the moment hehe).
1. Battle Royale
I've watched it about...5 times? I just love it cos it's so gross

2. Office Space
Cos it's hilarious! and like them, i hate my boss and job too!

3. Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain
Amelie reminds me of myself sometimes!

I'm passing the baton to..

The Sari Party Girl
Lime Green Spyda

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Yesterday morning, i woke up and saw Spongebob Squarepants in the mirror! EEEEEK!

The right side of my face is swollen.. and it made my face looked big.. and square! Just like Spongebob!

But it's getting better now... :)

The nurse from the dental clinic called me and asked me if i'm ok. How nice!!

Ah...can't believe i have to go back to work next week!
I'm actually quite looking forward to it.. cos.. in a few weeks time, i'll be shoving my resignation letter into Dick's arse... which happens to be on his shoulder! :D


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

4 days of MC! Muahahaha!!

My wisdom tooth is soooo big!!

Does it mean i'm very smart??

The dentist said it's bigger than normal.. hmmm

He told me to close my eyes .. so i couldn't see what's but.. i can still hear! The sound was so scary! It felt like there was an angle grinder in my mouth! haha

I have stopped bleeding now.. but the pain is slowly coming...Thank goodness for painkillers! Without them, i think i will be crying in pain now!

And i thought to myself.... "Aiyoh.. like that the pain also cannot tahan.. how to give birth like that?" My sister gave birth to her first child without any epidurals! I want to be like her too! I was so proud of her!!

Anyway, there are so many good food on the table but i cannot eat! ARGH!!

But ok lah.. i will take this time to "detox" myself and have light meals.. just porridge and my Japanese seaweed paste!

I will also take these few days to catch up on the Korean drama.. Dae Jang Geum (Da Chang Jing). It's the 2nd Korean drama i've watched and it's really good! All the cooking! I think anyone who loves to cook would love to watch this show!

Damn! I'm craving for Korean food now!

Friday, June 17, 2005

I don't fart...

Fat Fingers: oh no.. i am farting.. smelly farts. I hope i will not fart when i am there. It's so embarrassing! Your bro and mum will be there!

The Boyfriend: hahaha I think that's difficult. You can fart when you like

Fat Fingers: yes. remember.. our plan is to blame it on you

The Boyfriend: OUR plan???

Fat Fingers: Yes! OUR plan

The Boyfriend: ok, this sounds like one I shouldn't argue on hahahaha

Fat Fingers: haha yes

The Boyfriend: ok so the line is: you never fart

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes. I never fart

The Boyfriend: ok I will tell everyone that

Fat Fingers: hahaha nooo don't tell!! So when i fart.. You just say.. oh it's not her, it's me

The Boyfriend: hahaha you don't think that's a bit obvious?

Fat Fingers: ok so when i fart, u'll just say.. "oopps it's me"

The Boyfriend: something like that...I wait for the accusing look...the other good thing is that if the dogs are around you can always blame them!!

Fat Fingers: but what if it's your bro or your mum who farted?? hahahhaa

The Boyfriend: hahaha

Fat Fingers: we should have a code word. like when i fart in front of your family.. i'll say the code word so you'll know. :))

The Boyfriend: hahahaha yes! What do you suggest?

Fat Fingers: maybe … char siew?

The Boyfriend: hahaha we are all sitting there and then suddenly you say 'charsiew' which is then followed by a terrible smell?? It won't remain a mystery for long!

Fat Fingers: *cough*charsiew*cough*

The Boyfriend: hahahaha

Fat Fingers: how about that? Do u think it will work?

The Boyfriend: I doubt it hahaha

Fat Fingers: oh wait wait.. i know!! How about.. sushi??

The Boyfriend: same problem.......'So Fat Fingers, are you enjoying Uni?'...........'Yes, very much...sushi!'

Fat Fingers: hahaha

The Boyfriend: people will think you are mental hahaha

Fat Fingers: haha i can go.. oh yes very much. i love SUSHI too!

The Boyfriend: oooh I can't breathe now I've laughed so much! brb got to get my puffer


So yes.. i never fart.. never!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

China Vagina??

Austrian Man : Let's talk about Greater China
Fat Fingers Heard : Let's talk about Vagina

I don't know if it's just me or was it his accent?
I kept hearing the word Vagina when the Austrian man said "Greater China".


It was "Vagina" here and "Vagina" there... aiyoh..... I couldn't concentrate during the meeting...

& At the end of the meeting, we had a feedback session. Everyone gave constructive feedbacks except for usual. He gave the worst feedback....

His feedback was to have more free gifts from the vendors... free gifts as in.. free gifts for him and not to the consumers!


*Lao Kui = embarrassing

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I don't understand why...

Can someone explain to me the purpose of my existence in meetings that do not concern me at all?

Sometimes i don't know why Dick wants to get us involved in stuff that does not have anything to do with us! Just send me an email with the info lah! No need to ask me to attend! I have better things to do!

And today i told him about me going for my wisdom tooth operation next week.. what did he say?
He wants me to get it done by this week if possible so i don't have to be away from work for so many days!! But that's the point isn't it?? TO GET AWAY FROM WORK!! wahahahaha
I told him i had to schedule it next week because of all the that i have to attend!
He said.. "I don't mind you not going for the one tomorrow SINCE YOU ARE NOT GOING FOR THE DINNER ANYWAY!"

Hello... i am not going for some meeting to exchange for a free meal ok?!?!?! and why do i have to waste my time to PR with a bunch of people whom i don't enjoy spending my time with? Even if it is a FREE dinner, i still don't want to go!
You can go suck up to all the people! I'd rather be at home eating the food my mama cooked for me!

And guess what? Dick is stupid!! As if you didn't know already! hahaha

He accidentally leaked out some top secret information to some big shots and his big boss got to hear about it and gave him a scolding, i think.

So Dick was shitting his pants out and asked one of my COWorkers to his office and asked if he leaked out the top secret to us during our group meeting next week!


I've never seen such a stupid manager before!!

But he was smart enough not to call everyone of us into his office and ask us about it.

And he even dare to tell my COWorker that he meant that as a casual remark..not leaking out some top secret! Please lor! No matter how confidential that information is... it cannot even be a casual remark! Please lor! And some more he can't even remember if he told other people about it!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

I have such a stupid boss... i am so glad he's going to be my ex boss soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

It's time..

Yep.. it's time.. to ... extract my wisdom tooth!


5 days of MC!!


And i won't be able to eat too much then, so i can lose some weight! hahahaha
I'll probably do it next Monday! hehehehe

And today is the 12th of June!! In another 30 days, i'll tell Dick.. "I QUIT BECAUSE YOU SUCK!" (hohoho "dick" and "suck" hohoho get it?) and on the 12th of Aug, it will be all over! No more working for Dick!

Not too long to go now! I better start packing soon!


I'm feeling kinda nervous too...... yikes!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Love & Piece Yo~~~

I am so happy i found this tee at Uniqlo when i was in Japan! It is going to be my new fav tee! hehe

It reminds me of my trip last year hehe. That's a prayer board i saw at one of the temples in Kyoto last May.

Love & Piece! Hahahaha

Whoever she is, i hope she and Naoki will have lots of Love and Piece and she will get married by the age of 24! That's her prayer. Maybe she will get a piece of that pizza too... Actually i hope to give her a piece of my mind! Why get married at the age of 24?? Still so young! Why get tied down at such a young age? But i guess when you are ready.. you are ready! And she did pray for World Peace.. that's a good thing hehe.

Love & Piece! :D

Monday, June 06, 2005

I am Back!

I am back from my "fishing trip" in Japan and Korea!

"Fished" lots of Sashimi and also some Mister Donut too.... woohooo!
(Mister Donut is so popular in Taiwan now! I wish they will come to Singapore some day!)

And i managed to "fish" an iRiver H10 (in red!) in Korea -after much bargaining. YAHOOOO!

Everyone, meet Pluto, my very first MP3 Player!

It was so hard to get the Koreans to understand me. It was harder for me to understand them! So tiring! Now i truly understand the pain of communicating with people who don't speak your language.

I am so glad i still can remember most of my Japanese... I feel so comfortable in Japan... The familiar sight, smell and sound...the food! the people! the shopping! Uniqlo! Muji! The convenience stores! The drug stores! The cosmetic shops! The departmental stores!!

I love Japan! I hope i can go to Japan again!!

Not too sure about Korea though.. hmmmm

I am not used to being shoved and pushed around by the Koreans.. really, no fun at all.. I don't think "Excuse Me" exists in their dictionary...But it sure was fun pushing them away! They didn't mind it when i just pushed them aside when they are blocking my way or bumping into them. Hmmmmm I guess they are just used to it.

Oh and the Koreans are really crazy about shopping....
At 3am people are still shopping and bargaining.. the shopping mall was so crowded! In fact, all these doesn't stop till 5am! I've never shopped so much in my life before! My feet was so tired... My ankles were hurting... and i almost had leg cramp! & My calf muscles are still aching today!

Argh.. and i gave my credit card a really good work out too! Aiyoh.. dare not see the bill...